DOWNTON ABBEY: Ebrahim Golestan "Vomits" on Shah's Coronation & calls Ferdowsi a 'Racist'


DOWNTON ABBEY: Ebrahim Golestan "Vomits" on Shah's Coronation & calls Ferdowsi a 'Racist'
by Darius Kadivar

BBC Persian's Massoud Behnoud in the luxurious setting of a British mansion ( his Home ?), Filmmaker Ebrahim Golestan admits to that watching the Shah's Coronation on TV back in 1967 made him to literally "Vomit"and how Ferdowsi was a "Genocidal Racist" poet. Well I guess his own brother Shahrokh is to blame for he was in charge of filming it as well as the Persepolis celebrations of October 1971 honoring 25 centuries of Iranian Monarchy.

Ebrahim Golestan interviewed by Massoud Behnoud (BBC Persian)

Alireza Davoudnejad‘s ” The house of spider ” (1983):






I'm a Liberal Democrat Gauche Caviar:

Shah's of Sunset:






Fereydoun Farrokhzad ( brother of Forough) speaks about an Artists Intellectual Responsability and his Political activism:

A Visual Tribute To The Pahlavi Dynasty (1925-1979):

A Beautiful Poem inspired by Ferdosi (Whom Golestan compares to a Racist Genocidal poet):

Ebrahim Golestan Bio:

Ebrahim Golestan has been a pioneer in filmmaking and literature for more than half a century, with far-reaching influence on generations of Iranians in various fields of art. He has lived in Sussex, United Kingdom, since 1975. He is the father of Iranian photojournalist Kaveh Golestan, and Lili Golestan,translator and owner and artistic director of the Golestan Gallery in Tehran, Iran. His grandson, Mani Haghighi, is also a film director. His younger brother is filmmaker/Journalist Shahrokh Golestan who was in charge of filmming the Coronation Ceremonies of 1967 as well as the Persepolis Celebrations of 1971.


Yek atash (1961)

Moj, marjan, khara (1962)

Khesht va Ayeneh (1965, aka Brick and Mirror)

Asrar ganj dareheye jenni (1974, aka The Ghost Valley's Treasure Mysteries)

Massoud Behnoud Bio:

Massoud Behnoud, is a prominent Iranian journalist, historian and writer, was born on July 27, 1947 in Tehran. He started his work as a journalist in 1964. During his long career he worked as an investigating journalist for different newspapers. He founded more than 20 newspapers and magazines, none of them are currently in publication.

Masoud Behnoud currently lives in the UK working as a freelance journalist for a number of media organisations, mainly BBC Persian Service, for which he has worked for the past fourteen years. His debut in the west was the launch of ‘Khanoum’, by Pegasus Elliott McKenzie in November 2008. More Here

He has an English Weblog Here

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Arash Kamangir

Both behnoud and golestan are toodehie

by Arash Kamangir on

Both b+g are old toodehies who have nothing to do but to stir muddy waters.

Nader Vanaki

نوری زاده خیلی کار درسته

Nader Vanaki

حتّی توی بذله گویی و گعده به قولی آخوندها.  اگر VOA نیاد من هم دیگه برنامه "تفسیر خبر" رو نگاه نمی کنم. حالا مهمونشون هرکی میخواد باشه.


  It is not wise to

by Parsy on


It is not wise to interview a person right after smoking some "Taryak"…..calling Ferdowsi a racist? Ferdowsi was and forever remains one of the most patriotic Persian who ever lived in 2500+ years of our history, as he knew back then what was coming and what would be the outcome of a barbaric Arab invasion to force Islam upon us and the fruit of the Islamic Spirit is what we have now in IRI.  When Arabic language became favored he could not accept it thus started to write Shahnameh, he is a true hero of Persia forever who wanted to re-ignite Persian pride in people and remind all at his time and the future generations to come that you cannot change history and culture of a Zoroastrian nation by force, Arabs decimated by massacre and persecution to convert people to Islam; majority of Iranians are Muslims today because of force and not choice.


Mr. EG if Ferdowsi is a racist then I am glad to be a Racist too and proud of it until the last breath in my body.


We Shall Never Forget.


Hey Golestan ...

by Harpi-Eagle on

When Winston Churchil was saying they need "The ignorant majority and the traitor minority" to colonize any country, he was talking about "Khaens" like you Yazdi, and Khomeini. By the way, wipe that f***ing smile off your face when you're taking a picture with that murderous commie bastard (Castro). Tof va Lanat ...

Payandeh Iran, our Ahuraie Fatherland


Golestan is the epitome of pseudo leftist illiterati

by anglophile on

Appropriately interviewed by his illiterate counter part in the BBC Persian, Masoud Behnoud. After all "great minds" think alike!