GOD SAVE THE QUEEN: UK Prepares for Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee


GOD SAVE THE QUEEN: UK Prepares for Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee
by Darius Kadivar

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II celebrates 60 years as British Sovereign in 2012. With the exception of Queen Victoria, who reigned for 63 years, she is the longest-serving monarch, acknowledged worldwide for the duties she has performed with grace and dignity. 

Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee:

Queen Elizabeth is marking 60 years on Britain's throne, and now it's time to celebrate. Charlie D'Agata reports.
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Diamond Jubliee Tribute:

Trailer to  Documentary Ballade Pour Une Reine on French German Channel ARTE:

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BFI to digitise Royal archive

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BFI to digitise Royal archive (bbc)


The BFI announces it is digitising The Royal Collection, a mixture of family films dating back to the 1920s and newsreels presented to the Royal Household.

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The Rolling Stones celebrate 50 years

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The Rolling Stones celebrate 50 years (bbc, VIDEO)


Keith Richards has revealed that The Rolling Stones have been rehearsing and will be performing "soon".

The revelation comes ahead of the band's 50 year anniversary which is being celebrated with a photographic exhibition at Somerset House.

Will Gompertz asked Mick Jagger and Richards about the last 50 years of rock'n'roll.

Photographs of The Rolling Stones on stage courtesy of Paul Natkin and The Rolling Stones Archives, The Rolling Stones pointing courtesy of Mirrorpix, The Rolling Stones leaning on a wall courtesy of Philip Townsend, The Rolling Stones on a sofa courtesy of Steven Klein and The Rolling Stones Archives. 

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In pictures: The Queen in Scotland as part of Jubilee tour

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In pictures: The Queen in Scotland (bbc)


Pictures of the Queen who is in Scotland celebrating her Diamond Jubilee


Dear Amir

by anglophile on

I could not have put the case in my favour more fluently than you have. Thank you Sir.  Zia and I are friends and friends may have differences too otherwise it would be a boring friendship. As you have correctly pointed out there is a mjor difference between being an admirer of another nation's positive merits and being their lackey. History of Iran is full of such figure, particularly were among them Anglophiles, Germanophiles, and Francophiles but much less so were the Russophiles and even less,  Americophiles. I can give a name list but maybe that takes blog of it own. Thanks again for your wisdom and patriotic sentiments. 


Zia111 Anglophile, don't waste time attacking each other

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Zia111 At least Anglophile, says and highly likely in action would stick to standing by the shah above his apprecaton for the UK.  So his Loyalty is with Irans monarchy first, he makes this clear in many ways and you should realize this important distinction and not pick fights with anglophile over this.  The reason is simple, patriots being labelled as traitors is harmful to Iran.  Especially now that traitors are being painted as patriots.

Anglophile, The brits did ask all those they had influence with in Iran at every level to betray the late shah. As you are aware and Zia may not know many iranian anglophiles refused and stood for the shah despite british requests. 

And so I would ask Zia to not suggest that just because a person is an Anglophile, he is a traitor, because of the the brits activities against the shah.  Point and case was the head of Irans parliament forget his name, an anglophile, killed for not acting on orders to at a decisive time betray the Shah.  So Zia, Being an anglophile does not mean being a Nowkar, there is a positive side to the brits that requires respect, If only what they want for themselves, they would do and want for others.


Darius Kadivar

UK's Republicans protest at Queen's Diamond Jubilee pageant

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Republicans protest at Jubilee pageant (bbc, VIDEO)



Tens of thousands of people are lining the Thames in London despite the rain, hoping for a grandstand view of the Queen at the head of the Diamond Jubilee river pageant.

The Queen's barge will carry her from Albert Bridge to Tower Bridge, escorted by 1,000 boats and ships of all shapes and sizes.


Dozens of republicans have also turned out. One of those protesting said a large quantity of people in the country were not in favour of the monarchy.


Great blog dear Darius

by anglophile on

I am amazed at the timeliness of your updates and the sharpness of your senses. You are by all accounts our very own Royal Correspondent. 

Keep up the good job you good Esquire.

Darius Kadivar

Diamond jubilee: 60 years, 1,000 boats

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Diamond jubilee: 60 years, 1,000 boats (cnn)


Dragon boats, a floating belfry and the royal barge are among 1,000 vessels transforming London's River Thames into a tribute to the 60-year reign of Queen Elizabeth II. 

