Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi's Message to the Iranian Nation

Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi's Message to the Iranian Nation
by Darius Kadivar

Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi on Iran's Message to the Iranian Nation in regard to the recent events and violent crackdown operated by the regime against the protestors.

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Ali P. jaan I'm selecting these 2 cartoons just for you.

by Anonymouse on



I like the first one the best and fits these days.  Sure Prince chubby can talk all he wants. In the politics of Iran other than BS that Akhoonds and Ahmadi spit out, Prince chubby is by far the most topic of ridicule and humor. 

He is the gift that keeps giving! He always acts as if he is one step behind other Iranians and always jealous.

Anyway, I chose these cartoons for you because you said pay attention to what he says.   

Everything is sacred.

ramin parsa


by ramin parsa on

Did you happen to miss Reza Pahlavi's interview on CNN with Wolf Blitzer? Youtube it, buddy.  Sadly, you sound like a monumental sore loser, and nothing more. Elham 57 says it best! Your most repeated criticism of Reza Pahlavi has to do with his weight -- that he's "chubby" or "fat" -- are you this shallow and pathetic? I wonder what you look like, Mouse?

It's utterly asinine that you cretans have the temerity to knock Reza Pahlavi for being this or that, when he has done absolutely NOTHING against Iran or its people -- NOTHING and NOTHING! Reza Pahlavi is not his father.

Instead of persecuting a man whose only crime is the message of *hope*freedom*democracy*, why don't you closet commies and IRI apologist redirect your abjectly hollow animus against the present blood-thirsty regime in Iran which is guilty of massive crimes against humanity and massive fraud and thievery.

Yet, you deceptive propagandists choose to vilify Reza Pahlavi. Your tretcherous duplicity is not lost on anyone with an ounce of intelligence and honor.


Ali P.

Constitutional Monarchy Party of Iran

by Ali P. on

We all know communism is dead.

Would it ever come back, I don't know.

But there are communist parties all over Europe, and some occupying seats in their country's parliament.

Why can't we consider the same right for the "Constitutional Monarchy Party of Iran"?

In my book, anyone who is willing to play by the rules of democracy, can have a hat in the ring; be it the "Constitutional Monarchy Party of Iran", or " Hezbollah".



Ali P.



by jamshid on

"There's really nothing at all significant about RP."

Quite the contrary. If there was no significance about RP, then there wouldn't be you and others who would boil in resentment and anger, due to your own insecurities, each time you hear a "message" from him.

As I said, my vote is for a republic, but I believe RP or anyone else who does not have blood on their hands has the right to run for office. This is not called arbadeh keshi, rather it is called having faith in democracy.

However, reverting to personal attacks and belittling anything you don't like is considered arbadeh keshi and hochi gari. This was also the prefered method of khomeini's thugs early in the revolution to silence the voice of opposition.

Those thugs followed their arbadeh keshi and hochi gari with violence, a method that I am certain you don't opppose when executed by your "preferred" regime against non-reformists.


You have done enough

by Elham57 on

The traitors, and the morons, responsible for Khomeini's
reign, need to shut the %@# up!

Darius Kadivar

Anonymouse Jaan You Forgot to include Joe ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Moe & Saman's Political bias and dislike for the monarchy is well known ...

Their Only Difference is that Saman is Talented and Funny ! ...

Joe's Cartoons:

Hardliner hospital (2002)

Dirty Harry => Dirty Vali

Reza Pahlavi as Moses



Monarchists: Clean shave?

Don't cry for me Argentina: Rafsanjani

Khatami: Wine

Khatami: Spanish rice

Khatami: Spanish Hotel

Khatami: Wine expert

Back from Spain

Rafsanjani: Mirror

And many More Here:




DK jaan restoration to prince chubby = revolution X 10!

by Anonymouse on

Aslan I'm beginning to think the reason I made a comment in the first place was your choice of the title for your blog.

The title Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi's Message to the Iranian Nation sounds like Indian chief Sitting Bull's message to the Apache Nation!  Maybe if you had chosen another title it'd have not invoked a reaction from me.

I can't see youtube but here are some cartoons in return!






and my favorite for now (much more where these came from ;-)


Everything is sacred.

Darius Kadivar

Anonymouse Jaan Nope It's Restoration which is Good !

by Darius Kadivar on

Not Revolution ... 





DK jaan now "revolution" is good?! "Now" prince chubby is in?!

by Anonymouse on

DK jaan if the 1979 revolution was dead wrong the 2010 revolution is going to be dead wrong too.  Because one (this new one) would not have happened if there was no 1979 one.

Look prince chubby charb-o chili chalabi is not even as much relevant as Trita Parsi in the west these days. The interviews R(I)P gives is mostly to Fox News and from time to time in BBC persian or VOA.

