This is what we're dealing with people

This is what we're dealing with people
by Cost-of-Progress

This is the mentality that helped bring the Islamic Repressive of Iran to power and to a great extent (barring all foriegn interferences) has kept it afloat.

Would anyone like to share their thoughts as to how one deals with such atmosphere? Granted this is what appears to be a junior mullah (bache mullah) holding the sign. Would you like to guess what percentage of people in Iran subscribe to this point of view?


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This is only 1 of the 20 million

by Faramarz_Fateh on

There are AT LEAST 20 million more of this type of stupid mother fucker in Iran.  Thats the problem.  Not just this 1 guy.



Reza-Rio de Janeiro

Emam Zamaan on top of all insults too?

by Reza-Rio de Janeiro on

This monkey needs his Amameh removed first and then...

I would love to have a minute with this subhuman and his likes, one on one !!!

Which one is it? Ignorance & stupidity or simply lie and hypocrisy!!!Whatever the answer, it is not forgivable now and in this age !!!


One day... Our time will come too...


I guess I should have translated it

by Cost-of-Progress on

But Maziar did a good job. Thanks.

He's a Jr Mullah becasue he looks like it. Part of his head is visible and he looks to be in his twenties. As far as I know, there are no ranking (attire wise)  to easily tell a Jr pig from a senior pig (I mean mullah)  - That said, I am no mullah expert, so.....

BTW, my apology to pigs! 

I do know that a large majority of folks in Iran (almost 70%) are under 30 as mentioned by Banoojon - So, that is an encouragement and hope for Iran and her people.





A minority group

by banoojon on

This young mullah is from a minority in Iran. They are a group of people who are brainwashed by their religious mentors, or are paid to follow the order. More than 70% of Iranians are born after the revolution, and did not vote for the IRI. If the majority of Iranians (inside and outside the country) unite, and show their desire to get rid of this backward mentality, the IRI will soon disappear.


IRGC Chief: Preserving

by vildemose on

IRGC Chief: Preserving regime more sacred than Islamic prayers


Bache akhond.

by pedro on

He and his superior mullahs can go to hell, they left their brains behind in the stone ages, or maybe in the deserts of Arabia. It is bloody shame for a magnificient country to fall in the hands of Arab criminal rapists such as this monster.


No worries, he will drop his Turban in a heart beat

by mahmoudg on

He will change his turban and hide.  Democracy has a long way to go in Iran. Certainly a few hundred thousand like this moron would not go along with it easily.  But if the majority sticks together and demands the rule of people for the people and by the people, then the "mozmahelate" Quran and hadiths would mean nothing.

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

translation with broken English...


the unislamic attempts of mixed dances and minglings of Iranian women's sport club.....

condolences to mehdi (saviour) and to demand the quick responce from those in charge.      



English Translation?

by Magen30 on

For those who are unable to read the Persian language  , would someone provide an English translation of the sign the "Jr. Mullah" is holding in the above photo. 

Is the above photo taken in Iran or where?  (IMO, the setting will also lend an additional level of "un-written" communication.) 

Thank you.

P.S.  What depicts him as a "Jr. Mullah"?  (for the non-Islamic, non-middle eastern web visitors, this is an interesting phraseology).  I know in many religions, the "colors" the priest/nun/preacher/reverend wears depicts a certain level/rank/title/position.   Is that the case in the "Jr. Mullah"?