Darius Kadivar

Archbishop praises 'funny Queen'

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Archbishop praises 'funny Queen' (bbc, VIDEO)


Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams has issued a video tribute to the Queen, in which he gives a rare insight into her personality. 

Darius Kadivar

Jubilee event rehearsals begin

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Jubilee event rehearsals begin (bbc)


A full dress rehearsal of a carriage procession between Westminster Hall and Buckingham Palace takes place ahead of the Diamond Jubilee.

Darius Kadivar

All the queen's presidents: From Truman to Obama

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Queen's presidents, Truman to Obama (cnn)


Since Elizabeth II came to the throne in 1952, 11 U.S. presidents have been elected. The UK's queen has met all of them, with the exception of Lyndon B. Johnson. She would have met President Johnson during the funeral of President John F. Kennedy but was pregnant with her third son, Edward, at the time and could not make the trip. Before her coronation she met serving president Harry Truman and during her reign also met former president Herbert Hoover. 



Darius Kadivar

Mark Easton: "Why does the UK love the monarchy?"

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Loyal to the royals (bbc)


Mark Easton on why the UK crown remains so popular


I have recently been accused on Twitter of being both a royalist "uber-Toady" and the author of "the most anti-monarchist report you could want to view".


Both tweets related to the same item, a report for the BBC News at Tenthat tried to answer a straightforward question: why does a country that has become so cynical about other institutions (Parliament, the City, the press, the police) remain so loyal to the monarchy?

Whatever republicans might wish, less than a fifth of the Queen's subjects in the UK say they want to get rid of the Royal Family - a proportion that has barely changed across decades.

According to polling data from Ipsos Mori, support for a republic was 18% in 1969, 18% in 1993, 19% in 2002 and 18% last year. Three-quarters of the population want Britain to remain a monarchy - a finding that has been described by pollsters as "probably the most stable trend we have ever measured".

Given the enormous social change there has been since the current Queen assumed the throne 60 years ago, it might seem surprising that a system of inherited privilege and power should have retained its popularity.


یه بوس برات فرستادم




بعد فکر کردم ممکنه پر رو بشی‌ پاکش کردم


حالا بابام جان


بگو ببينيم چى بود گفتی كه فوری حذفش كردى

جاويد شاه


مرسی‌ آذر بانو



در نظربازی ما بی‌خبران حیرانند

من چنینم که نمودم دگر ایشان دانند




by anglophile on





Zia, You are NEW on IC

by Azarbanoo on

You got to know the IC members for a while to know where they are coming from and what is their idiology before accuse them.


گور باباى دموكراسى و خصوصاً دموكراسى انگلیسی


مردم نون شب ندارند تو ايران
وامثال شما مى خواهيد دموكراسى انگلیسی به زور سر نيزه امريكائى اماله كنيند به
مردم ايران

واقعاًخنده داره حرفهاى شما

ايران ضرورتاً بعد از سقوط اين
حكومت ملعون محتاج به يك ديكتاتور عادل مثل رضا شاه كبير مى باشد و نه اين فلان
مشنگ بازيها كه فقط الگو ذهن خودتونه

جاويد شاه


Zia joon you are a typical casualty of American dream

by anglophile on

Yes dear boy, it was because of people like me (anglophiles) remaining reserved and inactive that the Uncle Sam-infatuated-zealots like you are now being passed off as "monarchists".   So I deserve the titles you have attributed to me. Sadly some of you are surrounding Reza Paglavi too!

You need to read and learn the politcal history of Iran under the Pahlavis to learn that the staunchest supporters of the Shah to the last were not his Amercian educated entourage and not even his Francophilic staff (with apologies to Darius jaan) but the anglophiles: those who, as Darius has eloquently put it, admired the British institution without being subservient to it. It neads a little subtlety which I am sorry to say that Shahollahis like you lack.

Darius Kadivar

Zia111 I beg your Pardon ?

by Darius Kadivar on

Dunno how long you have been on this website or have been following my blogs if not I highly recommend you to go through them all and see where I stand and always stood.

I don't feel in anyway targeted by your childish rant and accusations.


Admiring a nation's political institution as a source of inspiration to build a better and stronger Iran tomorrow has nothing to do with being subversient to that nation or leadership.

