War with Iran, Means Iranians in Concentration Camps in U.S.


by ayatoilet1

Do not be fooled. When Romney says he wants to increase Military expenditure by $2 trillion dollars, this is code for starting another war. And Romney has a special in with Israel. Romney and Netanyahu are longtime friends. They worked together at the Boston Consulting Group for many years. They are so close that Romney even visited him only a few months ago in Israel and confirmed his alignment with Netanyahu’s foreign policy agenda …which is basically war with Iran (paid for by the American Tax payer and American lives).

Romney wants to spend more (double) what  George “W” Bush spent on defense even during the height of the Iraq war.  There is no other way of saying it, it’s War. It’s war with Iran.

But, Iran today, will NOT be a push over. The U.S. has left it too late to invade Iran. They should have done it some 10 years ago. Iran today, has a far more sophisticated Military – that is well armed and well prepared for war. The IRGC is also well trained and battle ready – having fought Saddam Hussein for 8 years. And in preparation for the war, the Mullahs have developed a 5 Million strong volunteer militia (the Basiji’s) that would weigh into any battle.

If this war is prolonged, and significant blood is shed. If this war expands and involves other major countries in the neighborhood – China? It could turn into a World War. What would happen to Iranians in the U.S. today?

I have seen,  listened, and witnessed the hatred ordinary Americans have towards Muslims – Afghans, Arabs, Iranians. With two wars, tens of thousands of casualties, With America on the verge of bankruptcy because of the two wars …you can bet Americans will have no patience for Iranians. Just think back to mob violence against Iranians during the U.S. embassy hostages and multiply that by a few hundred percent – and you will have some sense of how Iranians will be treated in the U.S.

This will not be a rounding up of like what happened with Japanese-Americans during WWII. Iranians will be rounded up, and put inside concentration camps – “for their own safety”.  If your family lost everything during the Iranian Revolution and had Mullahs take over your homes, you businesses …everything you had in Iran; just sit back and watch what they (the American Taliban) do with your assets here in the U.S. And the irony of it all is – there will be nowhere for you or your family to run to. You can’t escape to Iran, and the Europeans are firmly in bed with America.

The whole idea here is to invade Iran, balkanize Iran – and split it up like Germany after WWII into a British Azeri portion in the north (so Britain can run off with most of the oil and gas in the Caspian like they are now); an American Kurdish Region stretching all the way to Syria (so Exxon Mobil can run off and deliver oil and gas from Kirkuk to the Mediteranean), An Arabestan around Ahwaz so the Saudi’s,  Kuwaiti’s, Qatari’s and their recently unified Arab defense organization can get all the Oil in southern Iran and get some of their lost investment in Iraq’s war with Iran back.

This will be war. This will be a grand war. And you and your family here in the U.S. will be front and center in this war. If you can vote, then vote. Vote sensibly. The stakes are huge.


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