NIAC: 10 Years of Making Change

by azadi4iran

Watch the video:

On May 1, 2002, the National Iranian American Council opened its doors. We are grateful for your support all these years.

But imagine if we had not been here defending the community’s interests. What would things be like?

--Would the Persepolis tablets and other priceless cultural heritage be for sale on e-Bay, sitting on someone’s coffee table...or destroyed?

--Would Iranian students still be forced to choose between their education and their family because they were only allowed one entry on their visa?

--Would Congress have succeeded in blocking all Iranians from entering the US?

--Or green-lighted a first strike attack by Israel?

--Would we be at war right now?

For ten years, NIAC has tackled these and other tough problems – and gotten results.

For ten years, our community has had a strong voice. This voice is needed now more than ever.

We must not sit by and let Tehran turn into Baghdad. We must not let Iran's children perish under falling bombs – and America falter under the weight of yet another conflict.

As Iranian Americans, we must take a stance against war. And we must invest in our community and future. By investing in NIAC, you help protect the next generation and beyond.


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Mola Nasreddin/iraj khan, please thank Obama for the sanctions

by AMIR1973 on

Against the Islamist terrorist tyranny. Isn't it wonderful that Obama agrees 110% with sanctions against the Rapists, Killers, and Torturers of the Iranian people? Salavet befres!  .-)

iraj khan

"content under pressure

by iraj khan on

handle with care,

the patients, Ya Israel and the 'Bomb Iran' crowd below,  

are getting to a very critical stage now, 

name calling and aggressive behavior has been observed when such words as 'Iranian Americans', 'NIAC' or 'PEACE' is spoken,  

it could be the result of President Obama's refusal to bomb Iran. 

Remember to keep away sharp objects from this crowd."


Happy Birthday NIAC, we do appriciate your dedication to represent the Iranian American community. 


Dear AO and Simorgh,

by AMIR1973 on

Your comments on this blog echo my sentiments exactly (Hmmm, maybe we ARE the same person after alll....)

One of NIACi iraj khan/Mola Nasrallah's Jooo-hating, Cyber Jihadist rants is enough to erase all the "respectability" of Rahbar Trita's Brooks Brothers neckties. Regards.


Public misinformation video

by Simorgh5555 on

10 years of loyal service for the Islamic Republic. Thankfully, they have had little influence on stopping sanctions and passing laws targeting the Terrorists occupying Iran. They have been routinely ignored by every major US politician despite their pathetic attempt at trying to play hardball and ingratiate themselves with the Washington politicos. You can see a picture of these sad individuals on their website standing outside Capotol Hill, all suited and booted. You almost feel sorry for them trying so hard. Even more embarassingly they have launched a counterproductive law suit which exposed its self-elected non-American citizen leader Trita Parsi acting as a go-betweener between the Terrorist IR Ambassador Mohammad Javad Zarif and politicians who can be fooled into believing the IR Terror Regime can be trusted. Not only that, but their legal team was so lazy that their so-called expert witnesses were thrown out of court. Their supposed concern for human rights is nothing but a sham as obvious to their fleeting references to 'human rights' without discussing specific.instances.
Finally NIAC are liars. They claim to be an educational organisation to take advantage of tax exemptions, when in reality they are actively involved in lobbying. A fact revealed by the Parsi/Zarif emails.
This group of hypocrites do not represent Iranians or Iranian Americans. They are an outfit for the Islamic Republic. Please do not throw good money away. If you dou t a single word I've written, then it may surprise you that one of NIAC's members include Soraya Sepah Ulrich. Google her.

Anonymous Observer

Amir jaan

by Anonymous Observer on

It's actually good to see who supports NIAC, and if we go with the small sampling on this site, you will notice that they are all Israel obsessed, Palestine firsters like Mola Shotor.  Having supporters like this is the worst thing that could possibly happen to NIAC.  If I were NIAC, I would write these guys and ask them to keep their support to themselves.  


More Accomplishments than Forrest Gump!

by Faramarz on


So many things were done by NIAC in only 10 years.

- Trita met Elvis.

- He landed on the moon.

- He invented the internet.

- He met President Kennedy.

- He was at the Woodstock.

- He was the 5th Beatle.

- He ate 60 hot dogs in 10 minutes at Coney Island.

- He holds many Guinness world records.

- He brought down the Berlin Wall.

- He built the Great Wall of China.


The Iranian-American community is so proud of him.




Illiterate IRI Groupies w/ many user IDs think sanctions=bombs

by AMIR1973 on

The UN Security Council and all of the major democracies (US, Canada, EU, Japan, etc) support sanctions against the Islamist terrorist tyranny. Now, who are you going to believe: the multiple user ID, "Marg bar Amrika", Joo-hating Cyber Jihadists (aka this NIACi Groupie iraj khan/formerly known as Mola Nasreddin) or the world's democratic nations? Yes to Sanctions, No to War, No to the Rapists, Killers, and Torturers of the Iranian people. Cheers, Mola Nasrallah!  .-)

iraj khan

They are entitled to all the credit that they are due

by iraj khan on

Unlike the 'Bomb Iran' crowd who pop up as soon as they see the word NIAC.

NIAC is here to stay and grow because the majority of Iranian Americans (please notice not the Israeli Lobby or Mojahedin lobby members on IC) agree on at least two points:

No Sanctions, No War on Iran. 

I'm just saying,


Anonymous Observer

What about the brutal IR oppression in Iran?

by Anonymous Observer on

Nothing about that in the video?  I guess that's a good thing.  Now, NIAC supporters can't say that NIAC has been advocating for human rights in Iran.  Their own video makes no mention of it!

Moreover, this video is shamelessly deceptive and misleading.  Is NIAC taking credit for all the things in the video?  They blocked the sale of Persain artifacts and stopped the U.S. Vongress from giving the green light to Israel to attack Iran?!!!  That's just hilarious!