Best Of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

by bahram9821

President Ahmadinejad's most memorble clips. Look at him working the crowd like a Rock Star.


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Kaveh Nouraee

Oh Please

by Kaveh Nouraee on

After hearing this clown speak, it should be obvious to anyone that his academic credentials are questionable, and that's being polite.



by IRANdokht on

Ahmadinejad was accepted at the University before the Enghelab Farhangi and the paaksaazi. He was not one of the basiji/pasdar/shohadaa to be accepted without concour.The ones who were accepted based on their ideology are at least 5 years younger than him.

I am not a fan of this guy, but whether you and I like him or not, he is an engineer.



Irandokht..wrong again..

by Parthian on

Yes, Elm o Sanat is a great university with majority of its students deserving to be there. This is not a case for the Islamist or Basiji students who are automatically allocated spots in all major universities in Iran, given grades, some professors forced to pass these students, and ultimately given the degree rather than earning it.

I know for fact that his PhD is Engineering was given to him, and he does not know jack sh*t about the first thing in any field of engineering. No PhD in Engineering would ever say that a 16 year old high school students "discovered" atomic energy in the basement of her house, and is now producing it. If you don't know how that absurd that statement is, you would believe that Antari has a PhD in engineering.


simpleton? maybe but maktabi?

by IRANdokht on

Say what you will about the guy's class or lack there of, but I know that he did get his PHD in engineering from Elm o Sanat university in Tehran and he was one of the "committee islamic" members (or even the head of it) during the paaksaazi and enghelab farhangi in 1980-83.

I know for some people here it's cool to put down Iran because they hate IRI so much, but Daneshgah Elm o San'at was and is one of our best technical universities. All through the years, these universities had accepted students based on the national test results and a good percentage of the kids accepted at these universities were from the lower classes of the society. So in Iran it wasn't only the "elite" who got their high education from the best schools, even people like Ahmadinejad did too.



He is a traditional maktabi simpleton

by My two cents (not verified) on

By looking at his background, one can see that he is a product of his own class and generation in the Iranian society.

I doubt it very much if he has any REAL degrees from any university worth mentionning, probably his degrees/title are honarary given to him by his pasdar friends and Seyyid Ali to boost his ego and make him look important! Besides he himself does not believe in college/university degrees.

He does not know jackshit about world affairs and one of his major shortcomings is that he DOES NOT KNOW that he does not know!!

But he is a good servant to Seyyid Ali and his Pasdar friends who back him up; and a very good relative for all his family members since he appointed most of his close and distant relatives to various positions, and he is still popular among less educated, poor country people since he has distributed a lot of cash among them.

I don't think he has been corrupted financially by the system yet.


The best thing about him is the stench of his smelly feet

by Smelly (not verified) on

when he removes those shoes and shows off those gray socks, the whole room is filled with the scent of Chanel no. 5.



by IRANdokht on

zaboon khareji ham keh baladeh mashalla LOL

I was hopelessly waiting for a shoe to fly :0) 



I witnessed the same

by Iva (not verified) on

Shah was visiting Tabriz and ordinary people started to line up the main throughway starting at 8 am where Shah's plane was not expected to land until 10 or so. I saw orindary folks jocky for better position and at the same time I saw tens of buses loaded with school children going to airport or perhaps up street from where I was. People do not change, they wanted to see a celeberty.


Khoda hefzesh koneh

by Jamshidi (not verified) on

He is a true human being.


Try as hard as you want

by Mehdi on

He simply is not a bad guy. He truly is quite decent and intelligent. But he does have a very heavy Islamic view of the world. Nobody's perfect. After all said and done, I think if we were honest, we'd agree that Bush turned out to be far worse than him. In fact Ahmadinejad came out a winner - not so much politically, but humanly. If you put exaggeration aside, it is impossible to say anything seriously negative about him.



by bahram9821 on

 I lived in Shiraz for few years, every year Shah used to visit Shiraz , on the day of his arrival they would take everybody in our school to stand in the street and clap for him. For a 13-14 year old student standing in the street and clapping for Shah was so much better than studying math in school. I believe the crowd you see in these events are mainly students having a day off from school.


that is alot of people

by Ali Sefati (not verified) on

if people dislike him so much why do they go to his speeches?