Talking Turkey: Iran Meeting Distilled

by bahmani

Istanbul Talks Distilled: 10 hours of talks, resulting in 5 translated hours due to the Iranians pretending they don't speak English, resulting in less than 90 actual minutes between the UK and Iranian chief negotiators, who agreed to agree, and have another meeting in May, in Baghdad, Iran's home turf this time. America sat on it's hands and nodded. In agreement.

This was then fed to the journalists as "optimistic", and both sides calling it "constructive". It is far more than that. Because it has now also bought Iran a full month out of the remaining 6 needed to go from the 20% enrichment it has now, to the 90%+ it needs.

1 down, 5 more to go. If Iran isn't lying about the 20%. I'm betting Iran already has the 90% it needs. Because no one, but no one knows for sure exactly what Iran has.

What is known is that the hardest part of enrichment is getting to 20%. And Iran admits to having that. This is likely a subtle hint to Israel that Iran has more than that. Hence no attack by Israel. Probably never now.

Ironically 20, is also the highest grade you can get in Iranian school, so give Iran a 20 for a successful trip!

Unfortunately the rest of the world gets an F and is now forced to repeat the course and summer school in Baghdad.


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Dr. Mohandes

Agha Bruce

by Dr. Mohandes on

Baba Moment! Moment!

You are going way too fast there brother.

Despite all that went down in there, In tarakey!, i still think it is only a matter of having the will to strike iran, so it really is not all about whether they are afraid being retaliated against or not, we have to see what nasty concoction they are planning in the backrooms and what wheeling and dealing is going on. That is what it comes down to, according to my semi-conspiratorally-oriented mind.

The role that people could or would or should play, although is something that is real, but it is overblown buddy. Yes, they have to be in the freaking sahneh and do whatever, but come on dude, how long have we been saying this and yet nothing has happened? And besides, that unbreakable and unshakable resolve can not be seen on people's side. they just ain't got the energy and the nerve to get up and do anything about this. Totally impractical to even wish something like that happened. Of course we could go another 300000 years saying it...that baaaleh...mardom bayad bejonbannand but to no avail.

One thing i agree with you and something that pisses the heck out of me is the conciliatory tone of those abar ghod ghods:) what a dissapointment.

Listen man. all that talk about "self" doing this and that and how it is good for our self-esteem and confidence are nice and dandy, but it looks like we are going to be in this for decades to come UNLESS, they freaking lose it and fall under their own weight with people not necessarily having a part to play in this whole thing. might as well face it , these are eyeranians of the modern times you are talking about. If the HAVA is pass, get the heck out of the dodge and save the bottom of the mobarak! do joo see what i am saying senior?




Too generous!

by omeedvar on

Mr. Bahmani, iranians used to say that mullahs are devil's teacher! Still, giving a grade of 20 to IRI is too generous in this case! I would like to know if you are a close relative of Mahoud Bahmani, present director of Central Bank of Iran?


Gift of Israel

by bahmani on

Mr. Dr. (Agha Doktor), the reason why Israel can no longer attack Iran (If Iran has more then 20%) is that Iran might be at 90.

If Israel is wrong and attacks Iran, Iran could retaliate with a 10 kiloton Kooft on their heads.

SO since Iran has 20, this means they could really have 90, and since that is unknown, Israel cannot risk being wrong and suffer retaliation by attacking Iran.

We need to understand and accept that Iran is smarter than the US and Israel. Combined.

Only other Iranians (us) can stop Iran now. And if we don't, the world (and we) will continue to suffer.

The diaspora look and wait and look and wish for some 1st world country to come along and risk everything THEY have to solve our problems, so we can stroll on home and pick up where we left off in 1978.

As you can hopefully now see, with the daftness of the US and Israel and the capitulatory apologetic tone of the UN, UK, and Germany and so on, unfortunately the 1st World is ill-equipped to handle the masterful bluffing and poker skills of Islamic Iran.

The mistake is they don't know, we know. SO it is time for us to act and pull out the rug from under them.

Plus it will be really good for our confidence and self-esteem if we actually save ourselves. For once.

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Dr. Mohandes

Booroos Jan

by Dr. Mohandes on

I think i have earned the right and obtain the official patent to call you that. I clearly remeber our discussion months ago over this very issue.

One thing that does not make sense, is that if Oozraeel knows already that the pashmoo peeli boys have kilos upon kilos of these zahremariz then what is holding them back and keeping them from bringing the geeeft ov feereedomdom to us the hardworking, patience, liberty-appreciating, home-grown government fearing (and hating)-that is good for now-peopelz of Iranzamin?

Either i am not reading you right or you missed something.



by bahmani on

I don't know what it is with me and the damn it's!!! But clearly you get what I'm saying.


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Dude, Please ...

by Doorbin on


You're one of my favorite bloggers but please, please, please get the "it's" vs "its" thing right in your writng. PLEASE, dude. 

Also, how does one get in touch with you directly? Can you put up a link of some sort on your blog? I have a piece of business I'd like to discuss with you.

Thanks ... and keep up the good work.