What Iran's Pasdars think of Americans, From the IRGC Manual on America


by ayatoilet1

The following are excerpts from a Iran's Pasdar (IRGC) manual on Iran titled "Cultural Intelligence for Military Operations: America" The section excerpted deals specifically with European American ethnicity.

1. This product is designed to help Iranian military forces understand the mindset of foreign cultures. Emphasis is placed on cultural factors with the greatest impact on military operations...The Cultural Intelligence Studies are in-depth comprehensive reports written for every significant ethnic group within a country.

2. European Americans are the largest and most prosperous ethnic group in North America, making up 72 percent of the population, or approximately 210 million people. The ethnic European identity is not the same as the national American identity, but the two are closely aligned...Many ethnic groups in America are not European by descent, but closely identity themselves with American identity through the commonality of their culture, particularly in speaking English or practicing Christianity.

3. European Americans are members of an Aryan ethnic group who have ruled and dominated the American state for much of the past 200 years. European Americans are ethnically distinct from Native Americans and African Americans and Hispanic Americans of North America… although European Americans continue to think of themselves as a special people situated at the center of the universe.

4. Since European Americans have been the dominant ethnic group in American for several hundred years, many European Americans do not consider themselves to have an identity distinct from their affiliation with America.

5. Maintaining their beer and barbecue habits is a central theme of European American culture. Not too far from these themes is sex and drugs and rock and roll.

6. Contemporary European Americans accept Christianity an essential part of their identity. European Americans consider African and Asian culture distinctly inferior to their own, but consider any one with an English accent as distinctly superior to themselves.

7. Chasing money is a fundamental concept in European American culture. The European American greed for money results in the perpetuation of their social order.  The report clarifies the European American concept of money is best explained by the movie line in Scar Face when Al Pacino advises "First you get the mone, then you get the power,  then you get pussy" Basically everything revolves around money].

8. European Americans tend to look to those with large bank accounts for direction, control, and protection.

9. European Americans view actors and rock stars as sources of wisdom and often use movie or song lines, rather than political and social theories, to orient themselves to social and political events and change in society.

10. European Americans of the Jewish faith more than any other ethnic group, gain the most from the wealthiest sector of America’s economy, with over 100 billionaires and average household incomes in excess of $200,000. 2% of America’s population is of European Jewish decent and they control 65% of net assets (wealth) in America.

11. European Americans tend to Persians tend to be lighter skinned than African Americans. They often have long narrow faces and noses.

12. The European American historical memory embraces two diverse points of origin and reference...The first starting point extends back 200 years to the war of independence against British rule, the second the second originates in the amount received in their paycheck last Friday. Everything else is a blur; American participation in foreign lands is always considered to be just to European Americans even if a Nuclear bomb or two was used, or Napalm sprayed on innocent villages, or Chemical Weapons sold (and financed) to a dictator here or there, or nasty insects introduced to kill coffee plantations, or prostitutes paid to topple a regime, or hundreds of thousands of innocent victims killed through collateral bombing in major cities.

13. Though Christianity had a profound and lasting impact on American identity, the world of Christianity did not trump or supersede American identity.

14. The new Millennia is remembered as a period in which American cultural achievements (Britney Spears and Lady Gaga) military might (operation Desert Storm and  such), and cultural values (trading in Mortgage Backed Securities and Derivatives)  and just rule under UN law came to world prominence…and nearly resulted in the collapse of the world financial system in 2009.

15. Several enduring themes of European American culture were forged in the recent American Empire. The first theme is that drugs should dominate society. And therefore all efforts to expand the empire should result in powerful drugs such as Heroin being cultivated again to record level in the new empire land of Afghanistan after dropping to near zero cultivation prior to the American Invasion. And that drug production and sales should once again hit record levels of cultivation in excess of 300,000 tons through subjugating local kingpins to farm it for them again. The second theme is that continuity of such a distinct and distinguished culture in which drugs plays an important role is key to the future of America. The third theme is a sense of nationhood rooted in the continuity of a distinct cultural identity gained by hooking all youths to drugs, starting with alcohol, to cigarettes, to marijuana, to cocaine to Heroin…even making the nation addicted to sugar and corn fructose as part of the national daily diet… leading to record levels of obesity, and the lowest level of health rankings in advanced nations.

16. European Americans consider the first and second world war as a period in which American culture flourished after dealing with German rule.

17. While contemporary European Americans accept the conversion to Christianity as an essential part of their identity, as expressed by their newly established Tea Party leadership in the form of Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachman, Rick Perry and the like. And they harbor anger toward African Americans and Muslims as expressed in their signage and rallies on certain street corners in New York, Arizona and Tennessee…leading to shooting of a Congresswoman who was from the same political party as the Nation’s African American president with a Muslim middle name. European Americans  equate Islam with terrorist culture, and they hold African Americans responsible for debasing a superior European American culture in this period with a less civilized one.

