Mr & Mrs Ahmadinejad :0)

Mr & Mrs Ahmadinejad :0)
by Babak Khorramdin

Saturday Night Live. For the first time Mrs Ahmadinejad makes a rare public appearance >>> WATCH HERE



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Consider what the Poles did with satire in a similar situtation.

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Notice the number of people who were drawn to the lead post compared to other posts here.  Everyone is drawn to great satire, especially as word gets around.    I posted a link to the video at Iran Anonymous jusit t a day ago and it has had over 200 "views" already.   

People are far more likely to look at a parody like this than to look read an ordinary news item--no matter how important--or to read any analysis, no matter how good.  

See my upcoming blog post comparing how effectively the Poles used biting satire to combat a similar crackdown against Solidarity in 1980.  I am posting it separately rather than here because many folks who have already read the lead posts might miss it.   The new blog deals with something no one has written about so far as I know on any of the Iranian sites but you'll see why its worth considering.  I also have some special insights here because of two past experiences.   

I was in Poland a few months before that crackdown and observed soe things personally I think folks here will find interesting.  Ialso can see that Iranians do seem to have a similar talent for satire that suggests lots of potential for what they might do.

Secondly, having recently sold our house and starting traveling across America full time in an RV, I met "Ted" a former top Solidarity leader at the Escapees HQ park in Livingston who told me some interesting things about the Polish "resistance through satire."  Escapees is an organization for fulltime RVers whose motto is, "Home is where you park it."  It's HQ is in Livingston, Texas, where I'll be later this year.  I'm hoping Ted will be there so I can bring up Iran's situation with him and it's relevance to his own experiences.  










The parody has to be funny w/Americans we 2nd We just laugh more

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Everything is sacred.


This kind of parody has great propaganda potential

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You catch the essence of a character or an
injustice in a biting yet undeniable way. Because it is humorous, it drawa a bigger audience. 

Nothing did more damage to the McCain/ Palin campaign in America than Iranians who live in America than comedian Tiny Fey's funny
but dead accurate portrayal of Palin's total unsuitabilty for an office which would have placed her a heartbeat away from the presidency.  Palin had to spend
much of her campaign defending herself against charges of

SNL should find a comedian to portray Khamenei.  I can think of a few skits that would be quite funny in the hands of a talented comedian.

--A skit in which an overeager Ahmadinejad tries to kiss the Khamenei's
hands and feet while the Supreme Leader seeks to fight him off.
Ahmadinejad pulls Khamenei's robe off as the latter tries to get away
to the point where the latter winds up his undergarments.   Why not women's undergarments of the sort found in Victoria's secret (Khamenei in bikini undies or better yet thong underwear and bra)?

Iranians may be unfamiliar with a sixties rock star named Joe Cocker
but look up Cocker performing "Just a Little Help from My Friends" on
You Tube and then look up John Belushi's imitation of Cocker and you'll
see the potential for a good comedian  in the above skit.

Imagine a parody of the show trials in which the defendants appear with
black eyes, missing teeth, bandaged heads and arms, etc., confessing to ludicrous charges.


I loved it! Bravo Nasim. 10 out of 10, very funny and true!

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Everything is sacred.

Iraneh Azad

This was very funny

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Mr & Mrs Ahmadinejad

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Her name is Nasim Pedrad and see moe about her in:



Too funny!

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This is very funny!  Anybody knows who the woman is?