My little Corner of the Cosmos

My little Corner of the Cosmos
by Cost-of-Progress

No wonder there are religions and sects and groups and schools of thoughts and nutcases who try to explain the reasons or the “responsible entity” for the beauty of life that adores our planet. My tiny corner of the cosmos (backyard) produces these little darlings simply by placing a feeder filled with Thistle Seed hanging in a convenient location, so it is no wonder that every morning I see these little beauties I marvel at the sanctity of life that as far as we know is only granted to this tiny little rock we know as Earth….or Zamin ( as far as we know, OK?).

Happy Tuesday evening and 'til we post again...........


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Thanks guys

by Cost-of-Progress on

I love these little darlings; a combo of finches and cananries who migrate here during Spring and Summer. By september, they are gone.





Wunderful poetry

by radius-of-the-persian-cat on

What amazing thoughts ignited by these three hungry birds. Can I say that your words remind me of Hafiz poetry and your deep thoughts of Ibn-Sinas philosphy ?


Now, that is need... just looking at the pix brought me joy

by Bavafa on

thanks for sharing, even if it is only the pix of these little creatures.  they are lovely