RESTORING PARTYING: Noroozetan Peerooz ;0)


RESTORING PARTYING: Noroozetan Peerooz  ;0)
by Darius Kadivar

Whatever the upcoming Persian new year may hold for our collective future I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone on IC a very happy new year of health, personal and professional success. May we all Joyfully Party our way through this crazy world until Ultimate Victory

Whatever that may prove to be ... Secular Republic or Constitutional Monarchy ? May the Best Win !


Restoring Partying:

Like UK's Charles II , Iran's RP II May Indeed Restore Partying ;0)

Ramesh Sings "Asmar Yaaram"with Nozar Azadi :

Italia Italia:

Parviz Sayad, Mary Apick and Nozar Azadi in kaaf show

Kheir Nabeenee Hamoumi:


Restoration :

Intro to David Starkey’s remarkable story of King Charles II, who secured the restoration of the English monarchy in 1660 upon the end of Oliver Cromwell's Religious Theocracy. 


King Charles II :

Excerpt from the historical monologue "400 Years of English History" presented by artist/historian George S. Stuart as part of an exhibit of his Historical Figures at the Ventura County Museum of Art and History in Ventura California.

British Restoration VS French Revolution :


Another interesting Take on the same topic from the view point of an Intellectual Bijan Abdolkarimi in Iran today and his take on the differences between the British Glorious Revolution (of 1688 and the British Restoration) which led to a Parliamentary System as opposed to the French Secular Revolution of 1789:


Except the scholar makes a mistake by claiming that Charles Ist was not beheaded butreplaced by his daughter. I suppose he confused Queen Elizabeth Ist ( who succeeded to King Henry VIII, the latter having failed to have a son) with Charles II who was restored on the throne a few years after Cromwells death.


Or was he thinking and or secretly hoping the same destiny for Crown Prince Reza'seldest daughter Noor ? ;0)


Hee Hee ...

Sadegh Ziba Kallam Defends Reza Shah’s Legacy on IRI TV:





Man Amadeam – Googoosh :


Frank Sinatra & DeanMartin - New Year Party :

Googoosh, Aref kaj kolah khan :

Everybody Oughta Have aMaid: 

Jack Gilford, Orson Welles, and Dean Martin Sketch


Dean and Frank on a Computer Date:

Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin medley - hilarious!:

Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin Good Ol' Reliable Nathan :

Dean Martin John Wayne Everybody loves somebody Sometime :

Dumb is Beautiful : Dean Martin & Goldie Hawn :


Petula Clark & Dean Martin- Love Song Medley :

Dean Martin & The Andrews Sisters :

Danny Kaye Louis Armstrong :

Danny Kaye Show - Momma Look At Boo Boo :






Aref and Anoushiravan Rohani’s Tribute to Shah and Shahbanou:


Googoosh Banooyeh Ma :

Farrokhzad’s Tribute to Reza Shah Dovom :

May 32 Years of Nightmare Comes to an End

ALL’s Well That Ends Well ;0)


Danny Kaye Life Could Not Better Be:

Farrokhzad– Amongst the People:

Farrokhzad – Yadeh Iran Bekheir :

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Yes, We CAN: Restore a secular Monarchy in Iranq


Dear Darius Kadivar, what a beautiful blog post. We are grateful that the British have paved the way for our glorious revolution when we restore our beatiful monarchy under the leadership of Reza Pahlavi.

Reza Pahlavi's father, the late King of Iran, tried to remove the Islamic veto power from our consititution without success. The radical Islamic factions used intimidation and threats to keep the Islamic clause in our constitution. You have shown us with this beautiful Charles II history-comedy that if the British could establish a SECULAR Constitutional Monarchy than by golly why can't we Iranians do the same. Yes, we can!

The native religion and form of government in Iran was a Zoroasterian-Secular Monarchy. Like the British, we Iranians should honor our ancestors and founders of our ancient Land by continuing with our Monarchy and our ancient religion of Zoroaster. 

Joan ValaNejad

Thank you...

by Joan ValaNejad on

for the second New Year's Eve entertainment this year!




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great post mr kadivar thanks and happy norooz