BLOODY REDCOATS: Obamas Not Invited to Prince William, Kate Middleton Wedding? ;0)


I have and continue to blog on any news item of interest and will express myself on what I like to see established in my country Iran regardless of what you think or what History a given nation may have had in it's troubled relations with ours. 

The British Monarchy as that of Spain or other European Monarchies are an INSPIRATION as to what I would like to see implemented in my country:


How Truly Democratic And Stable Is The British Monarchy? 


ROYALTY: Crown Prince Reza & King Juan Carlos of Spain


ROYALTY: King Juan Carlos of Spain Greeted by Shahbanou at Sa'ad Abad Palace State Dinner (1978)


pictory: Shah and King Juan Carlos Share a Laugh, Tehran (1975)




in the abscense of a better model which we failed even to implement for a number of reasons during our Last Shah's rule:


How Genuinely Democratic and Representative was the Parliament in Pahlavi Iran ?



And not always because it was his fault:


THE PAST IS A FOREIGN COUNTRY: How Would You Evaluate Iran's Democracy Index in 1953 ? 


Constitutionalist Student Shares Views on the Pros and Cons of Reza Shah's Rule



Despite a Constitution itself modeled on the Belgian one:


Cyrus Amir-Mokri on Pros and Cons of 1906 Constitution




To be so narrowminded as you are and which is actually the case of many fellow compatriots ( be them Constititionalist, or Jomhurykhah) is the very reason why the West has achieved democracy and Iran the middle east and Asia at large hasn't ... Not to say many African Nations.

And even they are trying to come to terms with the necessity of democratic reform:


Morocco vote to curb king's powers, abolishing death penalty


Jordan king orders release of jailed activists accused of "insulting" him


One can put the blame on Europe's Colonial history of the past century for our trouble we are in yet unlike India we were never a British Colony. Well look where the India is today and where we are today ? ...


We cannot use the Blame game for ever as a systematic excuse to justify our own shortcomings as a nation.

Just look at where we are today and where the rest of the deemed "civilized" western world is in comparison ... and even they are in trouble today with the Global economic meltdown which is threatening their very own democratic institutions:


HOSTAGE TO EXTREMES: French Presidential Elections Reflect a Bitterly Divided Nation


Democracy is not just about putting a set of rules on a piece of paper and calling it a constitution and  then claiming it's all OK.


Democracy is about our COLLECTIVE BEHAVIOR as a nation and our ability to not only work together but tolerate that a given constituency has the democratic legitmacy to rule over us for a given number of years.

Beyond the Symbolic nature which has it's importance and yet which distinguishes a Monarchy from a Republic:


ROYAL FORUM: Explaining the Concept of a Constitutional Monarchy to a Staunch Republican 


What matters in the end of the day is a system of Checks and Balances:


Crown Prince Reza on importance of "Checks and Balances" of future regime


That is precisely what the man I consider as my sovereign and King apparent Reza Shah Dovom has advocated.


So has the late Shapour Bakhtiar when he gave an interview in London already back in 1984 for newsweek:


RESTORATION: Shapour Bakhtiar advocates Restoring the Monarchy


Now if you clearly don't understand the difference between admiring a nation's political system and endorsing that nation's government policies ...

Then sorry I'm afraid I cannot help you understand nor am I interested in explaining it to you any further ...


Dunno how old you are but I guess You'd be ousted from a classroom for merely expressing an emotional outburst and shouting your head off instead of engaging into a meaningful dialogue and discourse on the subject at hand.


Now if you don't like what is being posted here or interested in what has been published or argued why don't you just blog your own stuff than bury me with irrelavant information which has more to do with what you deem has to do with the shortcomings of British Society which you seem to abhore than with the issue of the Monarchy as a democratic system of government.






Because of people like you?!

by Zia111 on

People like you abandoned the Shah in his hour of need and gave us this accursed regime for the past 34 years! Go read what the Shah says about these damn British in his Answer to History and then come back and beat your chest for them in your misguided zeal as an "anglophile". A country which invaded us in 1941, stole our natural resources before and after that and then antagonized and maliciously underminded us and our king through its BBC, MI6 and foreign service is all of a sudden something to emulate and like!? Are you people crazy?!

