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Nadji Hedjazi (computer Programmer), Ajang Farid (Forensic Dentist), and Hans Peterson (marketing manager) got together 2 years ago in the beautiful city of Budapest to commence a film project with a budget of 99 Euros.

The movie that came into being is all about racial prejudice between the Hungarians and the Roma minorities (often referred to as gypsies).

Surprisingly these filmmakers have managed to turn this grim topic of racial prejudice into a comedy filmed with romance and action.

In this movie, a Roma lawyer falls in love with the sister of the Hungarian defense minister. Little did he know that the quest of his love is racist. With an interesting turn of events, a terrorist cell kidnaps both of them for a ransom.

An operation to save the 2 is initiated by the Anti Terror Unit, known as ATU, who slip from one adventure into another. By now one might want to know the name of this movie which interestingly is a brand of coffee mixed with milk…any guesses??? Yes, it’s Mocha Frapuchino – because coffee and milk have no prejudice.

One may also wonder how a movie could be produced with only 99 Euros. The filmmakers have made it their goal to show the movie on May, 15th 2010 in the biggest movie theatre in Budapest and to donate all the ticket sales to the International Women’s Associations Charity Fund, which sponsors one warm meal for a under-priviledged child a day. For this reason, many companies such as, Move One, Marriott Hotel, Corinthia Hotel, No War, Imperial Plaza, Indigo Restaurant, Cave Ball and Coexis, have offered their support in various ways.

All the actors are amateurs and are friends of the filmmakers who are supporting this charitable cause with their acting skills.

After two years of hard work, Mocha Fapuchino is in its final stages of production and a large crowd of audiences including journalists, politicians, actors as well as friends and guests from across the globe are expected to attend a glamorous premier event.

Facebook users can join the group “Mocha Frapuchino – Movie fan club” and enjoy the still shots from the making of the movie, short clips and bios of the different characters. Non-facebook users can also see the same on

Mocha Frapuchino Trailer from Mocha Frapuchino on Vimeo.


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