Trump, The Tea Party & You


by ayatoilet1

When the Tea Party Movement started, there was an air of non-Partisanship about their core message of fiscal discipline in federal government. It was afterall - the Republicans (George Bush specifically) that had increased the Federal Debt level by more than 50% over 8 years to almost 12 Trillion dollars.  But curiously, as the movement wore on - there were more banners, publications, stump speeches ...with very strong Republican and racist overtones -- here's a partial list of banners statements at Tea Party Rallies:"Obama’s plan – white slavery; The American taxpayers are the Jews for Obamas ovens; The New Face of Hitler: Barack Hussein Obama, Speak for yourself Obama we are a white Christian nation, Hey big brother show us your birth certificate, Congress=slave owner, Taxpayer =niggar, Save white America, Herr Obama, wake up America your Muslim president bowed to his Muslim king, we need a Christian president, Obama terrorist to America, impeach osama Obama aka Hussein, Obama spends like a woman, Obama care (dressed as an African chief) , Obamanomics monkey see monkey spend, Obama back to Kenya, Obama’s change Slavery for all Americans, Impeach the muslim Marxist, the zoo has an African and the Whitehouse has a lyin’ African, This anti-Christ is living in the white house, Obama listens to Mao – I listen to Fox News,  We smell the burning flesh from the ovens and it will be too late for us all, Impeach the Kenyan,  Obama is a destructive unpatriotic Black Muslim."

And in case you were not sure about their political affiliations, the Tea Party Movement put up "alternative" candidates for Republican Primaries across the country, and in fact won over a dozen seats in congress this past November.

Any objective analysis of federal debt and spending would have revealed that the democrats had been far more disciplined and responsible with the Federal budget. It was after all during the Clinton era that for the first time in over 40 years the government had balanced their budget, and indeed the overall level of the federal debt as a percentage of the US GDP had been reduced substantially. It was Republicans after all that had tanked the economy. Defense spending of 200 Billion dollars a year during the Clinton era had mushroomed to over 900 Billion over 8 years of George W. Bush - that is how the federal debt level has sky rocketed. Obviously, the Tea Party movement was NOT about fiscal discipline -- but the new face of America's Christian-Right. Gone are the days of the Klu Klux Klan -- and in walks the Tea Party crowd.In case you had any doubt what the Tea Party Movement stands for, and now what the Republican Party stands for …check out the leading the Republican Party’s nomination for candidate for the US Presidency: Mr. Donald Trump.

First three weeks ago he gave an interview to CBS saying that he had real doubts Obama was born in the U.S. Then he travelled to Boca Raton (Florida) where he gave a rousing speech to the Florida Tea Partiers – where he questioned Obama’s birth again; then he gave another interview where he said Obama was a terrible student and could not understand how he got into Columbia University and Harvard law School, then he went to Las Vegas (Nevada) and spoke to another Tea Party rally where he called the Obama administration “ idiots” and reaffirmed his position that Obama was a terrible student…and this week he goes to New Hampshire to meet privately with the leaders of the Tea Party in that state. Meanwhile, other Tea Party movement ‘leaders’ like Sarah Palin are coming out in support of Trump’s statements. Trump is now the leading candidate for the Republican Party's Presidential nomination in 2012.

This week, the Whitehouse released the long-version of Obama’s birth certificate - and it clearly established once and for all, when and where Barack Obama was born. Yes, in Hawaii – America’s 50th state. Then everyone was reminded that in fact Obama graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard Law School, and in fact was voted president of the Harvard Law review (first African-American to achieve that honor).Forget for a minute that the Republican Party Nominee for President a few years ago – McCain was port in Panama!!?? Yes – check it out its true. Forget for a minute that Donald Trump himself was a lousy student, and only has an undergraduate degree. The funny thing is, Trump always says he went to “Wharton” (the prestigious Business School, linked with University of Pennsylvania) but he was an undergrad there – he did not get an MBA. But let’s face it, all this anti-Obama speech is coded racism. Trump is suggesting Obama got into Harvard and Columbia because he was Black. That’s it. And Trump is suggesting Obama cannot be a patriotic American – because his father was Kenyan. And somehow, Trump himself is more qualified even though he is a second generation American…of European descent.Now, why does this matter to you? It’s very simple. You live here. You’ve probably lived here for a decade or maybe two…. You have family here. You should care. The Republican Party may soon take control of government. The Republicans were very close to grabbing control of both the Senate and the House only six months ago. It is useless to say that the Republican Party as a whole does not agree with the Tea Partiers. You should realize that in the U.S. a small minority WITHIN a political party can actually dictate the whole party’s policies. When a majority vote is needed for a specific piece of legislation, a small group of 12 representatives or even 4 senators can basically hold the whole party hostage and say we will only vote for this if you add this clause to it, or take this out. They can easily force change in legislation – and with that control all of government.  

