Searching for an Iranian Gorbachev


by ayatoilet1

When the former Soviet Union was crumbling, and controlled with an Iron fist by the Politburo gang and the KGB in the 70's; Britain's craft secret service identified him as a rising star inside the Communist Party ...and slowly, but steadily positioned him for greater and greater leadership roles inside the Soviet Union. He rose to become first party secretary of Stavropol Kraikom and subsequently was picked as a member of the politburo in 1979. Within 3 years, 3 major General Secreataries of the Soviet Union passed away - exactly how the CIA or MI5 or whoever arranged that is still a mystery? - but anyway, this Junior member of the Politburo suddenly became the new General Secretary in 1985. Within 5 years the Soviet Union was completely 'reformed' and broken up into small republics ...

Whether or not democracy took hold in Russia is another story ... but you could say in some republics democratic institutions have gotten stronger ... NOT I FEAR IN ANY OIL & GAS RICH REPUBLIC LIKE for example Azerbaijan or Turkmenistan. Margaret Tatcher is famously credited with identifying Gorbachev as someone the "West Could Deal With" in the '70s. Britain clearly had its eye on some very large oil reserves near these former Soviet republics, and BP and Shell have benefitted greatly from the break up of the Soviet Union. Income from oil revenues makes up almost 35% of Britain GDP; and North Sea oil was slated to diminish as a British oil revenue source by the mid-90's  Britain needed another major source of oil. Presidents for life: Aliev in Azerbaijan and Bemiduhamedow of Turkmenistan have come to the rescue. They have re-mapped the Caspian Sea, and absorbed 80% of Iran's Sea territory (while the Mullahs looked the other way) and are now exporting something like 3 million barrels a day through a pipeline built by BP running across Turkey to the mediteranean. Where there is oil, and pillaging by western oil companies, there can not be a democracy. (Enter Putin: Russia's new dictator negotiating major oil contracts with Western Oil companies as we speak. Exxon Mobil just side kicked BP out of the largest oil field contract ever in Siberia recently -- Putin knows where his bread is buttered).

Anyway, it seems a Gorbachev like strategy is in order for Iran. Nuclear Russia's bankrupt ideology was defeated not militarily but from the inside with a mole. It was a brilliant strategy; and the pay off was huge for the West. It was 'cheap' and 'effective'. They could not do this in Iraq, because Saddam Hussein killed any potential Gorbachev there. Afghanistan had no-one inside at all affiliated with the taliban. But Iran, maybe, just maybe there are some candidates. Lets look at them one at a time:

Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani: Rafsanjani (or the Shark as he is called in Iran) was Iran's fourth president, and was a member until 2011 and former chairman of the Assembly of Experts (that would provide the next "supreme leader"), he also holds a number of other important positions. He has long been considered a British plant inside the regime. He has a home in Canterbury in England. And has major investments through his families holding companies on places like Canada. He was instrumental in persuading Ayatoillah Khomeini to negotiate for peace at the end of the Iran-Iraq war. He was responsible for negotiating major international loans for Iran during the rebuilding process after the war. He was very closely associated with Oliver North and Jim McFarlane during the October Surprise and Iran-Contra affairs. Somehow he has survived in the regime, although it is clear that he is and has been a western agent. The key here is to realize that true power in Iran lies with the "Supreme Leader". So any potential Iranian Gorbachev should actually be the one that can somehow claim that 'spot' at some stage. Now in Russia they had to kill 3 leaders before Gorbachev many might they have to kill before Rafsanjani is elected?

