From Lashes to Devotion

From Lashes to Devotion
by Cost-of-Progress

When someone invades your territory, your home, you defend it with all your might. Depending on your strength, you may win, or you may loose. In the case of loss, when the invader takes ownership of everything that used to define you as who you are (were), how long does it take you to become more zealous than the invader in promoting his cause and defending his stance?

This is a link to a young woman's story (in her own words as this public knowledge) who was persecuted in Iran because of her clothing in a private setting. This story is all too familiar with most of us (be it personal experience or indirect through relatives and friends) and makes you angry of the injustice and backwardness of the mentality that promotes such heinous acts.

While the people of the world are working for the betterment of their countries and culture through science and education, those occupying our motherland, those whom we call "hamvatan" are keeping our youth busy and terrorizing them with this kind of nonsense.

I am sorry for Iran. I am sorry for her people, for the young men and women who should be working to elevate Iran's status and standing in the world, but instead are facing unemployment, inflation, torture, beatings, killings, rape, and...and....

I am sorry for I know that the mentality that describes the last paragraph in the article is the reason why we are where we are today.



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by SamSamIIII on


was a very moving article . a miniature copy of the bigger picture.

Cheers & blessing dear  CoP  

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