US wants to delist MEK - Precisely because they are terrorists!! What Hypocracy?


by ayatoilet1

When challenged by a reported, a senior elected congressman broke down and said the MEK/MKO/PMOI are fighters. They are the only opposition group fighting the regime in tehran. The only way to brake the regime in Tehran is to have fighters like them to take them on.

When you listen to FOx news present the case for delisting the MEK/MKO/PMOI again you hear the same story, they are the only armed opposition to the regime in Iran.

The U.S. basically wants to de-list the MEK/MKO/PMOI precisely because they want farsi speaking allies that can fight side by side with European and U.S. forces inside Iran ...legally they can not do that right act of congress. They want to de-list precisely because they are fighters, violent, militant ...civilians. By any definition that makes them terrorists.

How hypocritical?? De-list a terrorist group, precisely because you want to use them as terrorists?!!

Don't get me wrong, I am against the regime and I do think that the only way to oust them is with some sort of assistance from the west...and that could be like in Libya with an air based campaign. But what I am very much against is hypocracy. Call a spade a spade. Let the US government be more open; don't try to squeeze a round peg in a square hole. Just recruit them for the CIA or something and use them if you must - but for god's sake do not position this group to run Iran after the campaign. They will be even worse than the current regime in Iran in governing Iran and putting down opposition. They are not democrats, they are criminals. If you must use criminals (like the FBI does) to catch another set of criminals (like the Mullahs in Iran) do so, but don't promise them the moon, don't put them in charge, don't ram them down the throat of Iranians.

Here is a petition to sign if you think de-listing the MEK/MKO/PMOI doesn't make sense:



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by Cost-of-Progress on

But really, whatever happened to covert ops? How come the US was orchestrating coups left and right in south america in the 70's and now, they are relying on a bunch 3rd rate traitor terrorists to do their work?

I am a realist. The way things are going, the so called opposition will practically kill each other on the Net and on the streets arguing whose ideology is better than the other guy and how Shah was a dictator while the Islamist regime is assraping everybody in Iran and emptying the coffers on their way to the bathroom to shave their beards and put on a suit and TIE while they exit the safe called Iran.

Like I said before, if the West is going to engineer another "rev..rev..revolution" for Iranians, can you PLEASE NOT make it religious this time?

Yoohoo, anybody listening there. I know these sites are monitored listening...or reading, I should say?


CoP, An "out of touch" Iranian in diaspora.





This may very well be the begining of ...

by Bavafa on

Yet another dark chapter for Iranians and their struggle for freedom and democracy.

Unfortunately, in this chapter there may be much bloodshed, treason and much destructions at the expense of Iranians with the US again as the instigator of installing friendly dictators.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory