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Solar Energy is great, specially for places like Iran. It would help if those running the country had a bit of competence to give credibility to their claims of independence and divinity. Did anyone even read this before publishing it? Would they have known the difference?

The glorious revolution continues.......


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HG gerami

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the web address is:

However, it appears that they have picked up on the fact that they had said megabyte (in Parsi) instead of megawatt, and the page has disappeared.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Mega Watt isn't important ... Hezbollah loves Mega Ton

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

hamsade ghadimi

cop, please post the link to

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cop, please post the link to this site so that i can have a chuckle.  the print is too small to read!

Dr. Mohandes


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In this country, Things don't happen for any reasons, They just happen. In fact there recently has been a trend to mix and match the projects and make announcments left and right. They say it makes running a nation even more exciting...everything is so dull and has been like that lately WE think YOU people need a boost. So by god here it comes.

Irrigating The freaking desert...Desalinating Huge amounts of water...and last but not least this one. The show must go on. Of course since they can not pronounce the word correctly, they go The Short must go on.