There is Satan, and an even Greater Satan


by ayatoilet1

There is no question that the regime in Iran is evil.  Not a single day passes without more news of the regime’s utter brutality. Most recently Iran’s Islamic Guard Corps are at work in Syria killing innocent protestors in the name of maintaining Syria’s bankrupt dictatorship. Then there is this constant news of apprehension and torture of young activists in Iran and daily executions.  And news of black market smuggling activity by the regime in Iran – selling body organs from dead prisoners, and selling opium and heroin on the world markets. It is for sure an evil state.

But I submit to you that there is an even greater source of evil.

If the regime in Iran is bad, who brought this evil upon the people of Iran and the world? Are the governments in the West innocent victims of an Iranian terrorist state, or are they enablers and perpetrators of the regime’s brutality? Is there something more sinister, more evil behind the regime in Iran?

If the IRGC is the world’s largest exporters of Opium and Heroin, is it not true that their whole “product” supply derives from Afghanistan, grown under the sponsorship of George Bush’s United States (and allies)? Afghanistan, after all, prior to allied invasion had virtually eliminated poppy plantings.

If the IRGC is smuggling organs from dead prisoners worldwide, is it not true that much of the revenue from this smuggling emanates from “customers” undergoing transplants in leading western hospitals in the West? Why is it that there is a public and media blind eye on high profile organ transplants like for example the Liver transplant undergone by a luminary like Steve Jobs in 2009? This was a liver that apparently was taken from an executed Iranian prisoner.  So if Steve Jobs is the head of the western world’s most valuable company, that position somehow justifies the evil perpetrated inside Iran.

The point I am making is the regime in Iran, just like Saddam Hussein (and even Hitler) do not act alone. Their very rise, their very existence can be traced to very specific policies in the West.

The active policy in the West vis-à-vis Iran is that Iran and Iranians must be besieged, isolated and contained. By doing so, Iran will retain a defensive posture and not take an aggressive position while Iran’s sovereignty is compromised in the Caspian Sea and Persian Gulf. In this way, Iran’s 50% ownership of the Caspian Sea can be diminished and Western Oil companies can essentially exploit literally billions of barrels of Oil and trillions of cubic feet of natural gas can be extracted without any restraint. The West has duly installed a dictatorship in Azerbaijan to sustain their interests and BP alone has now invested over 30 Billion dollars in new oil installations and pipelines that are designed to side step Iran while these oil fields are exploited.

The mullahs in Iran play out a very useful and specific role for the west. If Iranians are suppressed it is precisely because the West wants it so.

As Iranians in the diaspora outside Iran, it is our duty to highlight and bring forward the hypocrisy, lies and deceit of the ruling corporate elites in the west…who I submit are also fooling their own populations. This dupliticious policy is not in the long-term interests of their nations too. That a minority of companies – such as oil companies – should undermine the interests of other corporations and the public interests of their nations and other nations for their own private gain is absolutely illegitimate. To undermine freedom, liberty, free enterprise around the world for the protection of their own narrowly focused interests is the definition of evil itself.  

I do not mean to imply that all Americans or Europeans are bad. Far from it, I often find myself touched by the generosity and decency of ordinary people in the West. The people of these nations are victims too. It is in fact, a certain sub-set of “ruling elites” that are beyond ruthless in their political manipulations of these the populace. People like George Bush and newly elevated Tea Party leaders are perfect examples of how the interests of a tiny set of special interests have trumped and are planning to continue to trump the broader interests of the people of the United States. In Europe equivalent examples of players are people like Gert Wilders in Holland, or Le Pen in France …and leaders of companies like BP or Shell.

I also want you to understand, that I am a firm believer in the free enterprise system and very strongly believe in the core concepts enshrined in the US declaration of independence and the founders of the United States. The founders never imagined that new sub-elite would evolve in the West and take control of major media like Fox news and try to subjugate the people of the world to its own narrow interests. That some industries such as oil and gas or even medical insurance companies would actively engage in the political process and undermine the will of the public. The founders never imagined that the United States would become a major actor in putting in place brutal regimes that can perpetrate evil – and to do so unprecedented scales. The Founders of the US themselves where victims of such brutal actions by the British government and companies like the East India Trading Company. The war of independence was itself an effort to fight off British evil.

Iranian-Americans especially should be very wary of the Republican crowd – doing everything they can to undermine Obama. Rick Perry, a George Bush crony (as governor of Texas) is likely to emerge as a major candidate for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination. Other front runners include Tea Party leadership like Michele Bachman. Be very careful, these are ruthless perpetrators of evil who will gladly compromise human liberty and freedom in support of the narrow interests of their backers…Big Oil, Big Pharma….  Note how Republican cronies such as Richard Bolton or Former New York mayor (and Republican Party Presidential candidate) Guiliani are sucking up to the MEK/PMOI crowd – who are proven murders and Iranian traitors. These Republicans leaders are all unprincipled. They are all hypocrites and liars.

