When Republicans are against Democracy in America, How can they support Democracy in Iran?


by ayatoilet1

Since Republicans took control of 10 new governorships and 11 state legislatures in 2010, 19 states have passed bills changing their voting laws—changes that could disenfranchise as many as 5 Millions voters in this year’s presidential election. This is much more than the margin of victory in 2 out of the last three presidential elections.

As one Republican put it: Voter fraud is an invented enemy, employed to pass politically advantageous laws in anticipation of the presidential election. It is simply designed to keep democratic voters from voting. That's it.

Though the bills differ state to state, they are disseminated by the American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC, a business-friendly consortium of legislators and corporations funded by corporations like Exxon Mobil and private backers like the Koch brothers.

Earlier this month, a three-judge panel agreed, finding the law discriminatory against minorities and ordering five Florida counties to re-extend their early voting periods. (Under the Voting Rights Act, election rules in counties with a history of racial discrimination are subject to federal approval.) But early voting in Florida’s other 62 counties remains subject to the restrictions of the new law.

And remember in during George Bush's reign, they closed polls early, disqualified African-Americans, and have been implementing electronic voting machines without any paper ballot backups! The Republicans are fraudsters. With all their pretense of pro-life, pro-religion policies, they are the least honest politicians arround. 

And don't the Republicans remind us, (as Iranians) of the Mullahs?  Religious but dishonest. Pro-Freedom rhetoric yet least democratic. We already know that the Republicans have maintained close links with the Mullahs in Iran for over 30 years. Interestingly sanctions against Iran during George Bush's reign were somewhat lax, and Iran cooperated with the U.S. during the invasions of both Iraq and Afghanistan. 

In essence, any anti-Iran rhetoric by the Republicans is disengenious. Any pro-democracy rhetoric by the Republicans is disengenious. You simply can not trust them. Look at their actions - not even their words - they simply do not connect with the agenda and policies the Iranian-American community has. If you are against the theocracy in Iran, if you are pro-freedom and democracy in Iran - you simply can not vote for the Republicans. 


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Amir-Jan, I think I agree with you ...

by ayatoilet1 on

There isn't a huge difference in foreign policy between the candidates, but there is a moral or value driven difference between them in how they intend to govern and who they will pander to.

If we are against the theocracy in Iran, we must oppose the far right, christian right in the U.S. too. And the Republican party is filled with them. THat is the critical difference. And in the end, they (the chrisitan right) will filter into anything a Republican president does. They will have influence.

I would vote for Romney if he was a Democrat.


Anglophile ....Clint Eastwood was never in Obama's Camp!!

by ayatoilet1 on

Thanks for the link, which I found very interesting. I just never imagined that Clint Eastwood would be pro-Obama anyway.

Just so you are clear, its not so much that I am pro-Obama, I am actually against the Tea Party - far Christian right wing of the Republican party, that seem to have taken over the Republican party. If voting for Obama - denies government to the Far Right, then that is what must be done.

If Romney was a democrat, I would probably vote for him. And if you are against the theocracy in Iran, it is consistent not to vote or support the far right in the U.S.


i liked this ad for obama must say

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on


Ayatoilet don't be too certain on Obama or Dems

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

You will find Dems are no better and you are perpetuating wishful thinking misleading others that dems support democracy for iran, you just don't know the beginning of the various sides of the truth.  On Obama's personal History and circle of friends growing up until his 40's, he is friends with many sunni muslims who ideologically despise Iran, both Pakistani's and Arabs and on the family line his father and step father are both Sunni's.  Regardless on Foreign Policy there isn't a hair of difference between the 2 candidates for Iran, even despite knowing the crazies on romneys team.



Ayatoilet the points I was making below, sadly, tragically

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

go over the heads of many more than just you.


You mean you have paid taxes to fraudsters all these years?

by anglophile on

Now sit back, relax and watch this:




Amir-Jan I can't make sense of your writing...

by ayatoilet1 on

Can you take a few minutes and think before you write? Are you ok?

I read and re-read your writing and I can't make sense of it. The sentences are long, filled with commas. Which means you are rattling on, waffling. Its not coherent.

And one final point. No one is saying that the Democrats are angels or saints. But for sure, the Republicans, having gone public with their views, have a wing of their party (the Tea Party) that hates immigrants, muslims...Iranians. And they are talking about spending another 2 Trillion dollars for a new war to balkanize Iran.

Whether or not you support the regime, or the Pahlavis, or what ever - surely you can not support the balkanization of Iran. Iran should be transformed, but transformed intelligently. The transformation should result in a new greater, more prosperous Iran - not a broken, weak, and tragic set of states.


It's Never a Bad time to Eat Sh*T, Enjoy And Say Thank you

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

The USA and EU causing China and Russia to replace more of Irans market with their goods and while Iranians have no capability to produce for themselves and the IRI which has created this mess and who's ideologically trained basiji control the dollar currency within Iran benefit the most from the worsening dollar to rial exchange rate.

Wow I guess the democrats in the USA and the EU really must want democracy for Iran!! LOOOL

I know I have a bright idea, listen up everybody, lets all get together
and say we want democracy and use our will to remove from power one of
the most democratically acting and behaving leaders in the world, even
better since he's not elected, lets call this law abiding king a dictator and say our secret service is really his secret service and that his secret service, which is Not ideologically made up of monarchists even, but made up of Iranians
regardless of ideology, lets all get together and go out and say that
these Savaki's torture Iranians, and lets support a religous leader who was expelled for being found guilty of ordering the killing of a prime minister, mansour, who went against the USA/UK/French plan, and in confrontation with them aimed to provide high skilled workforce and develop a steel industry for Iranians, giving them the managerial experience they would need to built the institutions of a future democracy.

Hmmmm I dunno?  Maybe stupid people and their children do have to eat
sh$# for a very long time before they can address either their own
gutless, selfish, self centered actions or being deceived by messages put up for them by the self proclaimed free and democratic people of the world.  At tleast the children don't like the taste of it and can say their parents generation made a mistake and that they no longer wish to miss out on all the good their parents generation had as a result of a majestic King who put the country before his own life.


?????? Please Stop With "I'm a Patsy and please join me" Routine

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

No One Supports Democracy In Iran, Outside of Iran.


Especially Not the Democrats in the USA, not the Republicans, Brits, French or Israeli's.  Lets be clear I'm not talking about the people, in this example as we are talking about free western democratic governments and we already know the people are totaly irrelevant, I'm talking about the governments and all the political groups within their democracies.


You know this to be true, not just because of what they did to one of the most democratic leaders in the history of the last century and how he was misrepresented and destroyed, the late shah, but because of everything the west has done since and the real reasons for why they did this and why they continue to do this and can't their change path.


Creating the largest percent growth in Middle class in the world, free universal education , a vibrant growing economy with industrialization may have been the desire of the majority of Iranians before 1979, but it was not the wish of the west. Iranians were deceived into betraying the democrat who helped realize the wishes and needs of most people of Iran. This is the basis of Painful Regret for Iranians. If more Iranians would stop and feel the pain, it would help in mending their character enough to reduce their lying, greed and self centered way of relating to one another, long enough to enjoy and appreciate a truly majestic king who's wish was to realize the wish of his team and his people, to support Irans native culture which is based on doing for others what you feels good for you, the good thoughts, the good words and the good actions, Irans Monarchy at its best.