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This is a funny world.

30 years ago Iran had just gone through a “revolution” when some people thought that it was going to be easy street from there on out with freedom, oil revenues and Islamic utopia promising a life full of pleasure and leisure living harmoniously under the leadership – and guidance - of some of Shi’it Islam’s most revered leadership ..….but…it didn’t work out. It was all a bunch of bullshit.

A little before that, the UAE (Emaarat-e Sheikh Neshin) had just started to transition from a bunch of desert dwellers to that of an oil and business-based economy.Today, the oil wealth and western know-how has transformed that small patch of desert to an oasis for mainly Arabs who would like a quick getaway (and a quickie) as well as Europe’s rich and perhaps not so famous where they can enjoy whatever it is one enjoys in an Arabian desert with fake ski slopes and glorified shopping malls and sky scrappers. The economy of the region had soared beyond everyone’s imagination with skyrocketing real estate prices and high-paying jobs that attracted a lot of folks there before the global economic collapse of 2008.

So, while Iran was on a path of regression and anti-nationalism, the Arab sheikhdoms of the PERSIAN Gulf were smart enough to realize that you cannot prosper by acting like a bunch of Neanderthals – unlike the clerical infestation of Iran, and started to build their country from the desert sand up!

Take a look at this Christmas tree. How much of that $11 million you think could have been sent to Gaza instead? But no worries, the kaaseye dagh tar az aash Iranian mullahs and their goon supporters will spring for aid to Gaza. You just enjoy your new-found prosperity and high-priced Ukrainian hookers…...

Abu Dhabi Hotel Debuts $11 Million Christmas Tree

Read all about it here:


See full article from DailyFinance: //


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by yolanda on

It seems to me the posh hotel is using this record-breaking tree to advertize their hotel thru the news coverage......after they register this x-mas three with Guiness Book of World Record....they can "recycle" the jewelry.....they have nothing to lose.....even Press TV carried the news:


Here is a post on Press TV regarding the fancy x-mas tree:

  • Mohammed
  • 12/16/2010 8:06:29 AM
  • LOL! Next year they can have the world's most expensive menorah. What a stupid extravagant bunch of donkeys.


Anonymous Observer

COP Jaan - I saw the Christmas tree story in Abu Dhabi

by Anonymous Observer on

Talking about excess for a holiday that's not even yours!!! I was waiting for the news article to say that they are planning to donate the money to a charity or something, but no such luck.   

PS- The Persian Gulf sheikdoms are much smarter than us....much smarter.  For one thing,  they never poured onto the streets like crazed animals to ruin their country like we did back in 1979.