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by ayatoilet1

The most significant oil and gas discovery this past decade was in the Mediteranean Sea somewhere between Israel, Cyprus, Greece and Lebanon is what is termed more oil and gas than Russia has in Siberia. The Greek oil and gas discoveries alone are said to be larger than oil and gas discoveries in Alaska. And the Israeli finds start in the mediteranean near Haifa and go all the way beyond the border with Lebanon. One field, the Leviathan Field (on the border of Israel and Lebanon) - has over 600 million barrels of oil, and 16 Trillion (with a T) cubic feet of Gas. We're talking about "Persian Gulf" type status for the eastern mediteranean.

Is this oil and gas worth a war? Don't ask me - ask the oil men!! They seem to think so!!  They're not just talking about physical guns and bombs; but currency wars, cold wars ...you name it...against their NATO allies ...their friends no less!! (Who can you trust?) 

Since the second world war, the U.S. dollar has become the world's reserve currench basically. The US. post war prosperity has been largely on the back of 'cheap' money deposited into its banking system by foreign governments. And even today, just about all international transactions in the world are done in U.S. dollars.

Actually, that's a partial truth. Since 2000 to 2007 the U.S. dollar's share of the world's transactions actually plumetted to below 70% and the Euro steadily grew to 30% of all transactions. The Chinese and many others in the world, started recently spreading their sovereign deposits in other currencies and other banks outside the U.S. and the U.S. began to find itself "pressed" to blindly print new money or issue T-Bills - like it used to. Some folks (including Saddam Hussein, and the IRI) were only taking Euros for payment of their oil. Oil is by the largest internationally traded commodity, and what happens with oil payments basically dictates the status of the Dollar as a reserve currency. The U.S. suddenly found itself under siege - and the Europeans were basking new found money flooded into their banking systems. Greeks were borrowing money at much lower interest rates then ever before and driving Mercedes Benz cars! Life was good.

The economic debacle in the U.S. suddenly led to the need for major government led stimuli - and a sharp increase in federal debt. In order to manage the recovery and keep interest rates under control (i.e. low) , the U.S. had to attract major foreign buyers for its government bonds. This pitted the U.S. dollar directly against the Euro.

And looking beyond the immediate needs of the federal government, if major new oil discoveries in the mediteranean came ashore and were sold in Euro's there would be even greater pressure on the dollar in the near future.

Somehow, (and don't ask me how), U.S. based hedge funds (with dubious names and history) in 2009 and 2010 suddenly started dumping Greek government bonds ...and this started the crisis in Greece and in turn Europe.  The Euro was undermined, the dollar was strengthed!! Today, 3 years after a near doubling of the U.S. federal debt, (i.e. over 6 trillion dollars of new debt under Obama and almost 1.5 trillion under Bush in his last year) - with over 15 trillion dollars in debt; the U.S. federal government pays less in interest (i.e. $262 Billion) a year than Bush's government paid in 2007 ($350 billion). Voila!! The dollar  won the battle - it reigns supreme. And the Euro has retrenched from nearly 30% of the world's transactions closer to 20%. Boom!! Obama's men did the job.

The Euro will be further undermined, when in January, the Greeks pull out all together and re-establish their own currency. In the mean time, the Germans and the French will hemorrage...bleed good money out of their banks to support failing greek banks. Europe and the dream of the Euro will be completely undermined, and even more money will have to be spent trying to get Portugal, Spain, Italy and Ireland off life support next year. It will be a mess. A huge mess.

And then if, especially if, Greece abandons the Euro - the net result of all this will be that Greek Oil will come ashore and be sold like any other oil is sold in U.S. dollar denomination - not in Euros. The Drakma, my friends, will surely be a currency like the British Pound Sterling - free, independent ...and strong with a load of oil and gas revenue behind it. The Greeks will go from today's Famine to a Feast.

Its a brilliant plan, isn't it? The french and germans will be all pissed off at the Greeks, and the greeks will be angry at the french and germans for not bailing them out. And then in come American and British oil companies, like heros to salvage the Greek economy with their investments. In case you did not know, the fields in Libya under Ghaddafi were french, german and italian oil company owned - guess who is walking into Libya these days to prospect for more oil and gas? Oh and the french lost their fields in Iraq (under saddam hussein) to no lesser than BP, Shell, Exxon after the war.