Iranian-Americans today, must join other Americans in a new domestic war of independence in the US, and thwart the efforts of these evil elites – that are perpetuating evil in the US and also in Iran. If Iranians in the diaspora are all against the theocracy in Iran, they must also be against their masters in the West (especially the Christian right). It is so ironic that the very perpetrators of religion once in power politically become satanic in their exercise of power. If Satan is in power in Iran, it is only because there are times when a Greater Satan has been in power in the West.


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Legally speaking based on Irans constitution, RP is the one.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Personally after both grandfather and father giving their life for Iranian Freedom it would be truly shameful and unpatriotic to hold grievances against the pahlavi's.  He's my #1 choice. I think our grievances against them are more the result of foreign domination.  They never denied us democracy, they could never honestly implement it and I am weary of those who say they can.  This is where having information and knowledge are so important, if you had any idea the number of plots, assasination attempts and pressure by foreign funded groups were on the late shahs plate you would know that all the good he did, was in total opposition to many iranians (who played against their own country in favor of greater powers, he was right to not pursue democracy based on the information he had ad was certain about about for sure, that does't make hm a dictator, but patriotic)

You say...

any new person that come forward could be crowned. The monarchy is not
the sole purview of the Pahlavis, A new leader that really contributes
to the creation of a new democratic Iran - 

That just opens a can of worms Ayatoilet, the monarchy does ot work on the principle of who the people want, never has and that is central to its concept.

You see I think too many iranians mistake concepts like... the good of the truth... or the good of democracy or the good of any ideal...

An understanding is necessary of where iran is, what its situation is, what is the situation of the world and based on these things we know what is the most patriotic thing/best thing for iran.

For example the truth is a good thing, but not always... imagine if you were a jew living in Holland in 1944 and the SS came to the owner of the house you were living in and asked the owner if he had seen any jews.  Being truthful would not be a god thing to do in this case.

In the same way, When the Shah stood up against the USA and its allies, France, UK, Germany etc and stood against the idea of implementing a true democracy for Iran he had a very good reason, democracy would have been the work of a traitor to Iranians at that point.  He was not a patsy, but sadly his people were.

For people to be able to be understanding regarding the past is close to impossible due to the forces that are working from within, either knowingly or unknowingly in a direction that produces their down fall.

The intelligent countries, defending themselves against western hedgemony today are russia and china, both are on the rise, both are undemocratic and it is only for that reason that they are on the rise, because self serving politicians in those societies have no room to sell out their country for power.  Like a mossadegh.  Or a Yeltsin.  Russia corrected course and works towards its peoples freedom today and when russians become more democratic it will be as a result of the work of their currect leadership in progressing the country.

The Shame about betraying the late shah was that, in 30 years Iran would have become capable of being democratic and moving from one party rule to multiparty, the issue is Iran was never capable of democracy and freedom and progress together.  Sure we could become a democracy in 1 day, like Haiti or India, but are we really willing to leave the 3rd world and become a 5th world nation?

So Patriotism trumps democracy, As does freedom for people.  And we must have some clarity about the real issues of the world and true information, before we accept, cliches and remedies.  For that reason Reza Pahlavi is the only heir, unless he is terrored in which case again we will do what is best for our country, above all else.



Amir - that's the whole point of the blog

by ayatoilet1 on

Amir: What I am saying is Iranians beware - where ever you are. Don't let yourselves be fooled wherever you are. What seems like a friend could be your worst enemy. That's the whole point. And the very purpose of the websire I think is educating and informing Iranians (wherever they are) of the different issues and view points related to your "existence" - wherever they are. Our job as bloggers is to inform...

As far as the monarchy goes, it will ultimately be an issue for the Iranian people to decide - if in fact there is a change and a referendum on the issue can be held. When and if such a referendum is held, it is not clear that the claim is best held by the Pahlavis...any new person that come forward could be crowned. The monarchy is not the sole purview of the Pahlavis, A new leader that really contributes to the creation of a new democratic Iran - could win that prize...and become the ultimate guarantor of freedom and democracy in Iran (which the two generations of Pahlavis sadly did not uphold).


Yes but too many iranians are suckers/patsys.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

The people fooling iranians are foremost iranians themselves, misinforming to the max to serve these powerful foreign interests (while those iranians that are fooling other iranians are no fools themselves).

The west did not steal our freedom, yes they opposed it, yes they worked to undermne it, yet ultimately it was us iranians that allowed the west to impose and maintain tyranny on us.  So if we want to change this it will not happen until we decide to restore our freedom (even if it was not perfect/it was freedom).  Reality is we are talking about using political warfare first on our own duped intellectuals (and to be sure not all are duped, many side with the uk/like mossadegh & bakhtiyar, and others side with the USA)

Basically name me one group of iranians that actually benefitted from the 79 revolution in the sense that they acted in favor of irans national interests and were patriotic (the biggest losers were the people of Iran)? (Indirectly Monarchists benefitted, because by standing on the side of freedom and oppossing 79, they are the only patriotic group no matter what all the foreign leaning groups have to say).

For the good guys wearing the white hats among Iranians, the domination is too great and they are not winning, at least yet.  Some even shamelessly call the good guys, the bad guys thats really how bad it is.

This guy got lots of criticism for speaking truth,



And from a patriotic stand point he was right.