And, so far I have been talking about what is happening on the national scene. In fact the Tea Partiers are penetrating state and local elective bodies. The ‘threat’ is much more severe on the local level. Check out what is going on in the state house in Arizona!

This is a serious threat. If you haven’t already been impacted, you will be impacted by this cataclysmic shift in US domestic politics. You left Iran to run away from a brutal government of religious fanatics, only to find it coming to power on your own doorstep here in the West. This change will affect everything you do. How your family is treated at work, at school, on the playground. How you interact with your customer, clients, co-workers. Your status as an immigrant….

The time has come for all Iranian-Americans; indeed all Iranians outside Iran to take note and stand up. If you are opposed to the Mullahs in Iran, then you must stand against coded fanaticism here in the U.S. At the very least – register to vote. You must vote - and there is no personal risk to you if you vote. Yes, you will be able to travel to Iran without the IRI finding out. And yes, if you believe in Democracy in Iran, then for f's sake excercise your voting rights here.

But, if you see the threat as I do, get involved in politics – get engaged. You actually can do a lot about this. It was after all, a hand full of votes in Nevada (less than a few hundred) that ensured Harry Reid (Democrat) got elected to the U.S. Senate and NOT a Tea Party/Republican candidate…a few hundred Iranians in Las Vegas can make a critical difference. Help pass the message onto your friends, neighbors ...fellow Iranian-Americans.

I will sign off by saying this: your bonus for getting politically active is NOT that you will ultimately be insuring the well-being of yourself and your family…your bonus WILL BE that you might actually influence US policy towards Iran. Maybe, just maybe, we can muster enough support to stop back room deals with the regime in Iran and move the U.S. into a full-fledged policy of toppling the regime.


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Hmm Well you live on the East Coast I believe

by Escape on

  So that may be a big difference.I am surrounded by Democrats,like everywhere you look.I barely bother to vote as it won't make a bit of difference,but sometimes I still do just on the principle that I should vote.If there was a 'Tea Party' around here,I would go.


Comment Accepted

by ayatoilet1 on


First of all thank you for the compliments. And I agree the economic mess is NOT just the making of the republicans - yes that is absolutely true.

My point, however, was a different one. The discussions, the stump speeches, the political rheteric - what ever Trump (and the Tea Party Crowd) are saying is borderline nastiness! Its polarizing. It qauzi-racism. Its coded xenophobia. We're getting away from addressing the real issues, and having a constructive debate, to pointing fingers and spewing out hatred.

Its not just hatred thrown out against african-americans, but its also against hispanics, arab-americans, iranian-americans, muslim-americans. That is my core point.

Yes, the Democrats have used the race-card too (and drawn in the african-American crowd). But now, the 'race issue' is going beyond the African-American crowds, and afirmative action. We (the Iranian-American Diaspora) are squarely in the middle of it...and there really aren't too many people watching our backs. But the dagger against Iranian-Americans is coming out of holsters arround Tea Party Republican belts - not Obama's belt. The hatred is expanding beyond African-Americans, drifting into anti-Hispanic, Anti-Muslim, Anti-immigrant ....where will it end?

Please tell me my observation is wrong. This is what I see, and I am commenting about.


I wish it was just noise ...

by ayatoilet1 on

I don't know where you live, or where you worship ... but I can vouch first hand about the reality of christian nightmare gang who show regularly at Tea Party Rallies or 9/12 patriot rallies or now I gues, Trump extravaganzas. You might be naive to it, or live under a shell - but its out there. For real. And there is no other way to characterize it - its blatant hatred! Anti-Black, Anti-Hispanic, Anti-this, Anti-that ...its viscious. I just wish the discourse could be more civilized, less polarized, more substantive .... than just hatred being spewed out at so many people.