Being an Iranian Francophile is one thing because the French have always been our friends and played fair. But the damn British have consistently shown their enmity towards Iran and all their policies towards Iran have throughout been self-serving.

You should be ashamed of yourselves!

Marg bar Engilis! Javid Shah!


Zia joon you are absolutely right about me

by anglophile on

I AM A DISGRACE to the Iranian monarchical cause. You see, was it not for a disgraceful, despicable, dishnourable  traitor like me, the likes of you could not have ruined the chances of monarchy ever being returned to Iran.   Job well done old boy. 


چه طرز نوشتن اين؟


 چرا عشوه مياى؟



Democracy for who?

by Zia111 on

If you call legalized child abduction and child trafficking by the British SS "democracy" then take your democracy and do what you do with it.

You people are a disgrace to the Iranian monarchist cause and the memory of the Shah!!!


All your babble shows what a democratic society is Britian

by anglophile on


Don't tear yourelf apart Zia joon we need our politician/journalist/singers LOL




نفهمیدم نفهمدیم کی‌ گفت مرگ بر انگلیس؟


مگه ابراهیم یزدی و قطب زاده و مصطفی چمران و لاریجانی و خرازی و اعضای جبهه ملی‌ همشون از توی ماتحت آمریکا در نیومده بودن؟ پس چرا گناهشو به گردن انگلیسا میندازی ضیا جون؟ بینم تو همون ضیا آوازه خونی؟ یه دهن آواز بخون ببینم!  

Darius Kadivar

Khob Doost Nadary Negah Nakon ...

by Darius Kadivar on


Here is how 'civilized' LOL and great your Angohlestan truly is

by Zia111 on

Dubious 'experts' are paid to tear families apart (17th March 2012)

Two little boys kidnapped by Haringey Social Services - private photograph posted by their mother (date?)

Doctor faces adoptions scandal axe (Dr George Hibbert, 18th March 2012)

Danger doctors are ignoring sanctions (19th March 2012)

Doctor 'distorted diagnoses for local authorities' (Dr George Hibbert, 17th March 2012)

Social services took away our baby for nine months (23rd March 2012)

Sordid past of council's childcare psychiatrist (Dr Anthony William
Baker, 25th March 2012, previous links to Ted Jeory provided)

Abuse of 'baby-snatcher' social workers finds an outlet online (24th March 2012)

Why do our family courts rely on 'hired gun' experts? (24th March 2012)

Court TV 'will get the go ahead within weeks' (28th March 2012)

The 'experts' who break up families (28th March 2012)

Government suffers defeat over legal aid for children (date?)

Social workers snatched me from the white parents I loved (29th March 2012)

Legal aid reforms will leave children exposed to domestic violence (5th March 2012)

UK social workers snatch a child from France (31st March 2012)

The doctor who took my baby away (Dr George Hibbert again, 1st April 2012)

A link from another source about state-sactioned kidnapping (date?),
fascinating because this is about yet another VERY dubious "expert", Dr
Arnon Bentovim:


This "expert" was involved in the infamous Victoria Climbie case:

"I have not because a decision was taken to involve me at very short
notice. I have unfortunately been at a most important conference
concerning Climbie matters for the last three days and have not been in
my office at any time and there has been no opportunity to do so. So, I
have acquainted myself with the material and I hope that I can be of
assistance. I apologise; there has been no opportunity to prepare a
...and authorities like e.g. Haringey
Borough Council / SS use the same dubious experts in extremely
controversial cases and/or mess everything up with children whose
protection they are entrusted with.

Interesting with regards to
the historical background of child-stealing via the state - the same
thing has, for instance, happened in Spain under General Franco (note
the links are not in chronological order):







It is eerie once one begins to understand that exactly the same thing
is happening in the UK, an extension of the child migration to Australia
from 1945 into the 70s and Tony B-liar's adoption targets in the early

I reckon that you will, by now, have understood that
nothing has changed in the past ten or so years. If anything, it has
been getting far worse. Excerpt from John Hemming's weblog (26th August
2006) (John Hemming, the MP)

Article by Dina Rabinovitch, 2000 - I like to quote this because it could have been written today:

Legal documents: Practice Direction about Expert Witnesses

All Practice Directions in Family Court Proceedings

Abduction Abroad & for fear of Social Services

Try to post a request to find parents who have fled SS or contemplate doing this under the Reunite forum: //www.reunite.org/forum.asp

although this is mostly about custody disputes, not SS.

