CAMELOT CANCELED: History Channel cancels The Kennedy mini-series under Family Pressure


CAMELOT CANCELED: History Channel cancels The Kennedy mini-series under Family Pressure
by Darius Kadivar

History Channel’s eight-partminiseries miniseries The Kennedys was axed following complaints from members of the famed family, according to reports. European Networks are rushing to acquire the broadcast rights. As for American viewers they will only get to see the film either as a DVD Release or by purchasing it online.

Official Trailer for "The Kennedys" (2011): 
Directed by Jon Cassar, Starring Katie Holmes, Greg Kinnear and Tom Wilkinson

  Plot: History Channel's first scripted series tells the story of the most fabled political family in American history, told in a manner similar to The Godfather: a manipulative, egocentric father determined to live out his own ambitions through his sons, who in turn spent their lives dancing to his tune while at the same time trying to stand on their own. This is history through personality - the tangled relationships through which paint a picture of one of the most turbulent periods of the modern age. Viewers will be upstairs at the White House, not in the Cabinet Room. Through iconic events in history - the Bay of Pigs, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the civil rights struggle, the mob connection - viewers will learn about the lesser known, yet critical personal stories.      
************************************************** ************************************************** The Kennedy Series Controversy ************************************************** **************************************************

The highly-anticipated show, starring Katie Holmes as Jackie Kennedy, was cancelled last week by History Channel bosseswho felt the final product was "not a fit" for the network. Newreports suggest it was scrapped after "intense" pressure from theclan, including Caroline Kennedy - the only surviving child of John F. Kennedyand Jackie Kennedy. 
According to the Hollywood Reporter, Caroline, along with Arnold Schwarzenegger's wife Maria Shriver,the daughter of Eunice Kennedy Shriver, fought to have the project"killed". 
Family members are said to have been upset over Greg Kinnear's depiction of JFK as sex-crazed and the portrayal of JoeKennedy as power-hungry. 

A senior History Channel source tells Britain's The Times newspaper the report is "100 per cent true."

Debate over History Channel's Decision to cancel the series:

The network added that the series is “not a fit for the History brand.”It was set to air in the spring, starring Katie Holmes as Jacqueline Kennedy, and Greg Kinear as iconic President John F. Kennedy.

The Shah of Iran Greeted by President John F. Kennedy and First Lady 1961:

Shah of Iran and Empress Farah at the White House 1962:


In a statement Friday, Muse Entertainment and Asylum Entertainment, who co-produced the miniseries, said:

“We are proud of the work all of our talent put into the making of The Kennedys and the painstaking efforts that went into creating a drama that is compelling while rich in historic detail. Although weregret this does not fit into the History Channel’s plans, we are confident that television viewers in the United States will join viewers from around the world in having an opportunity to watch this series in the near future.”

Why was Kennedy miniseries yanked?:

On HLN's Joy Behar, guest host Lisa Rinna and her panel discuss the cancellation of a Kennedy family miniseries


Meanwhile,the miniseries’ Canadian director told the Canadian Pressnewswire service that “the actual product takes no political stanceone way or the other” and that allies of the Kennedy family were likely behindthe decision by the A&E Television Networks’ channel to cancel the project that starred Greg Kinnear and Katie Holmes. It was created by 24 co-creator Joel Surnow. “I doubt they’ve even seen it,” Jon Cassar told the publication.“They were objecting to it before it started. They were objecting to the ideaof it.”

The 1983 Mini TV Series Kennedy :

Starring Martin Sheen and Blair Brown in the title roles

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Robert F Kennedy Jr's wife dead and hanged ...

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Robert F Kennedy Jr's wife dead (bbc) 


Robert F Kennedy Jr's estranged wife has been found dead at her home in New York state.

No cause of death had been released, but US media reported the 52-year-old had been discovered hanged.

In a statement, the family of the 52-year-old said her "radiant and creative spirit" would be sorely missed.

Mr Kennedy, a lawyer and radio host, is the nephew of President John F Kennedy and son of Senator Robert F Kennedy, both assassinated in the 1960s.

His marriage to the former Mary Richardson in 1994, in a ceremony aboard a boat on the Hudson river, was his second.



Kennedy untimely ends
  • 1963: President John F Kennedy assassinated in Dallas, Texas
  • 1968: His brother, Robert Kennedy, shot dead in Los Angeles while campaigning for Democratic presidential nomination
  • 1984: Robert Kennedy's son David dies of drug overdose
  • 1997: Robert Kennedy's son Michael killed in skiing accident
  • 1999: JFK Jr died along with wife and sister-in-law when light aircraft he was piloting plunged into the Atlantic