I know the audience at is different than the audience in Iran.  I also know that many such as yourself and some of my old friends and doost and ashna are still mourning and in dreams of Mammad Reza days and would like his Prince chubby to grace us with his charb-o chili chubbiness even if Prince chubby is asking people to "do whatever they want" even if it means leaving him alone to tend to his fat diet.

I know all of that and I mix it with y'all every now and then to keep it real.  I and you and Marge are talking to the audience in not the Iranians in Iran because they're busy.  After all I'm a child of 70s too.  I owe everything to my parents and nothing to the Pahlavi clan.  If someone gets somewhere today does that mean they "owe" something to Khomeini or Khamenei? I understand their accomplishments and in particular Reza Shah during his time but they are part of history.

As I said everyone is saying something these days.  Iran is in transition and the immediate future is not clear.  So everyone is saying something because all Iranians have PhDs in politics.  Even JJJ predicts something left and right everyday or every other day!

I didn't come here to insult you.  I came here to insult prince chubby bin badar charb-o chili.  Marge is much better at insulting him than me, so between the 2 of us maybe we can put a dent in his fat guts!  I thought monarchists had a sense of humor and wouldn't get upset.  Anyway, we'll go somewhere from here.

Everything is sacred.

Ali P.

Regardless of your feelings toward the messenger

by Ali P. on

I thought it was a great message.


Ali P.


Yea, I know just what you mean

by Q on

There must be something good about RP that creates so much disturbance
No, I think you have it backwards. There's really nothing at all significant about RP. That's the problem (mainly for him and his fossil followers).

While people are giving their lives for "democracy" in Iran, there are old fossils here who live in the safey of the West and who want to take that very democracy away by resorting to "arbadeh keshi" and "hochi gari".

Yes I agree. I know just what you mean, Jamshid.

Marge and her likes are the greatest obstacle to freedom and democracy in Iran. Their job here is to enable the regime by diverting attention and creating divisions.

Arbadeh keshi like this ignorant, self-rightous, yet irrelevant, "fatwa" has really only one positive quality: it makes people laugh. For that reason we are mostly ambivalent about hearing kind of abadeh keshi.


If it makes you feel any better...

by jamshid on

There must be something good about RP that creates so much disturbance among the likes of Marge.

While people are giving their lives for "democracy" in Iran, there are old fossils here who live in the safey of the West and who want to take that very democracy away by resorting to "arbadeh keshi" and "hochi gari".

Of course they call it "freedom of speech". Khomeini's thugs also called the belittling of any opposing force early in the revolution as "freedom of speech". The similarities are endless.

My vote is for a republic, but RP and anyone else who does not have blood on their hands are entitled to express their views and run for office.

Marge and her likes are the greatest obstacle to freedom and democracy in Iran. Their job here is to enable the regime by diverting attention and creating divisions.

Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

What is it with you and the Pahlavi family?  99% of your comments are about the Pahlavis.  What is your obsession with this family?  Seriously, it's unhealthy.  I'm no fan of the Shah or his son.  To me, they aren't really relevant these days.  But I see people like you who bring up these stupid things and fan the flames of division that the IRI has been exploiting so masterfully for the past thirty years. There are many other things that you can be discussing, like the young people who were murdered in cold blood in the streets of Iran today.  But instead I see you spam this site with a thousand comments every time the word Pahlavi is mentioned.  Pardon the comparison, but you have become the Pavolv's dog when it comes to the name Pahlavi.  You spring out and do your tricks when there's any mention of the Pahlavi name.  It's becoming rather predictable and boring.

Look, the Shah has been dead for 30 years.  Get over it already.  While he was a dictator, in retrospect, he was much better for Iran that this murderer bunch that has been ruling the country since the revolution.  Look at a small example.  I was reading Abtahi's blog once.  He had a picture of himself of when he was arrested by the Savak for saying things about the Shah.  He said that they arrested him, but let him go because he was under 18 at the time.  Compare that to the IRI, which has executed thousands of underage children (my family members included), some as young as 12 or 14.  Why don't you write about that instead of talking about how fat Reza Pahlavi is.  After 30 years of war, executions, rapes, murders, oppression and human rights abuses under the IRI, you have nothing to say but to criticize the Shah?!!!  Compared to the IRI, the Shah was a saint.       

And as far as Reza Pahlavi is concerned, he will keep making statements, and unfortunately for you, you will have to deal with it. He is a free person and lives in a free country, and he can say and claim whatever he wants.  And before you ask where he got his money from, I say that whatever his family took, "noosh-e janeshoon".  The mullahs have stolen a thousand times as much and thev have given away a thousand times as much to every Islamist organization  around the world.  

