Song for Diana

by ayatoilet1

This is a title track to a screenplay I am working on called "Diana - the Final Year"; about Diana's love affair with Hasnat Khan (a Pakistani Cardiologist that she met in London). Later on the rebound from her relationship with Khan, she connected with Dodi Fayed. The script explores attitudes in the West towards Muslims, and suggest that the real killer - was the public's attitude towards her dating these men - with huge increases in newspaper circulations everytime an article about her love affairs would appear on the front pages of the tabloid press. With million dollar bounties paid for photographs of her and her lovers. Not quite finished yet, but I recorded this some time ago, and its probably a good time to share it with you. I am getting a lot of inquiries about it from my TV I anyway here's a link to the song on youtube:




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Soosan Khanoom


by Soosan Khanoom on

That is a sweet song  ......

 keep us updated with your work and thank you for letting us know about it.