Mohammad-Bagher Ghalibaf: Ghalibaf was elected to become Tehran's mayor in 2005 to succeed Ahmadinejad, having held a number of key positions in the IRGC (a parallel military force to the Official Defense Forces i.e. Army, Navy etc.) during the Iran-Iraq war. The IRGC now holds considerable power inside Iran (as the military arm of the Mullahs, and controlling almost all levers of power). He was selected to become Iran's head of Police and actually ran for the Presidency in 2005 before he became Tehran's mayor. I remember some key interviews with him back in 2005 with Western media outlets, and I believed then as I believe now that he was being primed for a senior leadership role in Iran by the West (as another Gorbachev) - BUT (big BUT) - the most he can hope for is the Presidency; and it looks like the Supreme Leader Khamenei is about to shut off the role of a President and create a new position of Prime Minister (who will emerge out of the Parliament ...who could be more easily and quickly changed at his will). Ghalibaf recently put on some anti-British theatrics publicly claiming the British embassy had no right to cut down trees in their yard, and that he will sue them ...sounded alot like Rafsanjani calling America Evil in his sermon at Tehran University, while meeting McFarlane secretly that same day in Tehran and accepting an autographed bible from Ronald Reagan. Remember the golden rule - the more a politician attacks something, the more he is secretly working with whoever he attacks. They are pathological liars. Ghalibaf's only hope is to shift into the Parliament and rise there ...somehow. But it could take years.

Ali Larijani: Larijani is the Speaker of Iran's parliament, having moved there from heading Iran's National Security Council. He ran for the Presidency in 2005, and held a number of different ministerial positions in different governments under Moussavi and Rafsanjani. He was also a member of the IRGC. Larijani's two brothers hold very important positions in is the head of the Judiciary, and the other is a top adviser to the Supreme leader (having held senior positions in parliament and the foreign ministry), another is a chancellor of Tehran University, and 5th brother as a stupid (made up) title working at the Iranian embassy in Canada (which is a conduit for secret information exchange between the Iranian government and 'the west' - notably Britain). All these brothers are NOT even Iranian, they are Iraqis who speak good english and who appeared on the scenes inside Iran after the revolution in 1979 as western plants inside the government. Holding all these key positions - they surely are well placed to conduct a palace coup and engineer an Iranian glasnost!! No??

Mohammad-Reza Kani: Iran's current head of the Assembly of Experts. He was a former Prime Minister (appointed when Bahonar was assasinated). He is also the leader of the "combatant clergy association" that is a very strong power base for his future nomination as supreme leader. He also served as a chairman of the presidential council after Rajai was assasinated. It is unlikely that Rafsanjani would have resigned his post in the Assembly of experts (knowing that Kani would take over) if Kani had not been pre-selected as an "appropriate" substitute for the ailing (very old) Rafsanjani. Intriguingly Kani also held a very sensitive post as head of the Ministry of Interior that supervises elections (and disqualifies candidates).  With two assasinations ahead of him in posts, Kani - might become a great future Iranian Gorbachev.

Maybe Mousavi and Karroubi were also previously candidates for becoming Iranian Gorbachevs,too?! Who knows. Who else might Britain and America be scheming up? Who might they have to kill along the way? My advice to those in Rafsanjani, Larijani, Ghalibaf or Kani's entourage who might read this (if they have english speaking advisors) is: whatever your masters are dictating remember that tha Shah too served the West and they "f*cked" him. Western governments are inherently unreliable, and they shift and change all the time. There is no coherent long-term policy or frame work that will ensure continuous support for you. And above all, a leader like Azerbaijan's Aliev or Russia's Putin is the last thing in the world Iran needs. Iranians do not want a British or American dominated dictatorship that will pillage Iranian natural resources. Iranian leaders must be freely elected by Iranians - not pre-appointed by the West. And those that stand in the way of Iranian freedom and democracy must be 'eliminated' ...'not negotiated with'....just like Ghaddafi's regime in Libya.

The West needs to stop scheming and start "toppling". Kill Assad, Kill the Saudi Royal family, Kill Khatami ... very simple! And its done, its over. And the people of the region will rejoice and become the West's natural allies.  The Mullahs MUST GO (period). GO NOW!


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Good Article

by jmyt17 on

We must act by our self without any support from outsider.Mullah have one choice they have to leave, but have to pay for what they done to this great nation.


Maryam Hojjat

Excellent Article with great analogy

by Maryam Hojjat on

Thanks.  I hope IRANIANS do to free IRAN for themselves and get rid of all traitors.