MON CINEMA: Rostam and Esfindiâr The Source of all Legends (2009)

MON CINEMA: Rostam and Esfindiâr The Source of all Legends (2009)
by Darius Kadivar

A French Movie Production company Cyrus Productions founded in 2004 will be releasing a 3D animated movie based on the Shahnameh aka The Book of Kings by Persian Poet Ferdowsi.

Official Website of Rostam and Esfindiâr: The Source of all Legends

Official Website of Cyrus Productions

3D Animation / length : 90 mn
Director : Mehrdad Mojir-Shirazi
Lead Designer : Bahram Rohani and Rudy Wilde
Production : Cyrus Productions


Based on persian mythology and the original works of Ferdowsi's 'Shâh Namêh' (The Book of Kings), this movie tells the tragedy
of the two greatest Persian heroes, Rostam and Esfindiâr.

In ancient Persia, a cruel and despotic king named Gochtasp, is trying to get rid of his son Esfindiar, whose growing popularity is overshadowing him. Using false pretexts, the king orders Esfindiar, who has become invincible by bathing in
a magical spring, to confront the legendary Rostam, the only warrior capable of defeating him. Even though a reciprocal admiration begins between the two warriors, Esfindiar cannot disobey his king.

Just when all seems lost for Rostam, Simourgh (the Phoenix) intervenes and reveals to him Esfindiar’s weak point : his eyes.
But he warns him nevertheless: He who spills the blood of Esfindiar will suffer in this world and the next …

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