Your Vote Counts ... 7 Benefits of Voting Early!!


by ayatoilet1

By many accounts, the polls are tight throughout the U.S. In many states the winning margins will be less than 100,000. This means that majorities will be virtually dozens of votes per precinct. This means that your vote counts.. YOU ARE THE DIFFERENCE. To make sure your vote is counted - vote early!! It is an established fact that in 2008, nplaces like Las Vegas, where there is a sizable Iranian-American community or Cleveland it could very well have been the Iranian-American community votes that made the critical 200 votes that elected key Senators and Congressmen like Harry Reid (leader of the Democratic Caucus in the Senate).

It could literally be the a few hundred votes by Iranian-Americans that can make the critical difference in whether Obama is elected or not.  Here are 7 benefits of voting early:

1) You can vote at your convenience...when you have the time.

2) You can confirm that in fact the Republicans have not disqualified you with their voter fraud disqualification laws.

3) You can leverage your vote, because other voters will notice trends in early voting and will be influenced by whoever is winning (despite what people say, people like to vote for winners). By the way, Obama is ahead in most state's early voting tallies.

4) Voting early ensure that your vote will be counted. They just can't throw out or lose early votes - because the numbers are relatively small, and well tracked.

5) Most early voting is done at voting centers. Your vote can not be manipulated in electronic transmissions from remote polling stations - which is how the republicans intend to steal elections.

6) Early voting, allows you to take time to actually study the issues on the ballot. You can go in, pick up a ballot, review it, take your time and then come back the next day and actually cast well thought out votes. Remember there are many other items on the ballot - things like local candidates (that you may not have even heard of, propositions, etc.). You don't have to panic and cast your vote on the final day of can take your time.

7) Early voting actually means you care. It means you need to maybe go a little further than your local elementary school or church, it means you will have studied the voting process, it means you will be acting as a more responsible voter. This is precisely the very best example for all citizens. It means you understand that voting is a priviledge. You value your freedom, you value democracy. Bottom line, early voting is something you can be proud of.

So what are you waiting for? Vote. And Vote Early!!


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