Over a Million Tons of KNOWN Uranium Reserves in Iran and its Neighborhood


by ayatoilet1

A simple google search will provide any reader with the known uranium ore reserves of every country in the world. As you sift through it, it will become pretty evident - FAST - that countries like Uzbekistan, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Tajikestan etc all rank right up there in terms of known reserves. If you add all that up you get to 1 million tons of ore within Iran and its neighbors. I mean ALL the stans put together get you close!

Run back the clock, and the same Iran that is being sanctioned by the West was being courted to supply electricity to Basra in Iraq after the U.S. invasion, to Herat, Afghanistan! And Iran is investing in hydro plants in Takijekestan, building energy infrastructure in Turkmenistan ...I mean energy projects all seem to be outside the realm of sanctions.

Then you put 2 and 2 together and ask yourself, why is it that Iran can export electricity to all its neighbors BUT NOT be able to produce electricity via Nuclear power? Well the answer is yes, it can produce electricity via Nuclear Power but NOT run an enrichment process!

Even the staunchest opponents of the regime in Iran - disagree with this. All Iranians are in favor of nuclear power, and enrichment to support it. The colonial days of Britain taking cotton from India and selling back textile products are gone. If the ore is in the region and the energy production benefits the region - then the enrichmnet has to be done regionally. And Iran is best positioned to take a regional leadership role with matters related to energy.

So Mr. Netenyahu, and other idiots. Read this, and read it carefully. You are NOT getting any fans by attacking Iran's commitment to enrichment. Next time you wonder why Iran is enriching Uranium, ask the Americans why they sold a reactor to Iran with Plutonium in it? And then ask the Germans why they built a Nuclear Reactor in Iran for power productions. And then ask the Russians why they completed that same project. Iran's Nuclear programs has been and is, and international program - supported by the world.

Well, the response could of coarse be, well okay, enrich upto say 10 percent levels - but NOT 90%. Okay, fair enough, BUT, big but, the reactor sold to Iran by the Americans requires levels beyond 10%! And that is precisely what Iran has done to date. 

ANd bottom line, if you don't trust the regime to keep production within these levels then topple it - but don't talk about the enrichment plants being blown up, or surgical operations to bomb the plants. Iran has a full right, and full reasoning to have a Nuclear program. It all MAKES absolute sense - even to its opponents.

Please focus on toppling the regime, NOT toppling the nuclear program.



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MRX well put

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Nuclear power reactions show wests values in practice.

Yet I agree with you that until nuclear power is safe and clean, it makes no sense ruining what we have after an something that does not really give close to equal value to people.  It is the pursuit of greed regardless of the cost. 


so what happens

by MRX on

if Iran is hit by large earth quake? the country is on the fault line after all. was chernobyl, three mile island and recent fiasco in Japan not enough to think twice about some of these issues?  would any one like to live close to nuclear plant?

never mind the prospect of nuclear bomb in the hand of mullahs and desire by others then in a region to get the bomb, what do we do all the nuclear waste? what happens if we have an accident?

netenyahoo may be extreme but that shouldn't stop us from logical thinking about this issue.


Perhaps you are missing it when you say....

by Bavafa on

"but don't talk about the enrichment plants being blown up, or surgical operations to bomb the plants"

1- The regime of IRI has been the gift that has been giving to the West for a long time and keeps of giving so there is no reason yet to topple it and when it comes time that they are not useful enough or if they have gone really rouge like Ben Landan, then they will be taken out.

2- They can destroy it and have Iran pay for it again to build it, if that is still approved by the big powers.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



While your article is absolutely correct and well put

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

You are asking Israel to do somthing for which its existence is not based.  Israels only reason to be is to serve as a force for US interests even in opposition to EU powers.  The USA loves Extremism and the IRI in particular for Iran, if Israel starts even discussing helping to topple the IRI regime, they go against France, UK, Germany & USA, which are executing Neo-colonalism, thwarting and suppressing countries of Interest, like Iran.  Murdering the people of Iran to achieve something that will not remove the regime and will only set it back a number of years is a bad trade for Israel in oppositon to all the others.  Even discussing a red line for Iran, ie trying to pressure the west to act means netayahu's political career will turn for the worse.  Pro-Democracy Iranians will hopefully learn in large enough numbers from watching this experience, what the late shah of Iran and his team were trying to do and why, in favor of Iranian Democracy.  Once enough Iranians watch and see what will happen to netanyahu, they will start to appreciate what the shahs team saw, experienced and agreed on for Iran.  That Iranians needed to gradually build institutions like in the USA, japan, uk, france, that would serve the national interests of Iran and be capable of overcoming powerful forces that could dominate Iranians totally.  And that for a pre-industrial country like Iran, with low levels of management, research and development, the first intelligent step would be to create a single party system Rastakhiz, in order to work towards independence for iranian and gradually as leadership, management and teamwork merited and showed they were functioning effectivey against foreign domination, with feedback institutions and media laws in place, then expanding towards a multi-party democracy.  Of course the wise team that assembled around the king did not make it alive and now we have people that think iran can go from total despotism and dictatorship to democracy just like that without institutions, like the uk, france, japan and others had to develop and only came years/generations after successfully being industrialized countries.  On the question of Iran even considering industrializing and manufacturing for itself and others, Iran was denied.  This was the primary reason the Shah was removed, while on the path of doing what was essential for building democracy for Iran, yet this is concealed from Iranians.  The west is not truthful about its own foreign policy with its own people, on who's behalf it is supposed to be serving, "of the people, for the people, we the people" this is a true facade in the west, when no one is informed how their money is being spent & to serve who.  Yes Irans nuclear program today is done with international support, but this is because none of the major powers are helping the freedom and development of iran by giving it a power plat.  Industrialization in a way that serves the Iranian economy and helps develop Iran is still what no country works towards. No western country was allowed to sell Iran and deliver a steel mill contract.  After failing to fulfill each contact iran accepted russia's offer.  The late shah and his political team were told they would be killed over it and they eventually were ad a new maagement was found for Iran.  //www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTDORw_-ooo

The World economy doesn't need a new region to help it expand as you think, china was helped to grow not for the sake of the world economy, the agenda was to be able to influence china from within and cleave it away from Russia, in order to use it to destroy Russia, the strategy failed and china stayed with Russia.  While China will be a larger economy than the USA in a decade, it is not the priority Russia is, which can threaten the USA much quicker.  Once russia gets beyond a certain point, it will betray the biggest US interests which it is appeasing for now.  The Video above is the reason, Russia can and at somepoint if it is not destroyed will side with secular, pro-develpoment, pro-democratic elements within Iran that have been betrayed by the west/usa.  Russia is the real beneficiary of western stupidity on betraying the late shah as it gains strength and seeks power in the Middle east, Russians will betray IRI & stop the US policy of supporting extremism and being will be the ones to ally to progressive elements.  Meawhile Russians will only do that once they have made sure the west can not ever mend its alliiance with iranian secular forces and progressives.  What happens to russia/putin will effect Irans destiny more than anything at this point as the USA has zero intention of changing its policy to break up iran.