Paul Ryan - An Ignoramus on Iran


by ayatoilet1

Mr. Ryan, you are an ignoramus. And we all know that you got the job, because no one else would take it. Mr. Ryan you kept talking like a hick from Wisconsin (which is exactly what you are) referring to AyatollahS - yes plural - in Iran during the debate.

Obviously you haven't done your homework on foreign policy. There is only ONE (yes ONE) Supreme Leader in Iran called Ayatollah Khamenei. And yes, he basically controls the government. He controls key levers of power - such as the IRGC (a parallel miltary force to Iran's conventional military).

for your information, just so you know, whisper ...whisper ...he isn't a real Ayatollah. He sort of assumed the position. An Ayatollah has to write a thesis (called a Rassalah) and he has to be considered wise to the extent that other senior clergy get together and sort of vote for him to be their leader (called Marja, or more specifically someone to emulate). Neither process actually happened. 

Just so you also know, the position of an Ayatollah is in many ways also fake. In Iran's original democratic consitition of 1907 (called the mashrutiat) a new titile ws created for the purposes of the document called Ayatollah. It had not existed before then in Islam (anywhere). And senior clergy (i.e. Ayatollah) were giver certain minimal political rights. In Iran's subsequent constiution (drafted by the West in 1979) after the toppling of the Shah, this political role was expanded - to ensure that Iran would NOT fall under the influence of god-less communists. It was sort of an insurance policy that has now gone wild. Don't blame Iranians for it, talk to Zbigniew Brzinski...he knows a little bit about this. And by the way, so do most of the people who worked in Reagan's national security team.

For the record there are other Ayatollahs in Iran. But the Supreme leader rules supreme  - I mean he calls the shots (literally) i.e. who lives or dies.

One thing about Joe Biden. At least he used the term in its singular form, which is correct - given the reality in Iran. Paul Ryan, the thought of you being a hearbeat from the Oval office is terrifying.


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