Why post this on Iranian.com? Well there are consequences to all this for Iranians.

1) Israel is dying to pick a fight with Iran (not because it is scared of Iran's nuclear future) but because it really wants an excuse to attack Iranian allies: Hezbollah and Lebanon ...and actually occupy an area at least 50 miles into Lebanon (create a buffer zone) and in the process claim similar title to adjacent area in the Mediteranean Sea! Israel will end up owning these precious oil and gas fields completely on its own (with no money or 'sharing' with Lebanon). So be on notice for a future fight with Iran - for their (truly) Lebanese agenda.

2) In a stagnant oil and gas global market (with US. importing almost 2 million barrels a day less than it did two year ago) ... and with all this new oil and gas coming into the market, oil and gas somewhere else in the world will have to be shut down. Yep. You guessed it, after a "battle" with Iran; Iran's oil and gas exports will be hit for many years to come. Iranian production will be dead or near dead in a few years! By the way, they did this to Iran in the '80's. Just when North Sea oil started to peak, Iran got mired into an 8 year war with Iraq. Iranian (and Iraqi) oil exports plunged for 10 years - but the oil market was stabilized (at a cost of over 1 million Iranian and Iraqi casualties).

3) Iran as we know it, may not even exist after the battle. There will a huge temptation to carve the country up, and share some of Azerbaijan's oil and gas revenue with the Southern Azeris (in Iran) ...and create a buffer zone to the South of Azerbaijan (becaue today Iran's northern borders are only 100 Km from Baku the nerve center of Azerbaijan's Oil industry). Remember BP owns the pipelines to the Mediteranean from Baku; and BP is the a major player in extracting oil and gas from Azerbaijan (in what was only 20 years ago, Iran's part of the Caspian Sea). Splintering Southern Azerbaijan from Iran will further undermine Iranian claims on the Caspian and only expand BP's operating areas for even further oil and gas exploitation in the Caspian Sea.

4) Notice that with sanctions in place now with Iran, the Chinese are buying oil from Saudi Arabia (in U.S. dollars). Notice also, that BP's joint venture in Iraq is with the Chinese National Oil company (in Iraq's largest 'Ramallah' oil fields) and all transactions there are being done in U.S. dollars. The Chinese have been pulled fully and squarely back into the U.S. camp - in every practical way. China's economic growth, if it results in transactions remain in U.S. dollars, will in real terms be an extension of America's economy. Its as if China was another state of the United States. Iran's nuclear ambitions are being used to undermine Iran, and draw China further into the U.S. sphere. The nuclear negotiations are all a scam. A joke.

There is real misery in Greece today. There are tales of famine on some of the islands and an economic depression not seen since before the second world war. These ruthless planners and greedy bastards with their schemes could not care less for the people of Greece, Iran, Lebanon, Syria ....we are all expendable pawns in their hunt for oil and gas and global domination. Along the way: bombs will fall, innocent civilians will die, people will starve!  

Why do the Brits and Americans hate Iranians so much? What have we done to them? Surely, there has to be a better way! No?


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Your thoughts tie in

by karanh on

Your thoughts tie in perfectly with the latest bombing of Israeli in Bulgaria, conveniently blamed on Iran... We'll probably see the series of events above sooner than we thought.

I was hoping to go back to Iran after taking care of my notorious debt in the US... Obviously that ain't happening soon!


I'm generalizing something very complex

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Answering Ultimate goal is not possible in the space, because there are to many elements of high priority, that requires writing a book.  Soceties want to improve the peace progress and human rights of their own people (unless they are extremists), meet their peoples needs for freedom and justice and continually advance/thrive.  (Generalization)

There is the countries and its institutions goals, made up of qualified intelligencia as per each country, having various priorities based on their situations, then there are business interests of individual businesses (not these) then there are interests of companies that manage money, ie wall street heads that own the multinationals (these have the most money & influence).  I don't have info on which ones in particular/specifically this changes frequently based on the issues, but people with lots of money and access to their own secret service hve the most recent information on this for sure.

