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Bijan A M
by Bijan A M

Is a secular democracy. Who do I need to go to, to get it? I don’t care about sanctions or war, I hate the sight of blood, all I want is a secular democracy. How can I get it? If I have to give my life so that my kids will have it, here it is, take it, its all yours.

Why all this bickering one way or the other to sabotage (directly or indirectly) everything that will have the slightest chance of getting me there?

I don’t care about NIAC or Reza Pahlavi, all I care for is a secular democratic Iran. Why should I be a Zionist if I suggest anything for overthrow of those who stop me to get to my dreams? Why don’t you, the non-Zionist, non Neo-con, Non AIPAC supporter come up with a strategy to get me to my dreams? Is your solution to wait until emam zaman shows up? I am not that patient. Give me something different. You want for the young and brave Iranians to do the job? I agree with you with all my being. But, why not give’m a hand? Why protect IRR in the name of nationalism? F**K nuclear energy. You know, as well as the whole world that, that’s a bunch of BS. IRR can spend half as much without any resistance to establish the greatest grid for distribution and consumption of the abundant clean gas that god laid under her noise for several upon several generations to come. Why in god's name, Iranian nation with all its resources have to import fuel? This is absolutely ridiculous.

Just talk the slightest sense into our farmers and field workers in every corner of our great nation and they will have enough common sense to understand. Just keep religion out of it.

Your hate for America and Americans has nothing to do with it. Go ahead and chop off the hand that feeds you, but, be reasonable and have some common sense. How are you going to get rid of the ones who are raping you?   


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Bijan khaan, you are letting


Bijan khaan, you are letting your emotions get the better of you. The type of mindset if nourished and acted upon will lead to the kind of heroic adventurism that will get alot of people killed. Some moderation and restraint will go a long way.

Bijan A M

Thanks everyone

by Bijan A M on

for visiting and listening to my cry.

Ali Jaan, ghorboonet ke hamisheh you are the voice of reason.

AI, you have always been one of the ones I could relate to. Thanks for being here.

DK, I want to see the bright side, but how long do I have to wait? Sorry that I cannot support RP, not that he is not a good person. Just because he has too much baggage and it would be hard for him to lead majority of (somewhat uneducated) population to a secular democracy.

Moosir khaan, would you please stop the same lefti stuff over and over again? Who said anything about foreign intervention? How long do you think people should suffer to get freedom? if 30 years is not enough, then how long?. what do you propose? Live with status que, let IRR get the nuke bomb, and live (at best) 4 to 5 more generations with the likes of Mousavi and his wife, then maybe, just maybe those who are fighting for secularism in Iran, have one living soul to cry for it?. Because you know and I know, these bastards, reformists or otherwise will not let one of those real freedom fighters live long enough to relate their life stories to their children.

So, please stop this nonsense, and give a hand to them. Let's write an open letter to those seculars in Iran and ask them how we, in diaspora can offer a helping hand? Would you be silenced if they with their own voice said HELLLP??....If they asked for gun, are you willing to smugle it to them?

Why don't you and the likes of you who are real decent and humane people get real and face the evit in front of you? You think time will take care of everything? With all due respect, I beg to differ.



This is the problem us Iranians


We WANT a free Iran. Right now. Very quickly. We dont know how to get there. But we want to get there, with a blink of an eye. We dont think about the consequences of our ideas. But we want it now damnit!


Those who say this is a marathon are right because it is exactly what it is.  A secular democracy in Iran needs to be built from ground up. It needs to grow organically for it to be lasting. No foreign government can bring it to us.As history is our witness they only care about their own interests. 



Darius Kadivar

Always look on the Bright Side of Life ;0))

by Darius Kadivar on

Monty Python - Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

Artificial Intelligence

Dear Bijan

by Artificial Intelligence on

Great points. I feel the same way as you. I feel the pain in your writing and your heart is in the right place.

Ali P.

Crystal clear

by Ali P. on

I hear you my Friend, I hear you... :-(