FRENCHIES : Elected Regional Advisor of Persian Heritage Supports Presidential Candidate Hollande


FRENCHIES : Elected Regional Advisor of Persian Heritage Supports Presidential Candidate Hollande
by Darius Kadivar

Forough Salami is an elected regional advisor for the Socialist Party in French Brittany and is of Persian Heritage. She is calling on electors to vote for François Hollande. (Source:


Forough Salami, Conseillère Régionale, apporte son soutien à François Hollande :

Francois Holland’s gathers supporters at Vincennes 15th of April 2012:

(NOTE: To Watch Double Click Here)


Bio in English:

Forough Salami was bon on 2nd of March 1966 in Isfahan, Iran. Since march 2004, she was elected

Regional advisor for the Socialist Party in French Brittany and is member of the “educational” commission. She was elected on the list “Left Brittany, Brittany For All”. She is a teacher by profession.

Bio in French:

Forough Salami est née le 2 mars 1966 à Ispahan, en Iran. Depuis mars 2004, elle est élue conseillère régionale PS de Bretagne, membre de la commission "formation". Elle a été élue sur la liste Bretagne à gauche, Bretagne pour tous. Elle est enseignante de profession.

Contacts :

Conseil régional de Bretagne
283 avenue du Général Patton
CS 21101
35711 RENNES cedex 7

Téléphone : 02 99 27 10 10
Fax : 02 99 27 11 11
Courriel :

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France pushes arming Syria rebels

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France pushes arming Syria rebels (bbc)


France says it will discuss supplying arms to the Syrian opposition coalition with European partners, ahead of key talks in Paris and London.

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French President Hollande warns Iran during Netanyahu visit

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Hollande warns Iran during Netanyahu visit (france 24)


French President François Hollande threatened Iran with further sanctions Wednesday after talks in Paris with Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu. The two will attend a memorial ceremony for the victims of anti-semitic killings in Toulouse on Thursday.

Darius Kadivar

French President pushes human rights at Francophone forum

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Hollande pushes human rights at Francophone forum (france 24)


France's President François Hollande pushed for human rights and called for an end to the conflict in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo at a summit of French-speaking countries in the capital Kinshasa on Saturday

Darius Kadivar

Hollande hails ‘new chapter’ between France and Africa

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Hollande hails ‘new chapter’ between France and Africa (France 24)


In a much-awaited speech in the Senegalese capital of Dakar, French President François Hollande said it was time for new, “sincere” relations between his country and the fast-growing economies of Africa.


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France's Hollande: Syrian opposition 'should form government'

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Opposition 'should form government'Watch (bbc, VIDEO)


French President Francois Hollande has urged Syrian opposition groups to form a provisional government.

He told a meeting of French ambassadors that such a government would be recognised by France "as soon as it is formed".

His comments follow allegations that government forces killed more than 300 people in an assault on the Damascus suburb of Darayya earlier this week. 



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France considers partial no-fly zone over Syria

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France considers partial no-fly zone over Syria (france 24)


In an interview on FRANCE 24, French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said that the possibility of setting up a partial no-fly zone over Syria deserved to be examined. But he reiterated that France would not enter into a war without a UN mandate.

Darius Kadivar

Ex-PM attacks Hollande’s leadership on Syria

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Ex-PM attacks Hollande’s leadership on Syria (france 24) French President François Hollande isn’t doing enough to resolve the Syrian crisis, former conservative Prime Minister François Fillon (pictured) wrote Wednesday in a cutting editorial in right-wing daily Le Figaro.

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France's Hollande's party wins majority

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Hollande's party wins majority (bbc)


France's Socialist Party scores a big victory in parliamentary elections, giving President Francois Hollande strong backing for his tax-and-spend programme, according to polling projections.