18. They believe that without the European American gifts of political organization and high culture, the African Americans alone would never have been able to sustain an American civilization.

19. Contemporary European Americans regard the First and Second Bush empires as the beginning of the modern era in America.

20. The [European American] conversion to more fanatic forms of Christianity in America was [partly] motivated by a false flag action to bomb two large building in New York on September 11th 2001. This became a symbolic assertion of European American identity and led to a series of foreign invasions. This was in many ways consistent with older European notions of crusades against Islam in the first millennia after Christ.

21. George Bush is beloved by European Americans for restoring national pride and making the country strong and prosperous again….never mind that in the very last 6 months of his reign he rode the economy into a ditch.

22. European Amerians think of their interactions with the East as characterized by generosity and patience for having to even listen to Easterners or even sit in the same room as them

23. European Americans became aware of the populist power of Christian faith when one of their leaders Ronald Reagan courted Christian religious leaders, then known as the moral majority, in the 80’s and won the election. Ever since Republican leaders have positioned themselves  as standing up for the interests of the people against infidels, African Americans and Mulsims for votes and now even include prayer into their political speeches.

24. In the eyes of European Americans, the current President is leading the country to self-destruction (not the Tea Party leaders in congress that are hell bent on destroying the economy for power)

25. European Americans regard other cultures with caution and skepticism because they associate them with unpopular dictatorships (which they propped up anyway)

26. Brought to power by the British (Fox News), the George Bush II defrauded Americans in the presidential elections and became a dictator who maintained an iron grip on American political and cultural life (by passing new laws to control all private phone conversations, and a massive new beaurocracy called the Department of Homeland Security). Many European Americans believe that in forcibly secularizing and modernizing society, Americans have lost their Christian traditions.

 27. Obama’s movement was supported by much of the population, including a large, popular base and a coalition of groups that held the common goal of providing medical care to everyone and providing more opportunities to disadvantaged (non-European American) minorities that were long dominated by the European Americans. American clerics, however, see Obama as an ally of atheistic communists.

28. American attitudes to the Obama are deeply split...To nationalists, Obama is the victim of an Tea Party Republican and British coup...To more traditional and religious Americans, however, Obama is a communist stooge...

29. Widespread corruption had increased socioeconomic disparities among ethnic groups and between urban and rural populations. Those tied to the defense establishment have profited handsomely while the US defense budget ballooned from 200 Billion under Clinton to 1 Trillion under George Bush II. The country took on massive debt to pay for the 10 years of mushrooming defense expenditure. George Bush’s friends enjoyed the ten years of corrupt leadership and have now stashed their cash in Switzerland that has seen a massive increase in the value of the Swiss Franc.

30. European Americans, like most Americans, feel that 9/11 was an act of terrorism imposed on them by Osama Bin Laden. They do not believe that Western powers gave Osama a green light for the attack

31. The scars of the 9/11 attack run deeply in American society. Americans believe they were abandoned in an unjust attack.

32. George Bush II seized the opportunity [the war] to consolidate his power by eliminating challenge and opposition from secular and Democrats.

33. Most Americans disapproved of the President’s close ties with Saudi Arabia.


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This blog is a classic

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Too Funny.

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Free Speech?

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This is my 3rd comment here, and I think the article is funny.  But I just came from another article where people were discussing why someone was banned (censored) ...  Like I said, I like the article; I don't object to the article; but I am totally confused as to where the editorial line is as to things you can and can't say here.  


I did not know that IRCG personnel could read!

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Really funny blog though, cant stop laughing. thank you 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Anahid Hojjati

Faramarz, true about not reading manuals

by Anahid Hojjati on

In some places, they have not been reading manuals for years. I remember that the first company that I worked, they had many thick manuals. Instructions, procedures, etc. about everything. Thankfully, you did not have to read them. However, another division in the same company had the reputation of being a lot more into reading mauals. Now that i wrote this, I am reminded that even though we did not read company manuals, we had to spend time reading manuals from suppliers about the equipment. Those were the important manuals, and as you correctly indicated, not only they had manuals on their systems, but they also had quick guide on the systems with pictures in nice colors that were good to read. I believe I still have couple of those quick guides. I wonder what a quick guide on Iranians or Americans would look like?


Who Reads Manuals Nowadays?

by Faramarz on

Good One Ayatoil! A funny compliment to Ari's stuff.

Instead of manuals, they should make simple quick guides with pictures and helpdesk information. Nobody reads manuals anymore.

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Great job ayatoilet

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Very funny.


TERRIFFIC job ayatoilet!

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Very FUNNY!   Great sense of humor....THANKS!   LOL!


What do pasdars think of the BRITS?

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Our Azerbajani counterparts.



by yolanda on


5. Maintaining their beer and barbecue habits is a central theme of European American culture. Not too far from these themes is sex and drugs and rock and roll.


Ha Ha Ha, Great work

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Ayatoilete nice work, what a culture!