Countries Ultimate goals with respect to national security, are rooted in geopolitics, so for example Japan and Germany in ww2 lost not becasue they didn't have the ability: to win, to make nukes, to fight, to win battles, they did have all of these ablities.  German and Japans prime Issue was not having the capability to win at any point, Ie in 1943 germany and Japan were producing at 20% Normal capacity with big shortages due to no fuel, USA/UK cut their supply lines to fuel, while USA and therefore UK had access to plenty of oil, USA was functioning at 300% normal capacity, its obvious to see that even the side with the most advanced weapons, missiles, jets & rockets and heavey water nuclear factories could not win with out a functioning industrial base under war conditions.  This is why geopolitics is crucial for understanding the complexity on Ultimate goals.  It answers National security priorities.

Thats where the USA has screwed itself, so the US ultimate goal in a national security context is no longer achievable. It needs Iran as a result of Russia and EU27 rivalry against US for geopolitical reasons.  The USA needs to have a sustainble relationship with Iranians as an ally, that alliance carries most of the US weight. 

However this would give the USA a long term sustainable competitive edge over all rivals, so US rivals, ie UK/EU27/Russia/Japan/China etc work with any of the powerful forces in wall street that manage resources and get them to influence US policy in their own legitimate interests, this makes it tough to oppose them and tough to detect what is being planned for the USA and by who. It becomes clear when one realizes the process is madness for the USA and great for others long term.  If the US/UK policy in the middle east worked russia would not be supplying europe, effortlesly overcoming US attacks on it and growing independently at a rate greater than china and china would not be putting all its eggs in the russian basket and siding with russia for its national security against the USA.  These are each occuring because there is no US ally in the vital.  Just the US policy of treating the region like a bunch of servants. 





dear ampfm: Thank you for

by vildemose on

dear ampfm: Thank you for taking the time to construct a reply to my inquiry. However, I am more confused now than before.  

Who are these corporations?? are you talking about the multinationals??

What is the US's ultimate goal??

What is Europe's Ultimate goal?

What is Russia's ultimate goal?



All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


vildemouse don't have the names of the research done

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

you'll have to look around for it.  A study of the top 100 wealthiest companies in the world are mostly not manufacturing companies, they make nothing, yet they control over 60% of the entire planets (all countries) production.  They are not in a conspiracy or calling each other, they are all indpendently following their interests, which means they make uncoordinated independent actions, sometime dirty and unlawful to increase profits and ceo pay.  Their influence is pronounced because money is the decisive factor in elections and law creation and that is what a small number of companies bring to the process.  Betraying the late shah,having him do the tough work of raising oil prices in order to save the dollar and strengthen it at the time after vietnam when the dollar was otherwise going to collapse, use the money to make increase weapons sales at highway robbery prices and then taking this ally with who's people and government you have a pact and use all this against the people of Iran to thwart them from their hard earned rewards and using/supporting extremism to do this is a big mistake for US national security. 

Geopolitically The USA needs Iran more than it needs all of western europe/nato countries.   To have extremism which helps US corporations short term, but guarantees a competitive advantage to russia, eu27, china, india due to the geopolitical sensitivity of the region. 

Intelligent powers build their national security with out use of extremism and foreign military bases due to what history has taught us.   Every single world power that has pursued military bases, extremism and colonialism all together in combination has been decimated into a humiliating position in under 80 years Maximum.  The Spanish first did all 3 (using religous extremism), then the germans and japanese used all 3 (helping communisms rise covertly), and lastly the the brits did all 3 (helping fascisms rise covertly).  Clearly After using all 3 togehter each power was decimated into non-existance in under 4 generations.... now the USA is doing all 3 (helping religous extremism covertly).  No sane government serving its peoples interests would after the crystal clear lessons of history, follow a policy that lead to the decimation of themselves as an eventual by product. 

Though the world powers sadistically all rejoiced at the USA's mistake in 1979 and likely had a hand in getting US corporations to love and support the pathetic idea of promoting extremism, military bases and colonialism covertly.  The Job of US institutions is to protect the govt from making big mistakes and where were they in 1979?  Essentially the USA as the number 1 power in 1979 was volunteering itself up for an unsustainable policy she would be forced to see through until its end, which if the past is any indication includes a humiliating decimation for the leading world power each time.

