When it comes to Iran – Don’t Trust the Republicans (i.e. Romney)


by ayatoilet1

The headlines today are that Mitt Romney declared in his most aggressive tones that “the U.S. should stand firmly behind Israel if it chooses military action to thwart Iran's progression toward a nuclear weapon.” Romney further argued in his in speech in Israel that Tehran's  ayatollahs "are testing our moral defenses" and monitoring "who will object" and "who will look the other way."  And declared "We have a solemn duty and a moral imperative to deny Iran's leaders the means to follow through on their malevolent intentions."

Whoever was clapping and probably all these idiots that are going to vote for Romney are either stupid or have short memories or are just plain ignorant!   

You have to laugh. All this reminds me of a Republican Senator from New York in the ‘80s called Al D’Amato. He wanted to milk the Jewish Iranian community for money so he used to set up these phony Senate hearings against the regime in Iran (that used to be televised). And he used to put on all this theatre for these poor souls from the Reagan administration – instructing them to take a hard stance against the Mullahs in Iran. Meanwhile, of course we all know Reagan’s team were busy selling arms to the Iranians and secretly supporting the Mullahs.  It was all a show.  

And that pretty well sums up the Republican Party’s relationship with the Mullahs and Iran.

It was actually, President Dwight Eisenhower that “sold” Iran its first Nuclear Reactor packed with Plutonium! Yes, Plutonium for atom bombs. And now, it’s another Republican that is somehow against Iran’s Nuclear program.

It was in fact the Reagan administration that secretly dealt with the Mullahs behind Jimmy Carter’s back, during the hostage crisis in 1980 – asking the Mullahs to hold the hostages during the Presidential elections in exchange for arms and promises to never interfere in Iran’s domestic affairs. This is called the October Surprise and there are countless books about it (Basically reassuring the Mullahs that the U.S. would not topple them).  

Yes, Romney has to go to Jerusalem, promise to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s new capital and basically suck some Jewish dick to support his presidential campaign – because without their support he can’t become President of the U.S. The Jews in America i.e. 2% of the population, control over 50% of America’s wealth; have 7 of the top 10 Billionaires in America, 125 of the top 250 richest people in America; AND over 500,000 millionaires!! The reason why the Mayor of Chicago (Rahm Israel Emmanuel) cleaned up the Occupy Movement very quickly with the City’s police was because he quickly understood that when the demonstrators were protesting about the top 1% - they were probably protesting about Jews! The irony of course is the Occupy Movement lefties had the very same agenda as the right wing Tea Party movement (who openly hate Jews,  as well as Blacks, Hispanics, Iranians …you name it) – but did not know it!! I am just saying that in truth the bulk of the Republican Party hate the Jews (and are not very secretive about it). It’s just ironic.

Romney has either sold his soul or is a damn liar. And don’t Jews know all this about the Republicans? Of course they do. They vote 2 to 1 democrat –always.  The Jewish community are very aware of the Nixon tapes and how Richard Nixon in private conversations referred to the Jewish Community (with Aides, with the George Bush senior (his ambassador to the U.N., and head of the CIA) and to Christian Leaders.) They know the true colors of the Republican Party.

Nothing Romney says can be taken for granted. Right now he’ll say anything to get elected. And turn around and do the opposite when he’s in office.


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