Using Western Technology

Using Western Technology
by Cost-of-Progress

It is the 21st freaking century and we, in Iran, have these people ruling over our people.

Women should particularly take notice, but we should ALL be ashamed that we have allowed this evil to take root in our motherland.

Just what the fuck does Istefta mean anyway???



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I remember this one: A man

by benross on

I remember this one:

A man in an apartment on top of a high-rise building jumped out of the window to commit suicide. Meanwhile, another man, many storey below, was holding tight a sharp sword out of his window. The first man went right through his sword and was cut in half.

Is this murder or suicide?

I know the answer but I want you to think about it. Because it happens to all of us.

Of-course, I skip 'zenaa' scenarios with toilet or bedroom floor caving in... 


Unbelievably ignorant.

by vildemose on

Unbelievably ignorant.

Ali P.

This is legit, baabaa...

by Ali P. on

This scenario happens, all the time.

Legal scholars have been confused about this issue, for centuries.

Thanks to Ayatollah Rohani's wisdom, and his "sheer-yaa-khat" ruling, we can put this dilemma  to rest, once and for all.

Now we can all sleep well :-)