BONNE ANNEE AVEC DK & ZUBIN: An Evening with Danny Kaye and Zubin Mehta's NY Philharmonic


BONNE ANNEE AVEC DK & ZUBIN: An Evening with Danny Kaye and Zubin Mehta's NY Philharmonic
by Darius Kadivar

Wishing All Iranian Dot Comers and IC Staff ( JJ, Foad, and Co) a Very Happy New Year 2011. May the coming year bring each and everyone of you good health, personal and professional success. Hope you enjoy this memorable 1981 concert. 

An Evening with Danny Kaye (1981) (TV)
New York Philharmonic

Danny Kaye, Guest Conductor
Zubin Mehta, Music Director
23 September 1981

"An Evening with Danny Kaye and the New York Philharmonic"
Zubin Mehta, host

Strauss, DIE FLEDERMAUS Overture (Mehta conducts)
Rest of program with Danny Kaye:
Rossini, GAZZA LADRA Overture
Strauss, "Tritsch-Tratsch Polka"
Ravel, "Bolero"
Tchaikovsky, Dances from "Nutcracker Suite"
Strauss, DIE FLEDERMAUS, "Du und du"
Verdi, AIDA, "Triumphal March"
Merrick, "Look Sharp"
Beethoven, 5th Symphony, 4th mov.
Rimsky-Korsakoff, "Flight of the Bumble Bee"
Ponchielli, "Dance of the Hours"
Schubert, 9th Symphony Scherzo excerpts
Beethoven, 8th Symphony, 1st mov. Excerpt
Anderson, "Fiddle Faddle"
Clark, "Carnival in Venice"
Sousa, "Stars & Stripes Forever"

Part 1/17:


Part 2/17:


Part 3/17:


Part 4/17:


Part 5/17:


Part 6/17:


Part 7/17:


Part 8/17:


Part 9/17:


Part 10/17:


Part 11/17:

Part 12/17:

Part 13/17:


Part 14/17:


Part 15/17:

Part 16/17:


Part 17/17:



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Bonne Année Darius

by Souri on

Meilleurs voeux!

et merci pour le divertissement ............

The good behavior of the people, warms our heart and make us thankful.....  And the bad ones, just make us to recognize and appreciate the good ones!

Darius Kadivar

Thank you Joan Jaan

by Darius Kadivar on

My Pleasure.

Bonne Année to you and your loved ones too. ;0)


Joan ValaNejad

Thank you...

by Joan ValaNejad on

Thank you DK for the brilliant New Year's Eve entertainment.

Best wishes to you and yours for your happiness and well being.