NOOR GRADUATES: Princess Noor Pahlavi's High School Graduation Photos

NOOR GRADUATES: Princess Noor Pahlavi's High School Graduation Photos
by Darius Kadivar
Princess Noor Pahlavi Eldest Daughter of Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi and Princess Yasmine Pahlavi graduates from The Bullis School in the state of Maryland . Family Gathering with Grandma the Shahbanou Farah, and sisters Iman ( age 16) and Little Farah (age 6)

Photo Courtesy © Reza Pahlavi Profile:

Education: Lycée Rochambeau - French International School, Bethesda, Maryland, USA; The Bullis School, Potomac, Maryland, USA (class of 2010).

Further facts: She speaks English, Persian, French and Arab. At school she takes part in athletics and tennis competitions.

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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

How dare you insult Arabs? I opened my mouth and was trashed by JJ! The owner of this site. So much for fairness. What a joke!


SarPink, Get A Life, Nothing Makes Up For Thinking Like an Arab

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

So It doesn't matter what your great grand father did. He probably thought that all a person needs to read to have a good life is the Koran, which sadly limited his personal development.

Princess Noor is not wearing a Chador, thank god.  So in that sense she is dressed closely with the traditonal atire of all Iranian women.

As for Arab worshipping, just look at the rags worn by the wives of all the Tazi Leaders Oppressing the people of Iran Today.


Congratulations To Her Royal Highness Princess Noor Pahlavi

by gattan on

Congratulations To Her Royal Highness Princess Noor Pahlavi On Her High School Graduation,  

And on this occasion I Seize this opportunity to Congratulate the People of Iran  and May God bring More happiness to The Pahlavi Family " The Royal Family of Iran" ,

The Kingdom of Iran. Shall return soon , with God willing (Insha-Allah)

With My Best Regards and Wishes .




by tehranvisitor on

Any word on which university she will be attending?


Congratulations Highness!!

by Elisenda on

As a mother, I know what it mean that your children get a new degree. So, I only can congratulate our admired Princess Noor Pahlavi because this is only the result of her own effort. Congratulatins Highness !!!

Mohammad Ala

Happy Graduation.

by Mohammad Ala on

Happy Graduation.

Registration at has helped some but those who use pseudo name(s) are attacking others viciously.  

Pastor bill please keep your communications clean and respectful.  Thank you.

David ET

ghajar cirmcumcision anyone?

by David ET on

If someone has photo of Khatne Soroon of one of Ghajar family members feel free to post it too.



by statira on

were you her age 40 yrs ago? It's a shame that a 40-50 yr old middle age woman is jealous of a girl who could be her daughter.

pastor bill rennick

TheMrs, where is the proof that you are NOT TCY

by pastor bill rennick on

(Toursheedeh Chagh Yaeseh)? Once you post a photo or video of yours in a swimsuit for us to see, then we will believe you.

In the meantime, If you don't feel comfortable posting your photo, you can mail it to me at the following address:

Pastor Bill Rennick

Church of Moses

22nd St.

New York, NY 10021


Statira that doesn't even

by TheMrs on

Statira that doesn't even make sense. Why would I be jealous? I was her age not too long ago, graduated and so on. What makes you think I wasn't prettier (like that's the issue). If someone doesn't like something (the monarchy and the cosntant bs congradulations on bs accomplishments), that means they're jealous? oky doky, I'm jealous.!!!!


The Mrs

by statira on

You might not be chagh or torshideh, but for sure you are jealous of an 18 yrs old beauty!



by TheMrs on

Pastor, Don't they have a couple of torsheedehs in this family?! DK knows best maybe he can enlighten us. As I understand it, Torsheedeh is an unmarried woman who is getting older. How many unmarried daughters does Farah have and what are their ages?

And eventually we all become yaeseh, even this Princess. So get over it. For the time being, I'm not chaagh. torsheedeh and I'm not yaeseh. But one day, I'll be yaeseh and that won't be a big deal. I don't mind not getting periods, life will be less complicated.



Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Re: Lets not ..

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


First of all I have been very appreciative of the Shah. He did a lot for us and I am grateful. However he did make it impossible to have secular opposition. So the only thing left was Islamism.

Second: You are absolutely wrong. We do NOT deserve what is going on. I do not believe in collective punishment. Why does a 20 year old deserve this shit? A woman who was not even born then. Plus how about people like me? I did not support the revolution. I never trusted Islam and will not accept the blame. Plus many were lied to by Khomeini and are mostly guilty of being "khoshbavar".


Let's not blame our own mistakes to others

by statira on

Shah beechareh digheh be een melate ahmagh nagoft ke bereed donbale ye hamale besavade oghdei. Har chee be saremoon miad haghemooneh. Hanooz ke hanooze bad az see sal, ye edeh be een shahe beechareh cheez migand! Some people never learn.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I agree. What I am trying to do it to put things into perspective. It would be wonderful to have a real democracy. I agree we should try to obtain it. No one really wants a dictatorship like the Shah. Most of the Monarchists want a ceremonial role for a king.