One of Winston Churchills great realizations was that great powers need to carefully choose their course to not be based on unsustainable paths as once they start down a path they do not have the capability to change course... and hence therefore it is the job of competitiors to try and mislead or find a way to get great powers to take stupid paths.  The corporate/international powers in this sense are used by other competing countires to lead great countries astray down waterfalls they can not survive.  For example this is why Putin is hated by the USA, he shut them down hard when they tried to covertly use this approach on Russia, using russian oligarchs to steer russia down a poor direction.

Wish this clarifies some of the point.





 amp: Corporate

by vildemose on

 amp: Corporate Ameirca makes decisions against US national security?

Please elaborate.


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


details are not accurate ayatoilet,

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

the euro is not losing to the dollar, they are at war yes, due to recent developments, eu27 over took USA economy and with access to cheap and reliable russian oil and gas the eu can yet beat the US dollar decisively in terms of size of economy.

FYI the usa is stuck in an undeclared depression and in the next 3 to 4 years there is not much of a basis for the USA to have even a hope for a recovery, as the EU continues to expand well out of the reach of the usa to catch up.

the news on greece and eu, etc is really the biggest corporate controlled media deceit of the day and you are clearly falling for it.  In less than 5 years china will be in a position to betray the usa for its own interests as eu27 over take the usa by a massive margin with russian help.  Rebuilding russia will be very very profitable for eu27/ as getting free resources in exchange for technology is a huge competitive edge the usa/uk don't have, the funny part is, the 10 aircraft carrier battle groups the USA has are of no practical use w.r.t. the economic threat the usa is under and infact they are a drain on the US credit card.

Russia is the biggest threat to usa/uk world domination, for economic reasons and the russians proved they can handle any dirty & unlawful games thrown their way, from chechnya to putins re-election.  US/Uk eventual defeat in Syria, after supporting extremists and losing, is proof they are not guaranteed winners in their aims.  The russian people are moving towards greater democracy and the us/uk news is not able to influence russians the way they did iranians in the 1970's and sadly today, this is because russians are actually far more intelligent than our worthless antellectuals.

at least you showed an appreciation for the reality that, the usa/uk are not pursuing human rights, democracy, peace, progress for iranians or anyone else.  which is more than can be said for many Iranians on IC.  Where you need assistance is on your misguided views about the pahlavi's, who served Iranians very well under the circumstances they did face.  Also make sure you get a UK passport in the next 10 years, I don't see life as very enjoyable in the USA with the decline/falling of a cliff they are approaching.  The UK is in the heart of the EU27.  The USA has done everything in her power to bring and keep mullahs in power and the russians beneftted the most out of it at the expense of the USA. What a stupid & misguided policy.

What the USA is doing with Iran, supporting mullahs, preparing for a planned war down the line, supporting other extremists in the future doesn't solve the main US problem with respect to competition with other world powers.  Attempting to control Iran in the future through war, at a time when the eu, russia and china are all diminishing us economic power is a high risk gamble, not a for sure winning plan, but alas they have no other way to go since they screwed up their alliance with Iranians and thought they could do it and be victors forever on their own.  Sadly intelligent americans realize what they lost as a result of 1979, the point is they are not in power and don't control corporate america which makes decisions against US national security.  


Probable scenario. Plenty

by vildemose on

Probable scenario. Plenty of food for thought and vigorous discussion.


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


This is the best part

by All-Iranians on

"Notice that with sanctions in place now with Iran, the Chinese are buying oil from Saudi Arabia (in U.S. dollars). Notice also, that BP's joint venture in Iraq is with the Chinese National Oil company (in Iraq's largest 'Ramallah' oil fields) and all transactions there are being done in U.S. dollars. The Chinese have been pulled fully and squarely back into the U.S. camp - in every practical way. China's economic growth, if it results in transactions remain in U.S. dollars, will in real terms be an extension of America's economy. Its as if China was another state of the United States. Iran's nuclear ambitions are being used to undermine Iran, and draw China further into the U.S. sphere. The nuclear negotiations are all a scam. A joke".

Thanks for your true observations.