PERSIAN SPAGHETTI: Fardin in his First and Only Western Spaghetti (1968)


PERSIAN SPAGHETTI: Fardin in his First and Only Western Spaghetti (1968)
by Darius Kadivar
Believe it or not this is an Italian Western Spaghetti Co Produced with Iranian money. Iran's greatest film Star Fardin co-starred with Italian Star Fabio Testi ( who had a great resemblance to a Blond Sean Conner) . The Film's Long title was in Italian/English:
 "Ed ora... raccomanda l'anima a Dio! /  And Now... make your peace with God!"
Watch the Opening Scene to the end. See if you recognize him, You will be surprised ! ;0)

Italian westerns had a huge following in Iran (along with comedies and religious epics)


The story starts with Sanders (Jeff Cameron) and Steven Cooper (Fabio Testi) among those boarding the stage (“Thomy's Western Express”) for Denver City. En route it is held up by bandits, allowing Stanley (Fardin) to make a decisive intervention and Sanders and Cooper to demonstrate their own prowess with their six-shooters. They bond and swap backstories: Sanders is going to Denver to find the man who stole his gold, Cooper those who killed his family. On arrival, they find the town in the midst of an election, with town boss and mayor-to-be Corbett (Amerigo Leoni / Custer Gail!) and his heavy Johnson (Calilsto Calisti / Anthony Stewens) the men they are after... See Related Blog with POSTER
Fabio Testi's Official Website:
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Cowboy movies ... bla bla bla .

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He even had top billing!

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Stay tuned I will post another Persian Spaghetti in the days to come with another Iranian actor. I also think that the Iranian Landscape could truly be ideal for such films. Some of our Deserts look like Mexico or the Far West. Thats what Magical about Cinema ! Maybe it will give an idea to future film producers and directors to create and Iranian Bollywood one day ! Who Knows ? ;0)

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