As the economy turns down, which it looks like it will. This wave could become a tsunami of hatred with consequences far worse than what happened in Japan or Indonesia... The nasty stuff doesn't just happen there are signs in advance. People be warned!! All I am doing is reading the signs. Don't kill the messenger. The reality is out there, whether you see it or not.


Pardon me.Ayatoilet,but my little feelings get hurt

by bushtheliberator on

I am merely exasperated by the cynical use of the Race Card , but become downright cranky when I feel that I and the "people like me" are subjected to the nasty slander of being labeled as racists.

I may be the pistol-packing Southern Lily-White Christian Jingo of your nightmares, but my dear wife,kids,adorable grandbabies,and church are BLACKS ..(+/-) 15% of the extended family bloodline is Native American (AKA " Hispanic","jaguar faces " or, " Merciless Indian Savages"). OMG !. and two of them are immigrants, but we let them eat at the same table as the native born.

Please consider the possiblity that the pounding hoof beats of the threatening Christian lynch mob is just a noise in your own head.



by Escape on


I like you.

I like your show.

To you I'm off base because you are so focused on 'Racism' and believe Bush killed the Economy.

I will be honest with you.I think what Racism there may be in the Tea Party is small and that is just the way it is.We have enemies.

But There is something as a American that I understand maybe you don't.

We're equals by law.So I believe the Racism B.S. is just that.B.S.

What aggravates me is its often Race Card Censorship.

And it's many times its completely oxymoronic using the word ''Racism for 'special' rights.

The Word Racism is confused with Dislike.Do you think I am not allowed to dislike people? The Tea Party Dislikes alot of people for good Reason.

People are Free to dislike anyone for any reason and calling them Racist's does not lessen that dislike.

And I will exercise my Free Will to dislike anyone or anything and call them or it anything I please.Hey if it's Racism then 'Cast the First stone'..

Don't tell me there isn't the same on the other side,a small faction of left wing looney's.Actually I think it's alot bigger on the Left's side,there's more Hate by far.

But I can't get over how the Democrat Congress get's a free pass.It's simply Democrat's who don't know how the Govt works.You said Bush and Republicans tanked the Economy,What Republicans? The invisible ones? It was just Bush left for the last half of his term fighting congress.

If it means nothing to you that the Democrats controlled Both houses when the Economy Tanked,continued on the Tanking with Both houses and a President then I don't get why would it mean anything to you if Trump is President?Of course because you must believe you are battling racism.

The Race card is their livelyhood.In fact they used to race card to ruin the economy.They suckered in the poor with 'Affirmative Action' to ridiculously expensive houses the poor could not afford in the first place..Then they raised the price on land taxes,broke them and left them homeless.Yes 'Affirmative Actions' speak louder than words..

5 years later foreclosures killed the Banks for God's Sakes.Did you consider what their problem was?

So The Govt now owns all these foreclosed homes.Just what Soro's and the Russian spit on his face wanted.Still can't wipe it off atter a hundred trips to Obama's Whitehouse Bathroom.

Here is the C-Span clips that factually lay out the blame to Dims.

So The Tea Party racism is your big concern.

I don't even know where you got half these stories because I try to stay away from Democrat propaganda.

If that's really going to make you keep voting for economic failure what a pity!!!!.And there is many like you of course but I do know a few Democrats who are thrilled Trump may run..The country is in the worst Economic condition it is in and no matter who you blame you should consider the fact that it needs fixed and you know Trump if anyone is the man to do it.

I think Trump's racism problem is with $$$$ which is just what we need for the country right now.

People are Angry on both sides for all kinds of reasons,we are having War's.Democrats don't have the answer.They just have the campaign.That's where I think Trump is the only one who can beat them and that's why they are running scared.

Look at the 'Restore Sanity' protest in D.C. just who were they protesting? Who were they restoring Sanity from? The Republican Minority in Congress? ..



Funny - Funny!!

by ayatoilet1 on

"Half the fun of being a right-wing christian is scareing ..." Oh how Christian of you? Its fun to scare people? Hipocracy, stupidity, and an evil mind ... all totally self-evident.