So, give it a rest already! 


As long as everything is

by benross on

As long as everything is revealed.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

bravo benross! what a patriot you are.

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

here are bloodied iranians doing hard work, and you call anonymouse an ass and me too I hope, because we notice the attention neediness by a useless chalabi to jump into the news with them? hahahahaha. you are definitely not an ass. a patriotic lion you are!

dear crown chubby, go ask benyamin netanyahu for some help!!! the bush admin is out :( sarah palin lost the election :(


oh no it's not a fatwa

by benross on

oh no it's not a fatwa darius. it's called free speech

No. It's called making an ass of yourself. 

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

oh no it's not a fatwa darius. it's called free speech.

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

what he is doing is just fine. anonymouse is just as entitled as crown chubby is. what he says makes perfect sense. reza pahlavi is a drama queen and his actions this summer screamed "all eyes on me! don't forget me in case something happens!!!" He is useless and shameless. Sad indeed. You are also obsessed with Trita parsi whenever someone tells you how useless this dolt reza pahlavi (sorry which title is he going by this week). Go hug fred. 

oh and while you draft your attack on me and find new names, I ask you to please tell us whether reza pahlavi actually thinks he is useful considering the gains the opposition is making without his COSTCO bullhorn? When did he lose his shame? When he squandered millions? Aww maybe if he hadn't lost his cash we would have had an iranian american intervention in the 1990s and even a restoration of your precious monarchy. LOL.

Darius Kadivar

Anonymouse Jaan Sorry But I am not interested in Your Fatwas ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Doost Nadary Nakhoun Va Negah Nakohn ...

Don't Come here if you are uninterested in the first place !

It's Easy to be AGAINST Everyone and EVerything. It is Far More difficult to BE FOR Something or Someone or to have the courage of one's convictions.

You People have been Talking Shit for 30 Years while refusing to stand  accountable for YOUR OWN POOR CHOICE but expect others like Reza to Shut Up ? We see to the Result of YOUR POOR CHOICE TODAY, one which was endorsed by your inexperienced Iran Experts and Representatives in the US like your JOON JOONY TRITA PARSI !.

So Come Down from YOUR High Horse, Take a Deep Breath or listen to this song to calm your nerves:

Googoosh: QQ BANG BANG



Not ALL IRANIANS were Raised as Namak Nashnas IRANICAN's to focus on Their own Belly Button Concerns while claiming to know all about democracy and human rights and What THEY THINK is best for Iranians back home but ignorant about their own history and how they ended up in the US (thanks to the exposure the Pahlavi's gave them to the US and the education they or their parents recieved thanks to the Pahlavi Universities and governmental Pensions which allowed them to study in the best universities abroad only to come back as Namak Nashnas revolutionaries) ...

On this side of the Atlantic Many Iranians Support Reza Pahlavi and share his vision for a future democratic state.

I am One of the Them ! 

Lastly YOU do not have the Monopoly of other people's Minds and Hearts !  

So Stop giving me advice on how to respond or on what to blog or not to blog !





by Fatollah on

what is it with you now?

adam ke pirdokhtar ke shod az zamin o zaman bizaar mish-e! 

baba, give it rest, will you! why are you so upset? look at the bright side  of it, there might be a chance for, a Haji would want to marry you! 



Crown Prince Mouse's message to Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi

by Anonymouse on

Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi please do us the honor and Shut the f*&q up!

Sorry DK jaan but everyone is STF'ing every known person these days from all sides.  So what doesn't matter is the message and not the person and I believe Reza understands my message!  He doesn't like it but ... 

Everything is sacred.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

Thank you Dariush jan for this .


Good Job Mr. Pahlavi

by mahmoudg on

as you have said many hundreds of times, let the people of Persia through a referendum managed by a Western and Iranian oversight decide what form of democracy they desire.  As you have mentioned, Monarchists, Mojaheds, even Islamists can take part and all shoudl be free to cast a vote for their desired form of democracy.  Only then will we have completed our 1400 year old trek toward's democracy.  keep up the good work and be a voice of freedom. 

Big Boy


by Big Boy on

Reza joon,

Right now, you and Masoud Rajavi, and Bani Sadr, and all the rest who want their houses and cars back really need to be quiet.  The brave young men and women of Iran are not doing this for you and they could careless about your support.  So please be quiet and don't give the regime the excuse they want to label these brave sons and daughters of Iran monarchists and use that excuse to massacre them.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Reza Pahlavi's Infomercial Theme Music Suggestion

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on


"Don't You Forget About Me" by Simple Minds. Please remember Reza during this incredible moment in Iranian history.