Republican Goons Reinforce the IRI, By Parading with MKO Monkeys


by ayatoilet1

This past week four prominent Republicans — former New York mayor Rudy Guiliani, former Bush administration homeland security adviser Fran Townsend, former homeland security secretary Tom Ridge, and former Attorney General Michael Mukasey at a meeting with Maryam Rajavi. Their presence was so laughable, and it follows on from a visit last year to Paris by former US UN ambassador Richard Bolton to a similar meeting with Maryam Rajavi. Maryam Rajavi for those that do not know, is the co-head of the Mujahedeene Khalgh Organization or the MKO or MEK or loosely translated Peoples Fighter’s Organization or otherwise an Marxist Islamic Opposition movement.

In case the Republicans did not know, not only did they lose 1 Million Iranian-American votes with their anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim tea party hate bashers …but they will never get those votes back by parading with these MKO monkeys. When it comes to Iranian Opposition …ALL IRANIANS PRO or AGAINST the REGIME IN IRAN are opposed to these Monkeys. To almost all Iranians, except their cult members they are traitors and scum, and let me inform these ignorant idiots who paraded with them it was absolutely the worst thing to have done….not just idiotic but fucking idiotic.

And by the way, it’s not just Iranians who detest them, but Americans should too.

There are very serious criminal charges against these Monkeys who actually assisted Saddam in carrying out serious atrocities in Iraq against Iraqis and Kurds! In fact one of crimes Saddam Hussein was tried for is the suppression of the 1991 Iraqi Shiites and Kurds during a post 'Gulf War uprising'. These Monkeys played a very significant role in squelching these 'insurgencies'. In fact the Monkeys, we are told, were very brutal - killing a good number of innocent civilians. And more evidence has become public since the Saddam trials and their involvement is without question.

And they are absolutely NOT the largest opposition group to the Islamic Republic of Iran."

These Monkeys, by their own estimates, number about ten thousands of members worldwide. Frankly this claim is an embarrassment. The Monkeys themselves are an embarrassment too!

In case these Republican clowns did not know and are wondering who these Monkeys really are, here's a quick primer: They were originally formed in the 1960s by college-educated children of Iranian merchants, that developed a blend of Islamic and Marxist ideologies designed to entice working class Iranians into countering the Shah's regime. Yes, their core ideology is based on Marxism. How does that reconcile with Republican views?

The Monkeys ended up becoming one of the most militant opposition groups to the Shah - and were very much involved in the escalation of the revolution - that brought about the very "Islamic" regime we now have. Then, after the revolution, they fell out with Khomeini's gang and were sent either to jail or exile in Iraq. Without these Monkeys assistance there might never have been a revolution or perhaps the kind of revolution Iran had.

In effect, the Mojahedin's hold a great deal of responsibility for Iran's demise.

In fact during their hay day after the revolution, the Mojahedin supported the US embassy hostage crisis. And before the revolution they were responsible for the killing of a US defense contractor in the '70s during the Shah's reign. After their exile from Iran they formed a military base in Iraq and joined forces with Saddam against the regime in Iran but were also used by Saddam for 'internal" operations i.e. killing literally hundreds maybe thousands of Iraqi dissidents [including Kurds, Shiites, etc]).

Isn't it even more ridiculous that this opposition group claims to be against the brutality of the Islamic theocracy in Iran yet is unquestionably another "brutal Islamic group"?I do not understand, why no one has arrested the joint heads of the Mojahedins - Masoud Rajavi and his current wife Maryam (who was his best friends wife, which he 'befriended' while he was in Jail) – yes he started shagging her while his friend was in Jail.

Everyone's talking about separating religion and politics. And meanwhile these republican clowns visit the only Iranian opposition group that is another Islamic group. It's a joke. And we keep hearing about the brutality of the regime in Iran and meanwhile this opposition group has its hands covered with blood.

In this new era of bring freedom and liberty to the Middle East, we have an active opposition group, that supported Saddam's dictatorship, and is anything but democratic itself….yes Maryam and Massoud Rajavi are Presidents for Life….there has been no other leadership among the MKO in 32 years. And the two rule with an iron grip.

And let's not forget that after 9/11 there's been a cataclysmic shift in policy to proactively 'go after' terrorists - and meanwhile the US government has basically absolved and released the Mojahedin in Iraq. Yet maintain the group on its list of terrorist groups.

What hypocrisy?To be sure, the Mojahedin's do claim to have an intelligence network in Iran - and especially now while the US remains impotent, it is useful to have this network collect information for the CIA. But is it a reliable intelligence network, or is it a phony network designed to fool the United States?

Consider for example a senior leader at the Mojahedin camp in Iraq, who had been debriefed in Europe prior to the US invasion of Iraq. He claimed that Saddam had hidden vials of chemical agents within the Mojahedin camp. This information in turn was then used to justify the claim that Saddam was hiding weapons of mass destruction. And here we are several years after the invasion, a trillion dollars later and guess what nothing.

And then there is an issue of would you trust someone that has betrayed others and his own country? Can the Mojahedins be a credible source of information? Is it worth giving them immunity for this kind of information?

Consider the simple claim they make that they were the ones that provided key details of Iran’s secret nuclear weapons program. First of all assume that in fact this is true, and Iran does have or did have a secret weapons program…

But there is a deeper more treacherous effect of such a revelation by the MKO. One really has to ask have they thought beyond their own greed for power and the larger interests of the Iranian nation. Before one opens one’s mouth, shouldn't one ask ‘should Iran have or not have a nuclear weapons program??” What is in the best interests of Iranians?”

