Dr Glasser and Reality Therapy

Dr Glasser and Reality Therapy
by Azadeh Azmoudeh

It was one of those days that I usually see in my dreams. What was it? OK! I had a meeting with one of the most prominant psychiatrists Dr. William Glasser the father of Reality Therapy. I was so honered to be one of the six who will be chosen to research for his new book.

We had lunch together and it was so interesting to sit face to face with the guy himself. I was so anxious to meet with him and I thought how I had to react when I met with him. On the contrary, he was so down to earth that made us all wonder: How can a famouse person in the world be so calm and cool at 85?!!! And so sharp and smart, my God! I wish I get to that age and be like him, relax and accomplished.

I will recommand everyone to read his book ( I bought 5 of his at his house with his signature on it Image) by the name of Choice Therapy. If you can't find it let me know. Enjoy reading it, believe me it changes your life for the better.


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