Want a Monarchy? You Already Have One!


Want a Monarchy? You Already Have One!
by bahmani

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Frequently, the folks that think that what Iran needs, is to go back to a Monarchy, seem to forget that technically, actually, we already have a pretty good absolute monarchy going right now, in Iran today. And most certainly it is a Constitutional one.

Iran's long 2500 year old tradition is one of perpetual monarchy. Try as we might, or twice, or thrice if you count the barely feeble attempt in 2009, over just the past 100 years, we can't seem to get past the dominant system of one man, one say, one rule. To the less optimistic, this might suggest we have a predestined destiny that can't or shouldn't be messed with. Karma, fate, luck, and all that.

I mean C'mon! Have we really tried as hard as we can to get rid of our Kings? Even our best shot at it, Mossadegh was a Ghajar Prince for god's sake!

The current government thinks it has broken with that tradition, but it hasn't, in reality.

King Khamenei I, is merely the latest version of an absolute monarch, replete with flowing robes and for all practical purposes, he even wears a crown. Certainly he is a religion-based king, in that he claims his power from his belief, and his insistence that you too must believe as he does or face the crimes of derision, being an "anti-revolutionary", and my personal favorite, "corrupt upon this earth".

As a momentary aside, on the subject of being "corrupt upon this earth", aren't we all just a tiny bit corrupt? I mean according to almost every book of faith, we are all here because of Adam and Eve- well actually Eve mostly. And her famous corruption by the serpent and an apple is why we are all here after all, apparently. How we get off this rock next, seems to be the real question and topic of the ongoing millennial debate. Certainly God has not weighed in on the matter.

Back to King Khamenei I. You have to give it to our King, that he has certainly learned from Pahlavi's mistakes. Ever since Khomeini was conveniently quietened, censored, or outright snuffed out, Khamenei I has amassed even more absolute power over all he surveys, from the number of dead political enemies, far more than Pahlavi ever had.

King Khamenei I is also far smarter than Pahlavi, because he claims the Qoran and not his birthright, as his justification, guide, and the ultimate tie-breaker, God, as his counsel and raison d'être. But reading the Qoran mostly in search of the loopholes, once can easily find that King Khamenei I  doesn't actually have the right to claim his power. So consumed with self preservation, self aggrandizement, is King Khamenei I with the high of power and the overpowering effect and perfume of temptation, that he has in fact deflowered the Qoran, by just a few of the mainstay sins that disqualifies anyone lesser than a King, found anywhere near the scene of the crimes.

As follows:

2. Murder
13. Wrongfully consuming the property of an orphan
15. Running away from the battlefield
16. A leader's deceiving his people and being unjust to them
17. Pride and arrogance
18. Bearing false witness
21. Slandering chaste women
22. Stealing from the spoils of war
23. Stealing
24. Highway Robbery
25. Taking false oath
26. Oppression
27. Illegal gain
28. Consuming wealth acquired unlawfully
30. Frequent lying
31. Judging unjustly
32. Giving and Accepting bribes
34. Being cuckold
36. Not protecting oneself from urine
37. Showing-off
38. Learning knowledge of the religion for the sake of this world and concealing that knowledge
39. Betrayal of trust
40. Recounting favors
42. Listening (to) people's private conversations
43. Carrying tales
44. Cursing
45. Breaking contracts
48. Making statues and pictures
50. Treating others unjustly
52. Offending one's neighbor
53. Offending and abusing Muslims
54. Offending people and having an arrogant attitude toward them
55. Trailing one's garment in pride
56. Men wearing silk and gold
62. Giving short weight or measure
67. Usurping the rights of the heir through bequests
68. Deceiving and plotting evil

If you are that consumed with sin, why on earth would anyone expect the slightest suggestion of justice from King Khamenei I?


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Khamenei does in fact wear a crown.

by bahmani on

Of sorts, you don't ever see him bare headed, so his Amaameh is in fact a "crown" that he wears in his role as supreme leader of Iran. It might not be bejeweled crown, but it is most certainly soaked in the finest blood Iran has to offer.

The fact that he has proclaimed himself as the Supreme Leader of Iran, with all the absolute power that the position holds according to the Constitution, makes him a de facto King of Iran.

Of course no one wants this kind of rule, but what I found funny after all the claims of the revolution, is that in the end, after more than 30 years of claiming and insisting otherwise, Iran is most definitely still a kingdom.

All of the revolution's promises and posturing has worn itself out and down to the fact that even the revolutionaries must now concede that it was easier to rule Iran through a re-defined absolute monarchy, rather than the far harder work a democracy demands.

Just a funny observation.


Not very convincing B, Hezbollahi's have no crown, no freedom

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

But there are thousands of differences, so just agree that with the obvious that

Demagogha va propagandista khodeshoonro be gand zadan. (not just IRI, but your post also)

Soosan Khanoom

great blog

by Soosan Khanoom on

I guess there is something wrong with us as the people who are constantly seeking for a figure to worship.  We create these idols with our own hands and then we worship them instead of God . .... It is no more about the idea of " there is no God but God " but it is all about the idea of " everyone is God but God "

once we let go of our own power and of our own mind and let ourselves to be run by some one else ( Shah or Velayateh vaghee )..... then we deserve to live in such a mess ....

we are the problem not these figures ...  we have to start from ourselves and we have to tear down these idols and get rid of the mentality of idol creating and worshipping... something that has been with Iranians for centuries one way or another ..... 

we keep the same khar and just changing its paaloon ...... 







by omeedvar on

it must be like this:

Zeera ke yeki darim! Zeera ke yeki darim


شوخی‌ میکنی‌ بهمنی


این رژیم یک چیز من درآوردی است که با هیچ رژیمی قابل مقایسه نیست. انتخابات و تشکیلات آن نوعی خیمه شب بازی است برای ادامه قدرت در دست یکنفر، و ادامه کارهای خلاف بدست حامیانش. تنها حرف راستی‌ که زدند، ایجاد یک طبقه مستضعف و حکومت بر آن بود، از یک ملت در حال پیشرفت و نسبتا ثروتمند. 


Shazde Asdola Mirza

"ما شاه نمی‌‌خواهیم ..."

Shazde Asdola Mirza

در تظاهرات رشت مردم میگفتند - تا سر و کله مامورین پیدا شد - پس ادامه دادند:

"ما شاه نمی‌‌خواهیم ... چونکه یکی‌ داریم ... چونکه یکی‌ داریم!"

Maryam Hojjat

Constitution Monarchy like

by Maryam Hojjat on

In England, Beljum, Spain not like IRI's or Shah's.   

Darius Kadivar

Answered that Question Before ...

by Darius Kadivar on