You need to sit back and understand regional dynamics. Whether or not the Mullahs are British puppets, the Brits have very cleverly leveraged actions by the Islamic theocracy and leveraged US resources to attain their own core strategic objectives…which in turn begs the question what should Iran’s response be? Does Iran need a deterent?

1) The Brits helped break up the Soviet Union (remember, Margaret Tatcher telling Reagan Gorbachev is someone we can do business with). And in the process set up a bunch of client states around the Caspian sea …who in turn demolished Iran’s 50% territorial rights within the Caspian …and then penetrated regimes in the former Soviet republics like Azerbaijan …and now have their oil companies all over former Iranian territory pulling out millions of barrels of oil and vast amounts of natural gas…to replace their North Sea Oil boon.

2) They have their dependent (nokar) Persian gulf states like Dubai, where the Brits control shipping and financial services making billions of dollars on sanction busting with Iran

3) They are selling arms to their regional clients – with Iran as a lulu. And their clients are urging an invasion. (see wikileaks)

4) The Brits ‘encouraged’ Bush (i.e.provided false intelligence) to invade Iraq and handed him significant pieces of false intelligence, got US to invade …spend the money and blood …and the Brits now control the major oil fields in Iraq. They would love to grab Iranian oil too ...

The point is ‘Iran Containment’ feeds directly into Britain’s economic strategy…and is NOT in the national interest of Iranians or America. It actually reinforces the regime repression domestically in Iran, but diminishes economic opportunity for Iranians and Americans. It has reinforced the regime in Iran and resulted in Iranian sanctions, and there is a “cold war” in the works against Iran. In essence the west wants the Mullahs in power in Iran, and they want Iran contained …while they steal Iranian Oil, Iranian territory and use the Mullahs as local Lulu’s to frighten everyone ….and eventually one day they’ll do everyone a favor and invade Iran. There’s also the deeper question of what is the plan after Caspian oil has run out? Isn’t there a plan to break Iran up along sub-ethnic lines …and use the MKO as frontline soldiers to invade Iran… to get killed first.

In essence the Mujaheddin have been feeding directly into foreign strategic plans – and NOT what is best for Iran…they have betrayed everyone… They have loyalty to nothing and no one.

And the MKO completely missed out on the ‘secret’ that the regime in December 2003, tested a nuclear war head (one of two it had purchased) from a rogue group within one of the former Soviet republics. This led to a retaliatory joint test by Israel and India in the Indian Ocean – exactly one year after the Iranian Test, which resulted in over 60,000 deaths. Iran was basically placed on notice with this action. So what did the Mujahedeen have to say about that?And then one has to ask, what would happen - if the Mojahedins come to power in Iran? Iranians would freaking cut them to pieces. Kurdish Iranians would cut them to pieces?

There really is NO value for Republican leaders to suck up to them. Really NONE. Iranian-Americans are disgusted by it. Iranians in Iran are disgusted by it.The MKO bring nothing to the table for America except as sacrificial lambs in an invasion – and that really is not enough to justify this type of coddling.

Dude – Rudy, they are Marxists. Dude – Rudy – they have blood on their hands like Saddam Hussein. Dude – Rudy – they’ve gassed Kurds, Killed Americans. Dude- Rudy – their leadership is a dictatorship. Dude-Rudy – the guy fucked his best friend’s wife – how can you trust him. Dude – Rudy – if they have betrayed and are betraying their Iranian brothers and sisters can you really trust them.

If I was a Mullah in the Iran today, I would be advocating a way to indirectly finance the Mojahedins and make sure they look like they are at the forefront of the opposition. Because they know the West will ultimately never support the MKO and Marxism. America just spent 5 decades defeating Marxism!

Will they really want to get in bed with these pieces of Garbage? It's ironic, but strangely true. The Mojahedins are a false opposition. And these Republicans are not just idiots, but fucking idiots for pretending to jump in bed with them.

Rudy, Iran’s new constitution will not be theocratic…it will not be an Islamic Republic and will certainly not be Marxist. It will be a secular republic with humanism at its core. We want our freedom. Freedom of Speech, Freedom from Fear, Freedom of Thought, Freedom of Religion, Free Enterprise, Free, Fair Open Elections - constitutional freedom.

If you want to support Iran’s real opposition – visit Iran’s Opposition Media - and tell Iranians about "ALL MEN being endowed with inalienable rights like life liberty and the pursuit of happiness" ...and forget about these theocratic marxists - who are very naive and led by evil leaders.


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Anonymous Observer

Ayatoilet Jaan

by Anonymous Observer on

You insult monkeys too much by comparing the MKO to them.  Viruses, perhaps, but monkeys?!  Those are intelligent, harmless animals.  The MKO, on the other hand, is made up of a group of stateless, spineless, coward, traitor, pseudo-mullah, terrorist, Iran hating pimps who were perhaps the biggest tool with which the IR was installed in Iran.    

Sargord Pirouz

Geez, Ayatoil, for once I

by Sargord Pirouz on

Geez, Ayatoil, for once I agree with you. When you're right, you're right, fella.

Me? I'm a Democrat. But I have to tell you, I'm much more comfortable voting for state and local candidates than I am national ones that are in the pocket of AIPAC.