I am NOT I-Ranian!

I am NOT I-Ranian!
by Azadeh Azmoudeh

I'm proud to say "I'm Iranian!"
No, I am not a terrorist nor a wife beater,
I don't live in a tent in a desert
And I don't know who Ali or Hossein were,
Although I'm certain they never drove a BMW nor lived in Orange County!

I speak Farsi/Persian, not Arabic,
Iran is pronounced "EERAUN" and not "I-ran" ( It's not track & field)
News flash: Iran and Iraq are two different countries,
Middle East is a region and NOT a continent,
And camels are not our way of transportation.
Belly dancers are NOT strippers (no sex in the Champaign room); anyways belly dancing is an Arabic dance, it never came from Iran.

Each time you play a game of chess to improve your intellect, keep in mind
that it was Persians who gave you your game.
Iranian women are just out spoken (if not more) and liberal as the European women,
And what the hell is "soccer"?? We also call it FOOTball.

Iran is the first country on earth to have a lion (male) and a sun (female)
for its symbol; and the colors red, white, and green for a flag, A
beautiful country.
The best in the Middle East

Allow me to introduce myself:



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