CHOICE - Are you truly dumb enough to "think" that you make choices?

by ComraidsConcubine

 Thank "heavens" that  Professor Renata Salecl addresses this most dumb idea of choice, although I would have pushed it properly to really"offend".


I mean, are people really that dumb to think that they have - fundamentally - chosen to be born in a particular place, grown up in a particular milieu, and at some stage "choose" to take a bus to go to work and "choosing" to be bombed in one? 





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comments deserve a more thorough response than this, but

by ComraidsConcubine on

 for the time being:


ashna, thanks, now I get it. I'm inclined to say no to your initial question and yes to the subsequent one, but can't for certain, because I'd have to check a few things first and think about them, because of "consequence"...(and a few other things). Interesting approach of yours. 


Amirparviz, how would you define the word 'choice' in the first place, (I mean fundamentally)? And do you believe in 'free will'?




Choices we have for sure,

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Where the issue lies is that they are choices that have a basis.

IE they are based on a lack of key information, with much deceit and manipulation and even coercion.

The question is are such choices better than having no choice at all, idealistically no, in some cases also no, but practicaly in many cases yes.



by آشنا on


 Sartre and Salecl believe that there are limitless choices out there.

 Both believe that infinite choices cause anxiety.

 Sartre says we are doomed and have the responsibility to choose. Salecl’s focus is on fake choices created and dictated by capitalist society…etc.

I am asking the same question: Are they contradicting each other?







 I don't get the connection, unless you mean it's the other way round?


Mauvaise foi

by آشنا on


 Interesting, I am wondering if this argument is
something along the line of Sartre's concept of “mauvaise foi” or a
paradox to it.




by ComraidsConcubine on



SK, thank you for your post. ;)

by ComraidsConcubine on


I'm not sure if we gave up or if we are waking up, but in all this the notion and concepts of "responsibility" have been completely misused and abused to suit giant industries.

You are completely right though that we need more opinionated people. The fact that they are called opinionated for simply voicing opinions outside the FB "like" box is already a threat.

 A very big threat. Which doesn't see the more "dainty" or rather what used to be called just human, in "maybe, some mornings in August" or "it sort of fitted in with my afternoon stroll on 1994" like-button....


IG ;)

by ComraidsConcubine on

 I suspect that you are hearing Lacan, as I did (and with reservation...). Zizek, the Reactionary, is a self-professed "card-carrying Lacanist".


Thank you very much for the link to a very interesting video that I shall have to ponder over.

I don't know, except that I am so truly sick and tired of " it is your choice", especially in its cheapest most patronizing contexts imposed on all of us and continuously perpetuated by those of the "machines" who do and will profit financially because of the idiocy. Look at the revolting language of some of my petpeeves: empower, impact, control, comfort zone, bucket list , target etc..




Soosan Khanoom

I agree

by Soosan Khanoom on

"we often choose what other people are choosing "

I should also say that this has been the main reason of things going wrong as a whole .... 

How is it that we have stopped using the power given to us in terms of thinking for ourselves ?  What has happened to us?  We should at least  try to voice our opinions after analyzing our thoughts about the situation ...We  are our own person with our own mind ..... only then we can bring something possitive to any discussion and or bring about the right social changes .....    We need more opinionated  people who are willing to discuss things and at the same time respect each other ..... rather than bunch of Zombies who are just choosing what the majority choose  without even knowing exactly what it is that the majority has chosen .......

CC .... the presentation has many great points in it ..... I may get to some other points later ... thanks for sharing it with us ..... 

Immortal Guard

Her talking style and accent remind me of

by Immortal Guard on

Slovak Zizek!


Is it a kind of competition?

But anyway unless there is a viable well thought-out alternative rapid and drastic social change like a revolution causes a lot of harm. But incremental gradual social change should be implemented particularly if there are cracks visible in the current social structure.


Petal-nookie Hot-pants, may I cordially invite...

by ComraidsConcubine on

 you to make a substantively substantial comment on the "implications" of such an ideology on the subject of the intolerance of "therapies" of the "mal-adjusted" ? 

  (At time too much and at other time too little Lacan for my taste....)



by ComraidsConcubine on


I've noticed her absence too, sadly, of course, but with one eye giggling, realizing that she isn't wasting her  time "here" being shelved and permanently pickled into irrelevant pandemonium stupor!



Can I cordially invite...

by پندارنیک on

...Our sweetheart friend, Rea, to make a comment based on her personal experience here.

Should she choose to accept my invitation, I will in return fix all the shelves in her kitchen.( it took me some time to come up with the kitchen shelves, only to avoid any unwanted innuendos).


Don't flatter yourself with platitudes

by ComraidsConcubine on

 Reading "my" "blog" for one is a "structure" in itself, created and imposed by a particular technology and "fashion" of "format" and "featured" at the top of the section of a website's "prime " "eye contact" and hard to miss.




 It also might well be an idea though to watch the video before commenting.

Anahid Hojjati

I did choose to read your blog CC.

by Anahid Hojjati on

You are correct. We don't have any choice on where we were born, and many other facts of our lives. However, we do have some choices.