pictory:King of Spain State Visit to Imperial Iran (1976)

pictory:King of Spain State Visit to Imperial Iran (1976)
by Darius Kadivar

King Juan Carlos 1st of Spain and Queen Sophia visit Shah and Shahbanou of Iran. Mehrabad Airport Official Tribune (circa 1976) 


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Iranian Thinking Is Emotionally Enslaving

by Alex S (not verified) on

When The Shah was alive, both he and his family were jealously criticized despite putting everything they had into Iran.

After the shah left the country to prevent more bloodshed, caused by irresponsible actions now he is blamed for everything.

Jealousy and Blame are emotionally enslaving. Indulging in these emotions is a Dumb choice because they lead to irresponsible actions. What is an irresponsible action? One that leaves you in a worse position than where you were before. Like the Unjust Revolution.

The Problem is that Iranian thinking is enslaving and irrational. Exactly like the Shia religions teachings and thoughts.

Yes religion does affect our thinking and in Iranians case, it promotes dumb thinking which produces a life of failure and poverty.



by Souri on

" His only sin, he should have admitted that he was ill and started delegating more power earlier..".

I don't agree with this part, though. He didn't delegate more power to others, because he knew well that " all the others" were too corrupted !

Indeed, he, himself, was the one, the least corrupted in the gang (with Hoveida of course)

In the contrary, I believe (and that's what I'd always said since I was 17) that he gave too much power to the Army, darbar and the Savak. In the last years of his reign, he became more and more distant from his own people. I believe that, maybe his illness was a factor, but again, it was because of these 3 corrupted engines around his power, that he finally collapsed.


Don't give cheap criticism of the Shah

by Dari (not verified) on

Writing negative things about the great Pahlavi dynasty is so dépassé. Yu're obviously too young to remember the miracle that his regime was, taking a backward country into the 15th economic power in the world. An island of peace and stability in the Middle East mess. He just was too good for such backward hagh nashnass people. His only sin, he should have admitted that he was ill and started delegating more power earlier.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

What a failure shah was. Thanks for f-ing up our homeland!

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Thanks for leaving us and taking your dogs and cats and kids! Thanks for making it so we'd be scattered all around the world like fools. I hate this shah a lot, so spare me your defense of what a champion he was. He was a big giant failure.