By the way, I am not a lefty! Very much a strong believer in the free enterprise system!! Total freedom - free speech, free enterprise, freedom or religion...that is what I support. And I definitely do not support fascism, intolerance, bigotry... and your type of intimidation! If you hate the regime in Iran, you must hate people like you in the U.S. - who have fun sacreing people!! Scareing anyone.

If you're an immigrant, the threat from the Tea Party, Turmp, Palin, Gingrich, the Senate in Arizona, Geller, etc. is all too real. It affects real issues in people's lives.



Light the Torches & Cross,slip on your white hood ! Let's Ride !

by bushtheliberator on

Half the fun of being a Right-Wing Christian is scareing the Lefties !

The Mid-Term election Rise of the Right has driven Ayatoilet to panic. Delicious fun . Tthe Wicked Witch of Wassilla is going to get Ayatoilet, and his Little Kenyan Dog,too.

Trump is by no measure a conservative, and he's gone as far as he can on name recognition/fame & clowning. The Repubs nominated a half-Democrat, semi-conservative in '08, but they won't repeat that mistake in'12.


So Off Base

by ayatoilet1 on

Hey Escape: There is no question that W (Bush Jr) tanked the economy; and set in motion policies that not only tanked the economy BUT also increased Federal Debt by 50% ...BEFORE Obama even walked into the Whitehouse. There is nothing great about Trump - he inherited his wealth...and has roughly the same net worth today as he had when he inherited the wealth adjusted for inflation. He is so leveraged its unbelievable - a slight adjustment in interest rates and he will be filing for bankruptcy. He is definitely not a genius...

But this article was NOT about the economy or healthcare - it was about racism. Most people (maybe not yourself) put their dignity before prosperity. At a time when the Tea Party has hijecked the Republican Party - and when the Tea Party leaders are espousing racism...and hatred... us Iranian-Americans should be (a) scared, (b) concerned, (c) get politically active. A simple facts are that an increasing percentage of americans maybe 15-20% are becoming radicalized and see Blacks, Muslims, Iranians, Immigrants, and Foreigners... you name it as the cause! This hatred is not diminishing - but increasing. And people like Trump are fanning it...and soon they will go after Jews, then Catholics will keep rolling - unless we do something about it.

Iranian-Americans should get politically active - even if it means joining the Republican party and stopping the influence of Racism inside that Party. This is a real threat. Very Serious.

And by the way, there have been over 60 acts of terrorism commited in the US since the bombing in Oklahoma City. Christian Militia groups are on the rise - and undertaking mock wars in forests throughout the US. There is a very real and present danger for our community in the U.S. Iranian-Americans need to hear this.


Enough DIM Change

by Escape on

Change you can believe in. Debt doubled. Depression doubled. Obama is a economic Failure.

Democrats ruined the economy when they controlled both houses and we gave them a chance to fix it now.Both houses and the President..What did they do? They doubled it.

They are failure!

I really want to know why did Obama and his wife step down from the Bar?

And for the whole Birther deal,Why did it take 4 years for the Govt to produce a Birth Certificate?

The same Govt you want to handle healthcare.

The same Govt you watched waste over a year writing legislation for healthcare and then tells the public will get to know what is in the bill 'when it passes'.That was NOT Democracy.Neither are Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.One Bit!!

You keep your Iranian politics of Dictator rule in Iran.

Obama's healthcare is screwing old people on Medicare RIGHT NOW.

You are proud of Reid accomplishing what? Election victory? What has he done? Good Lord.Stimulus working? Creating jobs?They are OUT!!

There is only one thing Obama has done and that is in Iraq and Afghanistan.But come on,how much did that take? All he had to do was say ok.I give him credit on that which he deserves.

So if he win's re-election I know it won't be that bad on the war and if he is lucky,very lucky he can fix the economy.But I doubt it! NOT with his Dim friends.

There is no sensible reason to doubt that Donald Trump and a likeminded congress could not fix the economy.Trump is a Genius.



America has enough dumb people

by Bavafa on

to supply the world for a life time.

And maybe, maybe they deserve leaders such as Palin and Trump.