Republican Party Has Taken a Sharp Turn Right


by ayatoilet1

In the U.S. now we have two parties: A Centrist Right Party (called The Democrats) and a far right party called the Republicans.

The Democrats are NOT socialists, anything but that. Even when they tackled health care reform in America, they retained almost every private element of it. It became almost like a car insurance program, where basically everyone has to have insurance, but buy it from a private insurance company. The Democrats broke down state lines and allowed …guess what…more enterprise….for health insurance companies to cross state lines and offer their services to more people!  Notice for example how even further to the right that is to the conservative party in the U.K (the right wing party). where even their staunchest, most right wing leader Maggie Thatcher was careful to retain to NOT DISBAND the national health services – her biggest shift was to offer private ‘options’ for those that wanted to pay more.

So to be to the right of the Democrats, means you are pretty far on the right in global terms. And that is where the republicans are today. And even more frighteningly, the Republican Party in the U.S. has taken an even sharper turn to the right. Many of their establishment representatives, are being supplanted one after another by Tea Party members – with a seductive message of hate – anti- this, and anti-that!! Two years ago, Michael Castle an established, shoe-in Senator for Delaware lost in the Primaries to Christine O’Donnell a Tea Party favorite and in the process … the Republicans gave up a certain seat to a centrist Democrat Chris Coons. This process has recurred over 100 times nationally. Establishment Republicans have lost in the Primaries to extremist elements in their party.  And many of the establishment Republicans that have remained only did so because they sold out to the Tea Party crowd. The Republican Party is NOT what it was even 2 years ago, let alone 4 years ago.  It turns out the biggest enemy the Republican Party has is from within! They have now lost countless safe seats by losing strong candidates in the primaries.

Don’t be fooled by Mitt Romney’s apparent moderate stances – he sold out to the Far Right during his own primary season. He was only able to outflank Rick Santorum, a Tea Party favorite, by espousing anti-immigrant views; and pandering to idiots like Donald Trump who think Obama is a secret Muslim born in Kenya. This, my friends, is code for anti-Islamism in the U.S. mixed in with racism.

Romney had no choice but to pander to them. He even brought on Paul Ryan (a tea party favorite) on his ticket as a gesture to this crowd. Ryan as we saw in the debate understood all about the “ayatollahs” (plural) in “eyeran”! And interestingly, it looks like Ryan will lose his home state of Wisconsin in this race!!

By all accounts, the Republicans will lose the Senate, and lose the Presidential elections – but retain the House. And in the House of Representatives there will be a Republican Tea Party caucus, that is so extremist and intransigent that no-one, absolutely no-one will be able to reason with them. When you cannot reason, and exhibit fanaticism – that’s basically Taliban behavior the world is at war with in Afghanistan.  The war has come home to America. The Taliban are right here at home. The American Taliban that is.

My prediction is that after this general election, there will be a blood bath inside the Republican Party and either the Tea Party crowd will be expelled or they will simply take over the Party. Either way, the Republicans can forget winning major, national seats for a long time to come. Fortunately, America is fundamentally a secular, moderate and wise nation. These fanatics represent a bunch of over-weight, hicks who sit in small towns with limited education and exposure beyond fox news.  They are an ignorant minority. .. and will be laughed off stage once they show up at any major event on either coast of America in places like California and New York – where the money and power reside.  Those with much more culture, cultivation and civilization like Mayor Bloomberg (a Republican Mayor of New York) understand that their Party should never pander to these extremists, and will slowly work to subvert their influence. The Republicans want these idiots to vote for them, but not assume power.  Reagan knew how to manipulate this crowd, but right this minute, the Tea Party crowd is manipulating the party.  

And believe me, these Tea Party fanatics hate us - Iranians. And you cannot reason with them.  You should knock on a few doors and canvas and just hear what they have to say – straight to your face. They hate us.

In comparison to the New Republican party of today, the Democrats seem rational, reasonable, and very moderate.  I voted yesterday. And I voted Democrat – all the way down the ticket.  As I walked out, I was happy that I had a chance to vote. It is a privilege. As you know, people have died and are in prison in Iran to defend freedom and democracy in Iran. If you hate the Theocracy in Iran, you can not support it here in the U.S. I thought to myself, I must vote, because if I don’t I will only enable the Tea Party crowd and the American Taliban, the American Theocrats to take over, and if they have their way they will take away my right to vote here. They are extremists, and if they get voted in – like Hitler was voted in, Like Khomeine was voted in – they will take over.


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Amir-Jan Ghrobanat - And ...

by ayatoilet1 on

I am glad that we agree on at least one thing. And yes, both Republicans and Democrats are very much in sync on foreign policy these days. There was hardly a disagreement between the candidates when they debated on foreign policy.


I hear you & totally agree.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

I guess if I were living in the USA it would be likely in a democratic state among people who's values are egalitarian and give me less anxiety in my life.  That Romney would repeal Obama's Plan and screw over 102 million people that have no coverage to stay in a hospital, its just unbelievable to me that money is so powerful it can get him elected and the people are forced to live under such a situation and so have the highest poverty among seniors in the developed world.  For me Obamas plan wasn't honest, it pleased the big wigs at the expense of the community, insurance. lawyers and pharmaceutical got everything they wanted at the expense of the rest. 

Sadly republican or democrat makes absolutely no diferrence to US poiicy on iran.  Its love of extremist mullahs, backing mek & sepratists.  Whats also unbelievable is how backwards and extreme thinking is at this time in history when we think we are so advanced.