What Should I do?

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I am sick of anti-Iranian and anti-muslim rhetoric in the West; I am sick of my kids feeling humiliated by their heritage at school; I am sick of the killings in Iran; I am sick of this regime that have basically destroyed Iran ...millions of addicts, thousands of prostitutes, given away half the caspian sea; destroyed democracy; destroyed everything of pride of Iranians (Iran's national football team sucks, Iran's athletes don't win medals ...). I am sick of all this - and I want a new Iran, a different Iran, a better future if not for myself at least of the next generation of Iranians. What should I do? If not the TV show, what? Where can we turn to ...to bring about positive change? What should Iranians do ...in the face of the brutality in Iran, and American impotence? What can we do? what should I do? Write more blogs? Write letters to congressmen? What can we do? How do we unite a disjointed diaspora? How do we create a movement that can succeed?  Anyone have any ideas?


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