what did i say wrong??

bajenaghe naghi
by bajenaghe naghi

i hate gossip but this one i need to share.  maryam and zari khanoom have known each other since they were in the first grade at school.  zari khanoom is now married and has three children.  so the the other day maryam comes to the store with her face all white and her eyes all red.  i asked her a lot to tell me what has happened and finally she tells me that zari khanoom and her had gone to have some coffee in a coffee shop and zari khanoom has told maryam that she is leaving her husband because she is madly in love with someone else and can not take it any more.  at first she did not want to say the name of that person but when maryam insists she tell maryam that since she was 16 years old she has been in love with my maryam.  she then asks maryam to leave me and go away with her to a new apartment and live together.  hearing this maryam starts to cry and tells her that she loves her like a sister but she does not have any sexual love for her. maryam was shaking when she told me the story.  i did not know what to say. but finally i told her that she passed the danger very closely and she was very lucky to have had a satisfying lover like me to show her the real pleasures of love making .  may be if she had not experienced me and my ways of loving her she may have followed zari khanoom blindly and become a lesbian.  i think she did not like what i said because she looked at me with very angry eyes and just walked out of the store.  i haven't seen her for three days now and she doesn't answer her phone.  what terrible thing did i say to deserve this punishment?   you just can't talk to women about any thing any more. 


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bajenaghe naghi

irandokht jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

listen to souri jan. you can not make a hetrosexual woman lesbian. it is impossible to do that. souri jan said so.


bajenaghe naghi

souri jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

i love my maryam and that is why i said what i said so she doesn't feel so bad and understand that i love her and i love to make love to her as a hetrosexual being. what i said came from my bleeding heart, the heart that is all the way hetrosexual and loves her. i miss my maryam so much in a very hetrosexual way and she knows it. now you have made me cry. 



by samsam1111 on

hehe,BN ,  Your answer to Maryam was too mechanical . Guess, she came to you hoping to share her dilema & what she got in return was a speech on self-promotion . Some times women just need a good listener..short  empty answers such as "ahh, right, absolutly, poor You, wow, I understand, oh my..etc" are the best clean get away . Go to Obama rallies to learn from the master (lol...just joking,,ayy don,t jump on me) .  btw* I may have done the same mistake as You..Cheers!!


Dastam be damanet...

by Need a big O (not verified) on

Can you write a column some time and explain to my husband what to do down there?
He acts as if he's making "goosht-koobideh"!!

ebi amirhosseini

Bajenaghe AZIZ !!!

by ebi amirhosseini on

Maybe she gave you a hint?threesome?!what do you think?!

I laughed my heart out.


Red Wine


by Red Wine on

Ufff ... Bepa amigo !!!  ladies are dangerous , special iranian ladies . :=) .


Bajenagh Jaan...

by Khar on

Good thing you've refrained from asking her to go threesome, now that would have been the end! :-) :-) 



by Souri on

I thought you had much experience with women. alas this blog shows that you don't know them well :O)

Dear, woman or man, always put yourself in their shoes before stating such terrible thing. Your parole was to Maryam, like you are (still) not sure of her tendencies and you think it might (just might) happen  that she sleep (or slept before) with a woman !

There's always two faces in a coin, don't forget. This statement would also presume that  not only you don't have any problem with this, but also it might(just might) happen that you do/did it too !!

I would never like to hear such thing from my man. There are lots of question marks in that.

You should know that, for a heterosexual woman, it is just impossible to have sex with another woman ! I don't know about men really, but as a heterosexual woman, I am sure about this.

Some people are bisexual or homosexual. This is completely different. But if you are in a love relationship with a partner of the opposite sex, this is not the thing you should say, unless you want deliberately make her know that, you have no problem with this subject !



by IRANdokht on

You kill me BN jan!

Lets assume that this is not fiction and Maryam really came to you with a pale face and traumatized by the news and her friend's suggestion:

Your reaction and what you told her was so egoistic and out of touch that if there was a way to "turn" some lady lesbian, you've found it!