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I was relaxing this past weekend, when my daughter came in my room and asked me what would I wish if God granted me one wish no matter what! Since I had been her age and asked my mother the exact question, I decided to reply her using the very smart answer my mother told me almost 30 years ago. I replied: "I wish that all my wishes come true" :0). Isn't it amazing how history repeats itself? No matter where, and what era we live there are still some commonalities between us and our kids. Then it was my turn to be like my mom, again, so I asked her the same question my mother asked my some time after: "If you could change one thing about yourself, what would that be and why?" I was 12 years old when my mom asked me that, and the best came to my mind was "I would like to change my hair texture, to a softer and straight one!!!!!!!!!" Now asking that question to myself makes a big difference, because there are more than one thing that I want to change none of which has anything to do with my appearance or physic. Where should I start? Oh I got it! I want to be more understanding toward people who are superficial.

What about you? 


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Did I say so?

by Azadeh Azmoudeh on

Did I say I do NOT like them? Let me say it once more time, I want to change myself in a way to be more understanding toward those people. Duste Aziz, I might have to learn how to understand them :0)



So I take it you...

by Khar on

Don’t like to watch Miss America or other pageants and perhaps you may not like more than half of the blogers on the site present company included?!