Nuclear Seeking Oxford Educated Monarch of South Pacific Kingdom dies


Nuclear Seeking Oxford Educated Monarch of South Pacific Kingdom dies
by Darius Kadivar

Tonga is the last Polynesian monarchy, although the king was instrumental in bringing about democratic reform. The twenty-third monarch of Tonga had been king since 2006 and formally crowned in 2008. Childless he will be succeeded by his Brother ʻAhoʻeitu ʻUnuakiʻotonga Tukuʻaho.

Tonga King George Tupou V dies:

Tonga is mourning the death of King George Tupou V after he died in a Hong Kong hospital late yesterday.

Tonga's King remembered :

Tonga's colouful King, George Tupou V, has died in a Hong Kong hospital aged 63. 

He often sported spurs and a pith helmet and rode around his tiny kingdom in a London taxi.

Radio Australia's Bruce Hill looks back on George Tupou V's life.

By George its the King of Tonga:

Known for his eccentricities the King speaks about his role as king and différences with the British Monarchy

All government ministers, nobles, and civil servants are wearing black as a sign of respect even in the intense heat. Flags are flying at half mast.

Most Tongans are starting to do the same, as well as putting the traditional straw mat around their waists. One hair salon is draped in purple and black, again traditional signs of respect, and other buildings will do likewise as the week goes by.

The prime minister's broadcast officially announcing that the king had died was on Monday morning but some people had already heard the news the night before through social websites and relatives living abroad.

People here seem to be a state of shock even though many knew that the king had been unwell. One woman told me that as soon as she heard the news when she woke up in the morning, she turned to her husband and said: "I miss the king already."



History and Geography and Road to Democracy



Tonga Introduction and Overview: history, economics, agriculture, culture



Nuclear Energy



Tonga King’s interest in Nuclear Energy :

Kirk Sorensen discusses possibility of LFTR (Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor) being built in a small country.



Road to Democracy



Tonga's New King Takes Throne:

Road to Democracy (2010):

After elections last week, democracy is about to arrive in Tonga, with power likely to shift formally from the monarchy to an elected Prime Minister. 

Pacific Correspondent Sean Dorney reports from Tonga.

Benedict XVI receives the King of Tonga :



King George Tupou V




King George Tupou V of the South Pacific nation of Tonga has died at the age of 63. (bbc)

He died at a hospital in Hong Kong with his brother, Crown Prince Tupouto'a Lavaka, at his side.

The BBC's Siobhann Tighe in Tonga says a period of mourning has begun and a state funeral is being organised.

Tonga is the last Polynesian monarchy, although the king was instrumental in bringing about democratic reform. He had been king since 2006.

The cause of King Tupou's death on Sunday was not immediately known.

Our correspondent says the news has shocked Tongans. National radio has been playing hymns and religious music, she adds.

People across the 170-island archipelago were able to vote for their first popularly-elected parliament in November 2010, ending 165 years of feudal rule.

King Tupou said on the eve of the vote he was granting his executive powers to the cabinet and parliament, adding that "in future the sovereign shall act only on the advice of his prime minister".



News of his death quickly spread on the internet and was later confirmed in a broadcast on Tongan radio.

Many Tongans paid tribute to their monarch.

"I am saddened by the news, our beloved King of Tonga has passed away... our country has gone through major losses in the past couple years," Tessi Leila Tolutau was quoted as saying by the New Zealand Herald newspaper.

In September 2006, King Tupou succeeded his father King Taufa'ahau Tupou IV, who died after a long illness.

But deadly riots fuelled by demands for reform delayed his coronation until August 2008.

The Oxford-educated monarch was a bachelor. He named his brother heir apparent.

King Tupou was known for his fondness of military uniforms and for being driven around in a London taxi.


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