Nostalgia: Vossoughi in film Saazesh

Nostalgia: Vossoughi in film Saazesh
by Darius Kadivar

 The 1974 film Saazesh starring Behrouz Vossoughi in the title role was a bitter sweet comedy about social hypocrisy and corruption in Iran. The film was not censored by authorities of the time despite the way it described political corruption ( Before or After the creation of the Rastakhiz Party ?) and the easy way out of complicated situations. In its style it greatly reminded the Italian satire movies of the 70's with such stars as Alberto Sordi, Marcello Mastroianni or Ugo Togzanni which targeted social and political hypocrisy with dark humor and sexually un-inhibited scenes.

Watch Bebin TV's trailer of the 1974 film Saazesh (aka The Compromise).


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