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French FM calls for UN to enforce Annan plan in Syria

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French FM calls for UN to enforce Annan plan in Syria (bbc)


French foreign minister Laurent Fabius on Wednesday said France would ask the UN Security Council to make Kofi Annan's peace plan in Syria obligatory. He also said he would push his EU allies to toughen sanctions against Syria.

Darius Kadivar

French Socialists take poll lead

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French Socialists take poll lead (bbc)


President Francois Hollande's Socialists and their allies look set to emerge with a majority after first round voting in France's parliamentary elections.

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Low turnout as France votes Left in parliamentary elections

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Left-wing parties on top in first round of French parliamentary vote (France 24)


Left-wing parties and their allies secured 47.1% of the votes in the first round of France’s parliamentary elections on Sunday while the UMP and its right-wing allies garnered 35.4%, according to preliminary figures from the Ipsos polling agency. The far-right National Front took 13.4% of the vote. Turnout was estimated to be slightly lower than in 2007. 

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UK PM warns Hollande over tax plan

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UK PM warns Hollande over tax plan (bbc)


UK PM David Cameron will later join other world leaders at the G8 summit for talks on the eurozone crisis, amid signs a deal is unlikely to be reached.

"Decisive action is needed by the eurozone. They cannot go on kicking the can down the road," the PM said.

Mr Cameron also warned French President Francois Hollande that Britain will not accept a tax on financial transactions.

Speaking in Washington ahead of their first meeting, Mr Cameron said it was not a "sensible measure".

The world leaders will gather on Saturday morning for talks expected to be dominated by the eurozone turmoil.

BBC political correspondent Norman Smith, at the summit, said despite the rapidly unfolding crisis there was no sense that a solution was in the offing.


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Assad Warns Hollande: "Have France's Interests on your mind"

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SYRIE. Les conseils d'Assad à Hollande - Le Nouvel Observateur


Bachar Assad on Russian TV advises Hollande to adopt a different policy than that of Sarkozy towards Syria ...


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France's Hollande to be sworn in as France president

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France's Hollande to be sworn in (bbc)

Francois Hollande prepares to be inaugurated as French president - and within hours will be in Germany to discuss Europe's debt crisis.

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Trita Parsi Views on Hollande's victory via twitter

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Twitter / Trita Parsi: Hollande vs #Sarkozy - at ...



Hollande vs #Sarkozy - at least with #Hollande, #France will have more proportionate ego. That's good for everyone, incl France...


Dear OY

by anglophile on

  I know for fact that Sarkozy had given Prince Reza full support and assistance to establish a firm base in France but what will happen now is anybody;s guess. This fellow (Hollande) is not for a France that make the France a leading nation in battling Islamic fundamentalism. The Brits, sadly are going to have patries tonight as the weaker the France, the better for the Brits.   Sorry Mr Cameron but I have to be honest :)

Oon Yaroo

Anglophile Jaan, What is the implications on the IRR mullahs?

by Oon Yaroo on

Is this guy like the rest of the previous French leaders in love with the IRR mullahs?

Also, are French citizens going to be taking a shower once a day from now on?

Or, the production of French perfume will be exponentially increased in the foreseeable future?





A sad day for France

by anglophile on

I am so disappointed in French people's choice. I am listening to Sarkozy's speech and he is a man honour and a proud loser.


So sad ... 

Darius Kadivar

Socialist Hollande 'wins French presidency'

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Hollande 'wins French presidency' (bbc)


Socialist Francois Hollande has been elected as France's new president, early estimates say, in a vote that has wide implications for the eurozone

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France 24 exclusive interview of François Hollande

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Hollande says Sarkozy has damaged France’s image (France 24, VIDEO)


In a wide-ranging interview with FRANCE 24 and RFI on Thursday, Socialist presidential front-runner François Hollande said he was pleased with his performance in Wednesday’s debate and criticised the divisiveness of the Sarkozy administration.

Darius Kadivar

France election: Sarkozy and Hollande trade insults

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French rivals in feisty TV debate (bbc, VIDEO)


French President Nicolas Sarkozy and his challenger Francois Hollande have traded insults in their only TV debate of the election campaign.

