Shift in Syria Brings Iran and Russia Closer to Each Other


by ayatoilet1

There are reports today that 4 senior military and intelligence leaders in Syria have defected to Iran on route to Russia. Apparently they were folks deep inside Assad's circle, and maybe direct agents for Russia inside Syria. Why these defectors could not have flown directly to Moscow is anyone's guess? But for Iran to become a transit route to Russia is a new event - worthy of analysis.

Then to throw more fuel on the fire, today the Chairman of Russia National Security Council (Putin's right hand man) made a special trip to Iran for private meetings with senior leaders in Iran. He might have been on a special mission for the West (notably Britain, Russia's secret partner) to deliver some special message about Iran's nuclear program ...but the fact that a Russian was chosen to deliver the message reinforces the fact that Iran and Russia now have a very special relationship.

With Syria dropping out of Russia and Iran's sphere of influence, both countries it seems are trying to cement a new alliance, a new friendship to replace Syria's role in executing Russian strategies in the middle east. A new Russian alliance with Iran would have the added benefit for Russia that they could play out their strategies through Iranian surrogates like Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Shiites in Iraq. In some ways, and alliance with Iran is somewhat superior for the Russians than an alliance with Syria. Iran too, can establish a new supply source in an increasingly 'sanctioned' trading environment with the West. Iran already has close defense ties with both Russia and China as a member of the Shanghai Cooperation alliance.

As Iranians, we have to be very suspicious of any Russian overtures. The Russians after all have done much more damage to Iran over the centuries - than any one else (that including the Brits and Americans). And that is really saying something. Yes, they must be very bad. Many on this site decry Western interference in Iran, but no one should forget that in fact the Russians sold far more weapons to Saddam Hussein than the West every did...during the Iran-Iraq war. No one should forget Russian invasions of Northern Iran leading to the loss of Georgia, Azerbaijan, Tuurkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikestan (all part of Iran not so long ago). Iranians have been destroyed by Russian armies, and Russian scheming with Britain in what was once called the "Great Game".

But, there is one other consequence of Iran's special relationship with Russia, and that is, that the West will not under any circumstances allow Iran to fall into the Russian sphere...if it has not already done so. I mean there will be war ...the Americans will invade if Iran's leadership has twilted towards Russia. It is absolutely unacceptable. There is simply too much at stake strategically for the West for Iran to drop (as kruschev put it) like a rotten apple into Russia's hands.

Stay tuned, but these turn of events is very serious and could have devastating consequences for Iran and Iranians.


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Boos Boos - Great Comment

by ayatoilet1 on

Thanks Boos Boos for your comments. I wish you could post some of the facebook information on this site too. I do not use facebook at all, my account there was hacked several times .... Facebook (or social media generall) have some some serious downsides... and is used maliciously by the VF regime.


Iran's Losses of Northern Provinces

by BoosBoos on

Russia did take Iran's Northern Provinces by force - and ultimately Armenia, Georgia and Aran (now called the Republic of Azerbaijan) fell behind the Iron Curtain as a result.  Then Stalin and Kemalists (PanTurks from Turkey)implemented a social engineering program to strip Iranians in the Caucuses of their identities, history, and contacts with Iran.  Stalin was also the person responsible for renaming the Iranian province of Aran into Azerbaijan-SSR as a pretext for later seeking to *unify* the new Azerbaijan (SSR) with the preexisting province (Ostan) of Iranian-Azerbaijan by annexing more Iranian land.  Stalin came very close to pulling it off after a failed attempt to place Soviet-Azaris in power in Tabriz.  At that time, Iran also seriously debated changing the name of Azerbaijan (which was named for the Persian commander of King Darius - Atropat-khan thousands of years ago) into Azadistan to differentiate it from Stalin creating a 2nd Azerbaijan.    

Fast Forward:  The USSR and Stalin are now gone and Russia now views Stalin's plan as a major disaster because Turkey (now a member of NATO) is still using the panturkism weapon the USSR helped to create to expand into the Caucuses on behalf of the U.S., Israel, and NATO.  What's at stake?  Caspian oil and gas and NATO military basing rights to encircle Russia and exert pressure from Russia's front door.  

Russia is out of the panturkism business, but the U.S., Turkey, and Israel are now running and promoting the panturkist agenda (to the detriment of the iranian people i might add).  This is very well documented (for example it was reported by Seymour Hersh in the New Yorker).  The recent war between Armenia and the Republic of Azerbaijan is also intertwined with this history. The idea of Turkey and the New Azerbaijan surrounding Armenia and cutting of its land connection to Iran is abhorrent for Armenians after the Armenian Genocide. 

There's a lot more information on several Facebook pages on these topics: Choose one or make your own and get involved.  






Muslim Brotherhood Calls

by vildemose on

Muslim Brotherhood Calls on Iran to End Its Support of Syrian Regime The Muslim Brotherhood called on Iran to end its support of the current Syrian government in the wake of violent clashes that have erupted since mid-March which left nearly 2000 dead and 3,000 missing since the conflict started. //

"Whenever a separation is made between liberty and justice, neither, in my opinion, is safe." Robert Browning in 'Ceuciaja'


New Evidence Points to

by vildemose on

New Evidence Points to Hezbollah in Hariri Murder

By Erich Follath

The United Nations special tribunal investigating the murder of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri has reached surprising new conclusions -- and it is keeping them secret. According to information obtained by SPIEGEL, investigators now believe Hezbollah was behind the Hariri murder.

//,1518,626412,00.html"Whenever a separation is made between liberty and justice, neither, in my opinion, is safe." Robert Browning in 'Ceuciaja'


Good analysis

by abtin on

Definitely Russians like western powers are attempting to exploit Iran. Although, I am not sure one is worse than the other going forward.

Maryam Hojjat

Thanks for Great forcast on

by Maryam Hojjat on

this treachrous relations of IRR with old enemy of Iran Russia.