I do not want to go back the the Pahlavi dictatorship.  However I like to cool off some of the bitter hated towards Pahlavis. The Shah had absolute power. But he was a benevolent albeit arrogant and foolish dictator. His acts did pave the way for Khomeini. Of course there were many other factors. But lets not go there on this thread.



Such a beautiful Lady!

by statira on

Mashalah hezar mashalah kheili dokhtare khoshgelieh. Be koorieh cheshme doshmanayeh Iran, ye ensane mohtaram mesle pedarbozorgesh misheh.


What an accomplishment! VOW I can't believe it.

by TheMrs on

Bah Bah ashpazi ham mikoneh, che dooshizei, dige vaghtesheh!

Bebinim in dige mikhad chi kareh she. Fat and moft khor like daddy or educatd and married to a fat and moft khor like mommy.



by Bavafa on

I think if the yardstick is IRI, surly vast majority of Iranians would prefer Pahlavi over this regime, but we ought to aim better then that.

Pahlavi brought wealth for SOME Iranians and no political freedom, of course one was free to join their club but nothing else was tolerated. Also, don't forget Pahlavi was the main culprit for bringing Khomaini by its dictatorship and not Carter.


Genghis Khan

A beautiful family. Congratulations

by Genghis Khan on

Look at little Farah. She will start her studies, and will graduate inside free Iran. No doubt.

If my body dies, let my body die, but do not let my country die.

mola in boshkeh


by mola in boshkeh on

Did you receive your high school education inside a boshkeh?

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


What the Pahlavi family did for Iran entitles them to private schools. In fact they deserve a lot more appreciation. The use of the word "Taghooti" indicates you are very biased. Why do you dislike the Pahlavi? Do you oppose the modernization. Or the wealth they created for Iran. Or the respect they earned for us all. Or the security they brought. No wars for the whole of the Shah's reign.

I am not a monarchist. But I take Pahlavis any day. The ungrateful 60's generation brought this hell on Iran. God I wish we had the Pahlavis back or something sane like the Pahlavis.



by Anonymous8 on

yes this is very much "wealth of iran".

you have double standard.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Re: high school tuition

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


30,000 is not unusual for private schools. It is not "the wealth of Iran". It is money well spent. In USA 16 K is normal for *elementary* private schools. The problem is with the BILLIONS that Mullahs STEAL. Not to mention the billions wasted in the war. And the billions wasted in brain drain. I will gladly live with their 30 K per year and trade it for the IRI thieves who take vastly more from Iran.

Get some perspective!



pastor, ben and majid

by Anonymous8 on

i don't kno if you are even Iranian pastor. if you are, you know that the taghooti irani fools in the west always say the same thing about mullahs. not just mullah but anyone they don't like. corruption is corruption and stealing is stealing. i know iranian professors and teachers who have nothing aftr lifetime of service. i know relatives who disappeared because of the king moftkhor.

i asked here what his daddy do for living, why public school not good enough? many iranians suffering now, where is the answr?

pastor bill rennick

Congratulations on Princess Noor Pahlavi's HS graduation...

by pastor bill rennick on

with many more to follow in the near future BS, MS, Ph.D., M.D., J.D.


There are two kinds of people on planet Earth:

a) Those who become happy  from other people's success,

b) Those who don't.

Those in the 2nd group can kiss Pastor's rear end! 


خوشحالم که از


خوشحالم که از پنچری درآمدی!

موضوع اصلاً بر سر موافقت یا مخالفت با پادشاهی نیست. قضیه این است که مملکتمون رو از همانجایی که به این ساندیس خور‌ها باختیم، پس بگیریم و بعد مثل آدم حسابی و مدرن به حل امور بپردازیم.

از تو چه پنهان مجید، دوزاری این ساندیس خورها از همه زودتر افتاده! 


قمار باز اگه نگه ب تخ..... دق میکنه!




من با سلطنت موافق نیستم ولی ته دلم قند آب میشه که میبینم  عقده اش داره یک عدّه از این ساندیس خور ها رو به یبوست حلقومی دچار میکنه!



must be nice to spend the wealth of iran

by Anonymous8 on


$30,000 per year for high school? what daddy do for a living again?


 enjoy it because iran is done with you moftkhorha.

free vs islam

First Daughter graduate.

by free vs islam on

Proud family.

For those who always had been against monarchy, just look at Iran now and look around yourself.


Red Wine


by Red Wine on

مبارکشان باشد انشا‌الله،خوش رو هستند و خوش برخورد، امیدواریم که برای ادامه تحصیلات به اروپا بیایند.


سپاسگزاریم داریوش جان.