Darius Kadivar

Profile: Francois Hollande

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Profile: Francois Hollande (bbc) Francois Hollande, the Socialist candidate who won the first round of the French presidential election is an experienced political organiser who has, nonetheless, never held national government office. 

Darius Kadivar

France election: Hollande and Sarkozy questioned on TV

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French candidates quizzed on TV (bbc, VIDEO)


The two candidates in France's presidential run-off, Socialist Francois Hollande and incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy have appeared on TV, 10 days before the vote.

Incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy and Socialist challenger Francois Hollande took turns answering reporters' questions, many of which focused on economic issues.

Mr Sarkozy remains eight to 10 points behind his challenger in opinion polls.

Christian Fraser reports from Paris. 


Cause toujours !

by Shemirani on

Sarkosy est un très bon President ! et il n'y pas de raison d'en changer pour mettre un homme sans experience à la tête du pays !

Qui suis-je ?

Mon père était un riche bourgeois (Médecin ORL, propriétaire de plusieurs cliniques) et il militait à l’extrême droite aux côtés de Maître Tixier-Vignancourt et pour l’OAS...
J’ai passé mon enfance à Bois-Guillaume, ville résidentielle (sur les hauteurs de Rouen) où habitent les plus riches normands.
Je fus élevé chez les « bourges du privé », que je critique constamment à « St Jean-......Baptiste de la Salle à Rouen ».
Puis j’ai continué mes études dans la commune des aristocrates et des grands-bourgeois : à NEUILLY SUR SEINE où mes parents avaient acheté une superbe propriété.

Malgré ma fortune et mon patrimoine estimé à plus de 10 Millions d’Euros, je ne paie pas l’ISF car un montage ingénieux sous forme de plusieurs SCI me rend quasiment introuvable par le fisc français.

A la fin des années 70, sortant de l’ENA je sens que la droite va perdre et que Mitterrand est sur la pente ascendante, pour assurer mon avenir je choisis alors de rejoindre le PS.
Je n’ai jamais dirigé une grande ville.
Je n’ai jamais dirigé une grande région.
Je n’ai jamais été ministre ni secrétaire d’état.

Je dirige malgré tout le département de la Corrèze qui est devenu grâce à moi en 4 ans le plus endetté de France (+ 25% de dette soit 3 fois plus que la moyenne nationale) et le seul où le nombre de fonctionnaires a augmenté de 50% dans le même temps (de 831 à 1231).

Pour 2012 dans mon département, j’ai déjà fait voter une hausse de 6.5% de la taxe foncière, de 300% les taxes sur les permis de construire. J’ai supprimé : les bourses étudiantes, la gratuité des transports scolaires, les 1000 € de prime de garde d’enfants et diminué presque toutes les aides aux personnes âgées ou dépendantes.

Je ne déjeune pas au Fouquet's, je vais dans un endroit plus discret mais encore plus chic où j'ai fêté ma récente victoire aux primaires socialistes et où dernièrement j'ai été l'invité d'un assez pauvre, Pierre BERGE. Ma cantine, c'est chez LAURENT dans le 8ème.

J'envisage d'augmenter de 45 milliards d'euros les impôts et taxes en tout genre car c'est plus facile que de diminuer le nombre de fonctionnaires, je souhaite d'ailleurs en embaucher 65.000 de plus ... Ce qui coûtera 100 milliards à la FRANCE car un fonctionnaire est payé par l’état à vie, sécurité de l’emploi oblige!!!

Je n’aime pas les riches qui gagnent plus de 4000 euros par mois mais j'en gagne 7,5 fois plus avec mes 30.387 € par mois !!!
Donc 63% de plus que le Président de la République (19 331 € par mois) que j'accuse d'être proche des riches ...

Je m’appelle………….


Red Wine


by Red Wine on

Je vais voter pour Sarko.