LIMITS TO HAMBASTEGHI: Fravahar on impossibiity of Rallying Jomhurykhahs (Secular or Not)


LIMITS TO HAMBASTEGHI: Fravahar on impossibiity of Rallying Jomhurykhahs (Secular or Not)
by Darius Kadivar

Khosro Fravahar a Constitutionalist from Austria explains why he finds it impossible to join the rallying call of Iranian Jomhurykhahs (i.e :Republicans) be them Secular or Not. He also criticizes advocates of a Republican system of government for a Post IRI Iran of distorting his views and unfairly reducing him to a "shahollahi" when in fact he advocates a Parliamentary Monarchy and Separation of Powers similar to European Monarchies.  He also blames them of trying to highjack Crown Prince Reza's political message with an aim of pussing their very own political agendas.


Khosro Fravahar's Poem 'Azaneh 57': 

From Constitutional Revolution to What he calles Quadessyeh 57 ( aka Revolution of 79)


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Bravo Khosro Jan for denouncing the hypocrisy !

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Keep Up the Good Work even if others ignore you !