What should the guild lines be for professional contributors?

by Bavafa

Many of us regular visitors and readers of IC believe there are a few professional contributor on IC. These are people that not necessarily write and express their own view but on behalf and guidance of another entity (i.e IRI, AIPAC/Israel, etc) who have dedicated their time to fill/spam the news section with only one view, write their maximum allowance of two-blog-a-day or just ready at a moment notice to "comment" and counter comment (attack) others view.

This is of course only an speculation on my part as many others since no one has [yet] provided any proof but as the Persian saying goes 'تا نباشد چیزکی، مردم نگویند چیزها'

However, should this be true and proven, I wonder if there ought to be some guild lines imposed on them, some thing like:

- Forced to include a disclaimer as who they work for?

- Should there be a fee associated it with the membership (per contribution, monthly, a percentage of their income,...)

- Should JJ choose to ban such activity

- Your suggestions here…



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by Truthseeker9 on




Majority wins and since I do not wish any quarrel in RG family

by Bavafa on

hence I will ban myself from IC

Until tomorrow morning

But I will trust those individuals will also be here to provide you adequate opportunity to take your frustration out of so your wife won't have to bare it [alone]



I agree with divaneh.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

 Although, I think banning you bavafa, as well as Iran air would amount to airtight sanctions, hence not acceptable.

But seriously per Divaneh, without those defending indefencible, I might end taking my daily frustration out on the wife and end up with a very expensive divorce settlement. 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."



by yolanda on

It is sad to see the news section being saturated with propaganda.......

but they will never admit they are professional contributors, cyber basijis, or keyboard jihadists....

they call themselves patriotic Iranians! Oh, yeah, they want their freedom of speech & expression......I usually skip their news items! Why do I need to read their stuff if I can go straight to Press TV? IC should be totally different from Press TV!


Don't upset the clowns

by divaneh on

The people that you have in mind are the clowns who try to defend the indefensible and make a mockery of their own intelligence while doing so. In my view we need these clowns for a good laugh.

With spamming of the news section perhaps they should be banned from posting consequent news. For example after each post they wait for another 3 contributors to post news before they can post the next one.

I still think we should follow the US example of banning Iran Air and ban you in the IC :)