2007 – Case of Fran Lyon (who fled to Sweden) and daughter Molly







2007 – Case of Angela Wileman (Spain and Ireland, see own website) and sons Lucas and Marco

(her blog, unfortunately not updated since 2011)

(there are also lots of films available online)

2008 – Case of Martin McCabe (France, reported in detail by Camilla Cavendish, The Times)
The older links to this case are still available via the Times online
service – to subscribers only – and well worth reading. There is
allegedly also an update on what happened after Martin McCabe was
released from prison on the Times website. The family are originally
from Medway





2009 – Case of Kerry Robertson and Mark McDougall (Scotland -> Ireland) and sons Ben & Lochlan
I know the McKenzie Friend in this case, Margaret Reid of Dunfermline,
and have her contact details if required. She has always regarded Kerry
as “perfectly normal”. Mark’s website, www.uksocialservices.com

, was taken down for unknown reasons just recently and a “proper” SS website comes up when trying to connect.







2010 – Case of Sam Hallimond (real name Henwood) and Vanessa Willingham
and daughter Daisy (Spain, reported in the Daily Mail). Sam Hallimond
has to be taken with a pinch of salt – he founded “Freedom Advocacy and
Law” with James Moore and Paul Randle-Jolliffe, the latter being a
deeply disturbed individual who also tried to fleece off the Musas as a
“McKenzie Friend” – I met him personally in the High Court in October
2011 -, and attempted to persuade parents who had lost their children to
SS to join a “class action” to take England to the International
Criminal Court in The Hague, an action which cost these parents dearly
and was never heard of again. P. R.-J. came up with some very weird
excuses when I asked him about his actions and turned away flustered. He
still acts as a “lay lawyer” without any legal knowledge or, indeed,
common sense and “represents” unwitting parents in court proceedings.
There are numerous warnings about these men online and I am convinced
that P. R.-J.’s involvement in the Musa case has done more harm than
good. See links marked with an asterisk. The “class action” is a telling
case where it seems veteran journalists have been taken for a ride by
skilled professional conmen taking advantage of family court and SS






* (remember this was a con!)

* (victim of Sam & Friends)


2011 – Case of Cornel Brown and Nicola Thatcher and daughter Chloe, Lambeth Social Services

(film length 30min, Pie’n’Mash Films)
The update should be available via the Pie’n’Mash Film website – not found yet.

2011 – Case of Vicky Haigh (Ireland, reported by Christopher Booker in The Telegraph)
Vicky Haigh is well known to Sabine McNeill who runs a blog which had
to be set to “private”. She currently serves three years in prison in a
mother-and-baby unit.

(19th December 2011)

(30th July 2011)

(21st May 2011)

(7th May 2011)

(30th April 2011)

(23th April 2011)

(16th April 2011)

2012 - Case of the Norfolk couple (France, names unknown)

Other cases

Reunite International




Abuse in Foster Care

The case not published anywhere in the mainstream media that I know of
is that of Favour Musa, the oldest daughter of Gloria and Chiwar, who
had told her parents about being molested by the 19-year-old son of her
foster “family” in Kent and has not been seen since (see Sabine’s
website, now removed due to new gagging orders).

Foster care: It’s time to think out of the box, 10th May 2012

Children in care are still vulnerable to widespread abuse, when is the law going to protect them? 11th May 2012

Special investigation: The girl, 15, handed to her abusers on a plate
to be raped by a sex gang after care home staff let her run away 19
times, 11th May 2012

Scandal of care firms that failed to protect girls from grooming:
Teenager in children’s home died from overdose after being targeted for
sex, 11th May 2012

Maltreatment and Allegations of Maltreatment in Foster Care. A Review of the Evidence. Sept. 2010

(research paper, 56 pages)

(forthcoming article planned 2012)

Tehelka - India's Independent Weekly News Magazine




Darius Kadivar

Zia111 Cheh Rabti beh Nokary Dareh ?

by Darius Kadivar on

Mageh Een Behtareh ? :



Darius Kadivar

Sex & The Pity: Obama Bows to Saudi King Not Queen Elizabeth

by Darius Kadivar on